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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. BNC bibliographic tools Biblioshare, converter, exa editor MARCH 12, 2009 BOOKNET CANADA – DATE
  • 2. holy trinity of quot; bibliographic data
  • 3. COVERS ONIX quot;9780005991282quot;,quot;       quot;,quot;Z      quot;,quot;51.95   quot;,quot;SHquot;,quot;    quot;,quot;19881101quot;,quot;        quot;,quot;1      quot; quot;9780005992760quot;,quot;       quot;,quot;Z      quot;,quot;51.95   quot;,quot;SHquot;,quot;    quot;,quot;20010108quot;,quot;        quot;,quot;1      quot; PRICE/AVAILABILITY FILES quot;9780005993200quot;,quot;       quot;,quot;Z      quot;,quot;36.95   quot;,quot;SHquot;,quot;    quot;,quot;20001103quot;,quot;        quot;,quot;1      quot; quot;9780029776308quot;,quot;       quot;,quot;Z      quot;,quot;47.95   quot;,quot;SHquot;,quot;    quot;,quot;19760101quot;,quot;        quot;,quot;1      quot; quot;9780060662349quot;,quot;       quot;,quot;Z      quot;,quot;87.00   quot;,quot;SHquot;,quot;    quot;,quot;20010125quot;,quot;        quot;,quot;1      quot; quot;9780060664695quot;,quot;       quot;,quot;Z      quot;,quot;49.95   quot;,quot;SHquot;,quot;    quot;,quot;20010115quot;,quot;        quot;,quot;1      quot; quot;9780060688233quot;,quot;       quot;,quot;Z      quot;,quot;32.95   quot;,quot;SHquot;,quot;    quot;,quot;20001114quot;,quot;        quot;,quot;1      quot;
  • 4. more useful quot; = more valuable
  • 5. Aggregating quot; ONIX is very, quot; very quot; difficult.
  • 6. library supply / quot; library wholesale
  • 7. what they want:
  • 8. Covers.quot; Availability.quot; Canadian authorship.quot; Selection, curation & priority.quot; Everything that is in a catalog (but in ONIX).
  • 9.
  • 10. What is it? • BookNet provides a central collection point for data from publishers & distributors • Automated certification and data quality checks • ONIX, covers, price/availability • Stored in a central database • Delivers complete data feeds to library wholesalers and others • Feeds cover scans, stock availability, etc. on-demand.
  • 11. Benefits • Improved market share for Canadian-based publishers • Increased sales for Canadian library wholesalers • Lower development cost for wholesalers • Improved service for libraries • More competitive library services sector • Resources allocated to innovation, not duplication
  • 12. What else?
  • 13. and beyond libraries...
  • 14. Publisher data direct toquot; SalesData, Prospector
  • 15. Data to others...
  • 16. consumable data…quot; …yummy?
  • 17. ‘consumable’ biblio dataquot; via web services A web service is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to machine interaction over a network.
  • 18. User requests info for quot; 9781234567890quot; …web browser or software… …validates requests and returns… …user stores and/or displays…quot;
  • 19. What we need: • To start... • ONIX (all titles, BookNet certified, Gold-level if possible) • Price/availability files • Cover scans (all titles) • As soon as possible... • Canadian authorship flags • ONIX treated like catalogues
  • 20. Quality testingquot; Reportingquot; Benchmarkingquot; Aggregator pick-up
  • 21. BNC Sets up Account •  ertification level C •  ertification Expiry Date C •  ata Trading Partners D •  sers: Access Control List U
  • 22. Data Provider
  • 23. Upload •  ull ONIX files F •  eltas D •  ill accept xml, zips, zots W •  TP or web based upload F
  • 24. After Uploading •  iles are checked for validity and data completeness and quality F •  ata quality reports are created D •  eady for notifying data partners R
  • 25. Automated Notification
  • 26. Manual Notification
  • 27. After Notifying •  ggregators download file A •  ggregators process file and notify the data provider A •  his activity shows up on the Data Providers Home page in T BiblioShare
  • 28. Reports:
  • 29. Adding Users •  sers: Access Control U •  pload U •  end Notifications S •  ead Reports R •  dd Users A •  dd Trading Partners to notify A
  • 30. WHAT DOES EVERY BIBLIOHEAD NEED? An ONIX Manual The most used portion for general use is: ONIX for Books Product Information Message, Product Record Format & Current Code Lists Current ONIX is defined by Version 2.1 Revision 02 or 03 Code Lists Issue 8
  • 31. Knowing that ONIX changes Not that much Check BookNet Canada’s website periodically (at least two or three times a year). The main page for Bibliographic Standards and Certification lists recent changes and you can find out details about reporting on things like Indigo ‘s Recycling information and US CPSIA Warnings Code List Issue 9 is due momentarily. Code List Issue 10 will include Indigo’s recycling codes. Every six months or so... ONIX changes. But once a decade... A major revision to ONIX -- Version 3.0 -- is almost complete. Data aggregators are unsure when they will start accepting it but most estimate sometime in 2010 to 2011. The Canadian bibliographic community has not determined how or if we’ll implement 3.0 but publishers should at aware that a major overhaul of their ONIX systems may be necessary within two to five years.
