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Wiki Presentation Cyber Safety
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Wiki Presentation Cyber Safety

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  • 1. Helping our students stay safe online and encouraging Digital Citizenship
  • 2.  
  • 3.
    • Cyberbullying
    • Unwanted contact
    • E-security & protecting computers
    • Protecting personal information
    • Inappropriate behaviour
    • Inappropriate content
    • Excessive Internet use
  • 4. Behaving inappropriately Behaving responsibly Taking risks Social networking Playing games Finding information Regular & Proficient users of the Internet
  • 5. Responsible Safe Smart
  • 6.
    • http://cybersafetyresources.wikispaces.com/
  • 7. Bloom’s Taxonomy Activity/Question Remembering
    • Identify three risks to online safety
    • Watch one of the videos on cyberbullying and list the ways the problem was solved
    • After you have completed the Cybernetrix chat activity use a comic strip to tell the story of someone who makes good choices online.
    • Draw and annotate a diagram to show a responsible Digital Citizen.
    • Make up poster to show responsible online behaviour
    • Compile a list of instructions or flow chart to show what a victim of cyberbullying should do.
    • Investigate the pros and cons of the internet
    • Investigate Internet crimes. What questions would you ask the victim of an online crime such as identity theft?
    • Design a questionnaire to explore the online behaviour amongst the students in Year 10 at CGS
    • Write a commercial to encourage safe behaviour online
    • Conduct a debate: ‘the internet is more trouble than it’s worth’ or ‘the internet is destroying relationships’
    • Form a panel to make recommendations to the school leaders about digital citizenship
    • After an awful case of cyberbullying the school has banned all technology use at school. Write an alternative solution to the cyberbullying problem. Justify your argument.
    • Create the new advertising campaign to build online citizenship
    • Invent a special device or software program to protect teenagers online.
    • Organise a display to highlight responsible online behaviour
  • 8.
    • Design an activity for students teaching some aspect of cyber safety and which highlights correct online behaviour
    • Primary teachers:
    • Please work with your year level colleague to develop this lesson
    • Secondary teachers:
    • Please work with a partner to develop a suitable lesson or lessons for PACA.
    • Electronic copies of these should be sent to Julie or Melissa so we can add them to our Cyber safety wiki