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Discus And Discovery Education Revised For Web Posting
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Discus And Discovery Education Revised For Web Posting


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This was created for a staff development for my faculty. DISCUS is a collection of databases for South Carolina citizens.

This was created for a staff development for my faculty. DISCUS is a collection of databases for South Carolina citizens.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. DISCUS and Discovery Education: Two Valuable Tools for Enhancing Learning
    Fran Bullington
    Jan. 14, 2010
  • 2. What is DISCUS?
    Digital Information for South Carolina Users
    DISCUS is a collection of databases provided by funding from the South Carolina General Assembly and overseen by the South Carolina State Library.
  • 3. Why DISCUS?
    The primary goal of the DISCUS program has been to ensure equity of access to a core collection of electronic information resources for everyone in South Carolina.
  • 4. DISCUS Home Page (
  • 5. Professional Use: Expanded Academic ASAP
  • 6. Browse Publications
  • 7. Read Your Professional Journals Online (for free!)
    The Science Teacher (The National Science Teacher Association’s journal for secondary science teachers)
    Social Education (National Council for the Social Studies journal)
    American Biology Teacher (National Association of Biology Teachers)
  • 8. More Professional Journals
    Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (International Reading Association journal)
    Some professional journals are indexed in Expanded Academic ASAP, but you will have to find the full text elsewhere. We carry the print copies of English Journal and Mathematics Teacher which are indexed in the database.
  • 9. Find One Professional Journal of Interest to YOU
  • 10. Return to the DISCUS Home Page
  • 11. Classroom Use: Britannica Online School Edition
    This Day in History
    Top News Stories
    N.Y. Times
    Plans & Activities
  • 12. Mathematics: Statistics
  • 13. Science: Chemistry
  • 14. Language Arts: Literary Genres
  • 15. Find One Lesson Plan or Activity YOU Could Use
  • 16. Return to the DISCUS Home Page
  • 17. Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • 18. Click on the “+” Sign Preceding a Subject to View Available Books
  • 19. Find an Ebook in the Gale Virtual Library that Might Be Useful to YOU
  • 20. Return to the DISCUS Home Page
  • 21. Educator’s Reference Complete
  • 22. Lesson Plans, Classroom Management, Critical Thinking and More
  • 23. Questions about DISCUS?
  • 24. Discovery
  • 25. Access StreamlineSC
  • 26. Teacher Center
  • 27. STEM Connect: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • 28. Discovery Atlas Interactive Map
  • 29. Thematic Focus: Check the Archive for Lessons and Activities
  • 30. Lesson Plan Library
  • 31. Choose STEM, the Atlas Discovery Map, Thematic Focus, or Lesson Plan Library
  • 32. Return to SC Streamline Home Page
  • 33. My Builder Tools
  • 34. Assignment Builder
  • 35. Quiz Builder
  • 36. Writing Prompt Builder
  • 37. Videos: Search Options
  • 38. Citations
    Discovery Education. <>.12 Jan. 2010.
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    South Carolina Map. <>. 13 Jan. 2010.