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The Many Uses for Lanyards - A Necklace with a Practical Purpose
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The Many Uses for Lanyards - A Necklace with a Practical Purpose


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With such practical applications, it is surprising that not everyone has boarded the lanyard train. It is such a simple concept and it can bring so much peace of mind and security to your life that …

With such practical applications, it is surprising that not everyone has boarded the lanyard train. It is such a simple concept and it can bring so much peace of mind and security to your life that it is almost senseless to go without a lanyard from BooJeeBeads.

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  • 1. The Many Uses for Lanyards A Necklace with a Practical Purpose  The Life and Times of Lanyards  Accentuate Your Style with a Beaded Lanyard  Wear your ID with Style and Flare  A Necklace with a Practical Purpose  How to Create Your Own Style by Customizing Your Lanyard
  • 2. Table of Contents A Million Uses for Lanyards………………………………….1 The Life and Times of Lanyards.…………………………….4 Accentuate Your Style with Beaded Lanyards……………....7 Wear Your ID with Style……………………………………..10 A Necklace with a Practical...………………………………..13 Customize Your Stylish Lanyard………..…………………..16 1-888-726-6533
  • 3. 1-888-726-6533 he Many Use s for Lanyards T With such practical applications, it is surprising that not everyone has boarded the lanyard train. It is such a simple concept and it can bring so much peace of mind and security to your life that it is almost senseless to go without a lanyard from BooJeeBeads. There is no limit to what you can do with this simple tool and you are only limited by your imagination. Many people choose to use them for simple items such as keys. This is probably the most common use as there aren't many among us who can claim to never lose their keys. So by affixing them to your lanyard, it will make it much harder for you to misplace your keys. Lanyards are common in prison or hospital settings. But de- pending on the type of place you work, you may wish to in- vest in a break-away lanyard. Employees who work in a psy- chiatric hospital often wear break away lanyards so that there is no risk of strangulation. However, it is magnetically clipped together, so it very hard to break. What a great safety precau- tion! 1
  • 4. 1-888-726-6533 BooJeeBeads is dedicated to providing the most stylish se- lection of lanyards and their service is “old school cus- tomer comes first”. They are also supporters of a Fair Trade wage for women work- ing in Guatemala who create beautiful and unique beaded lanyards for the 'Mother's Promise' promotion. This promo- tion allows mother's to work creating lanyards so they can support their children. It also allows them to gain some busi- ness experience which will further help their communities. Lanyards are also becoming quite popular for use at large school functions. When an entire school goes out on a trip and there are numerous chaperones who may not know all the children personally, it is a great way to keep track of each child . For example, each grade could have a certain color lanyard that would serve to identify them. This would make it much easier to quickly conduct a head-count before moving on to the next activity or boarding the school bus. Conferences are also a very common place to find lanyards being used. They are perfect for such an occasion as it allows everyone to know who everyone else is, and it can also serve as a promotional tool for the host company. People will rarely throw a free lanyard away, so your company lanyard will stay 2
  • 5. 1-888-726-6533 in their home somewhere. Or they might even use it for other purposes which can get your brand out there, with no effort on your part. Some companies choose to have their logo emblazoned on the material of the lanyard, whereas others might wish to put their company website. It serves as a wonderful tool to show your appreciation to your guests and will also continue to provide next-to-nothing advertising for years to come. That certainly isn’t something that you can get from a name-tag that would likely be thrown away immediately upon leaving the confer- ence. 3
  • 6. 1-888-726-6533 Life and Time s of Lanyards T he When you take a look at how modern lanyards are, it is quite shocking to take a look back at where they started. They have certainly come a long way, and along their travels have pro- vided an excellent service in many different professional and personal fields. Their beginnings can be traced to the late 19th century and was simply a piece of cord. This cord was typi- cally used to secure a type of knife that was used at the time as a weapon in war. They have certainly come a long way from holding weapons to being modern day badge holders and keepers of conference credentials. In the middle of the 1930’s, the knife was removed from the lanyard and it was instead worn as an accessory to clothing. At the time it was a piece of bland cord, but over the years people began to spruce them up bit by bit. And almost 80 years later, we now have the beautiful lanyards that you see almost every time you leave the house. Although the look and styles of lanyards have changed dramatically over time, their main purpose has basically remained the same. 4
  • 7. 1-888-726-6533 They are used to secure items that are important and that the user does not want to lose. Today they are often used to carry keys or employee ID’s. Many companies who want their em- ployees to wear nametags have now substituted the more fashionable lanyard in its place. Another popular choice for lanyards today is using them to hold conference credentials. The reasons for this vary but all make perfect sense. First of all, it is a great way for the host company to advertise their services. If they are holding the conference, they will typically make nametags for all partici- pants. If they are holding the conference they will typically make nametags for all participants; their business name, logo or website can be applied to either the lanyard or nametag. Since most people can easily find a new use for a quality lan- yard, they don’t often get thrown away.. And that makes it a valuable continuing advertising mechanism for the company. 5
