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CMPTO: Dyskami Publishing Company
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CMPTO: Dyskami Publishing Company



This talk was presented by Mark MacKinnon, a board game designer with Dyskami Publishing Comany, at #CMPTO: Start Your Engines! on May 13, 2013.

This talk was presented by Mark MacKinnon, a board game designer with Dyskami Publishing Comany, at #CMPTO: Start Your Engines! on May 13, 2013.



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CMPTO: Dyskami Publishing Company Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Code Meet Print TOMark MacKinnonBoard Game DesignerDyskami Publishing Company
  • 2. Board Games of the Past• Fun for the whole family• Mass market reach• Very simple concepts• Reduced decision making• Player elimination• Grow out of them
  • 3. The New Generation• Growth across demographics• Party games, many for adults• “Euro” vs.“Ameritrash”• Strategy with innovative rules• Moving from hobby to mass• Kickstarter has opened doors
  • 4. Upon a Fable• Euro-style strategy game• Expensive – crowdfunding• Crowded board game market• How to make it original?• Focus on two game mechanics• Worker Placement & Card Drafting
  • 5. Known vs. Unknown• Peanut butter and chocolate• Known: spaces to choose• Unknown: cards in hand• Strategy + Luck = Unique• Goal: buy-in and replayability
  • 6. Kickstarter Facts• $114M funded (games #1 group)• 1,691 successful game projects• Only 34% game success rate• Strong start and end funding• Upon a Fable seems typical
  • 7. Start-up Kickstarter Experience• 1st attempt: $4,300 in 9 days• If you build it, they will not come• In 66% fail group, so cancelled• Relaunch: $10,000+ in 36 hours• 1 week left: $24+K of $25K goal
  • 8. Marketing for a Start-Up• Market where customers are• BoardGameGeek.com• Social media: Facebook/Twitter• Promo contest to get likes• Personal designer diaries• Hire experienced professional
  • 9. Production of a Game• China = half-price manufacturing• Native company or local rep?• More factors to go wrong• Shipping times: extra 30-90 days• Reprint delay can halt growth
  • 10. Indie Product Distribution• Kickstarter pre-orders• PNP: print-and-play efiles• Direct to local retail stores• Local/national convention sales• Chain distribution: only 34%
  • 11. Follow the Start-Up Money• 2,000 print run: -$20,000• Net Kickstarter: +$27,000• Art, design, marketing: -$9,000• Kickstarter shipping: -$5,000• 1,600 distribution sales: +$25,000• Net start-up profit: $18,000
  • 12. Thank you!