  • 32. What else? BISAC Subject Code list 2008 edition Available for free to BISG members or for on-line lookup at BISG/ BookNet Canada Product Metadata Best Practices
  • 33. Currently on BookNet’s website: Free ONIX tools Bronze Template Version 1.2 (Most of) the Canadian Bibliographic Standard in a simple Excel Spreadsheet acceptable to most companies for basic data exchange. The ONIX Converter Converts the Bronze Template and into an ONIX file in seconds – every time
  • 34. Product Form Product Form Number Within BISAC Regional ISBN-10BNC 1.2 EAN (ISBN-13) Title Text Subtitle Series Title BISAC Subject1 BISAC Subject2 BISAC Subject3 Supplier Name Publisher Name Imprint (Brand Name) Publication Date Code Detail Series Theme 0123456789 9780123456782 BC B102 A Book Called Book Subtitle of Called Book The Bestselling Series 101 FIC000000 FIC045000 Big Book Distribution Sincere Publsher Long Tail Books 20080901 1234567890 9781234567895 AC A101 Audio Book Fun Shouted at you Complaints Choir 2 OCC010000 HEA009000 HEA025000 Big Book Distribution Sincere Publsher Sincere Audio 20010605 <ProductIden,fier>  <ProductIDType>15</ProductIDType>  <IDValue>9780123456782</IDValue>  </ProductIden,fier>  <Barcode>01</Barcode>  <ProductForm>BC</ProductForm>  <ProductFormDetail>B102</ ProductFormDetail>  <NumberOfPieces>2</NumberOfPieces> 
  • 35. EXA Editor Validation and enhancement of your new ONIX file. A new version is about to be released that will fix a number of minor issues and defaults, and provides support for the composite that Indigo requires for it’s recycling reporting.
  • 36.
  • 37. ONIX still required... But better support and tools that are integrated into the work process
  • 38. Emailed Import Errors What you see if your file doesn’t validate Line number File failed Schema Validation. The 'ProductFormFeatureType' element is invalid - The value '06' is invalid 15500 according to its datatype 'String' - The Enumeration constraint failed. The 'ProductFormFeatureType' element is invalid - The value '07' is invalid 501250 according to its datatype 'String' - The Enumeration constraint failed. Line Number File failed Schema Validation. The 'MeasureUnitCode' element is invalid - The value 'kg' is invalid according to 15 its datatype 'String' - The Enumeration constraint failed. The 'MeasureUnitCode' element is invalid - The value 'kg' is invalid according to 318 its datatype 'String' - The Enumeration constraint failed The 'MeasureUnitCode' element is invalid - The value 'kg' is invalid according to 670 its datatype 'String' - The Enumeration constraint failed The 'MeasureUnitCode' element is invalid - The value 'kg' is invalid according to 1021 its datatype 'String' - The Enumeration constraint failed The 'MeasureUnitCode' element is invalid - The value 'kg' is invalid according to 1355 its datatype 'String' - The Enumeration constraint failed
  • 39. Exporting the report as Excel / PDF / CSV
  • 40. CSV file after importing into Excel
  • 41. booknet canada .