  • 8. 1-888-726-6533 Badge holders are commonly used tool. For example, some people who work in a secure building will have different lev- els of clearance. Therefore, their badges may have encryp- tions in them that allow them to open certain doors depending on their security level. This is especially common in prisons and psychiatric hospitals. Lanyards are great for this purpose because they are always at arm’s reach, so burrowing through pockets isn’t necessary to find keys to the doors. It’s as simple as lifting a badge up to the security mechanism and flashing it past the door to open it. This could of course cause some se- curity concerns which is why most companies have a strict policy of reporting any lost badge immediately. Upon report- ing it, the badge can be deactivated so that whoever finds it will not be able to use it to gain forbidden access. 6
  • 9. 1-888-726-6533 anyar ds Style with Beaded L A ccentuate Your You would be hard-pressed to find something that is as versa- tile as a lanyard. They have so many uses, and two of the most common are ID badges and conference identification. Today it is almost protocol for organizers of conferences to pass out lanyards with ID tags to all the participants. This is a great way to know who represents a company and also elimi- nates the problem of having to remember everyone’s name. This is also a great way for the host company to keep their name in the minds of the participants. Many companies choose to have their business name and web address screen printed on the cloth lanyards for marketing purposes. Of course, these promotional lanyards usually have a simple design. But if you are looking for one for personal use, you can get very creative. One of the most popular lanyards is the beaded lanyard. These are beautiful creations that will en- sure that you will want to wear them every day. Typically, once people buy one, they realize that they want more. 7
  • 10. 1-888-726-6533 It is easy to find one that will match every outfit but with style and fashion in the forefront of most women’s minds … more seems to be better! Some people choose to have several on hand to coordinate with their outfits. If you really want something rich looking yet subtle for your- self or a male you can buy a leather lanyard. These come in brown and black; the colors that go with everything. Men wear the leather lanyards if they have to wear a lanyard at the office. They don’t want something flashy that will compete with what they are wearing. Another option is to have a beaded lanyard for personal use and a leather lanyard for professional use. You can use the beaded one when you dress for an evening function where identification badges are required; whereas the leather one can stay affixed to your ID badge for work. 8
  • 11. 1-888-726-6533 Of course you don't have to only wear a lanyard around your neck. Many people use them as a fashion accessory and have them hanging out of their pockets. This is especially popular with men, but some women are catching on to this trend as well. And you don't even have to have them attached to your body. They have many of practical uses around the house as well. They can be used to display your child’s gold medal from the track and field meet or even to hold your bottle opener in plain sight in the kitchen for easy access. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to lanyards and there are surely some stylish ideas that haven’t even been thought of yet. So when you get your new fashionable lanyard, really use your imagination and see if you can find a use for it that hasn’t been thought of yet. 9
  • 12. 1-888-726-6533 Your ID with Style and Flare Wear There are many reasons that lanyards are becoming increas- ingly popular. For one, people are simply realizing just how much simpler their lives can be made with this simple addi- tion to their wardrobe. No more worrying about where your keys are or where your ID is. It's pretty hard to lose some- thing that is around your neck. But that is only the beginning of the uses of lanyards. A different type of lanyard is called wrist ribbons. As the name implies, these are worn on your wrist and keep what- ever you need always at hand. These are especially popular in high security buildings where there is a need to unlock many doors within a building. Instead of having to sort through pockets trying to find the right key, you always know that your keys are right where you need them. If you are a bike enthusiast, wrist ribbons are a great way to keep your bike lock key close by. Since those keys are typically smaller than normal keys, they tend to get lost much easier. 10
  • 13. 1-888-726-6533 If wrist fashion isn't your thing, you might want to consider beaded lanyards for badges. These beautiful lanyards can hold any kind of badge. Whether it is your employee ID, your bus pass or anything else that you need to have handy at all times. These types of lanyards come with a wide assortment of different beads to choose from. That means that you can accentuate any outfit with the perfect set of beaded lanyards for badges. In fact, many people choose to have a different set of beaded lanyards for every outfit of the week. Although this might not be the best option for everyone, it is certainly a pos- sibility for those who enjoy staying ahead of the trends. Of course, badges aren't the only thing that you can carry around your beaded lanyard. But they are likely to be the most popular choice. In fact, many large companies choose to order beaded lanyards for badges wholesale so that they can be used for conferences. It is a great way to ensure that every- one knows one another while also guaranteeing that your guests are as fashionable as possible. And it also makes a great keepsake for after the conference is over. All of your guests will always re- member the conference since they will likely re- tain their lanyards for years to come. 11
  • 14. 1-888-726-6533 Since they are so versatile, it won't take them long to find the perfect use for them. So whether you choose wrist ribbons or beaded lanyards for badges, you can’t go wrong. You will be able to keep your valuables close at hand, doing your best to make sure that you won’t lose them. And to top it all off, you will be the trend setter among your group of friends or co workers. So don't let life stress you out. Instead, get on top of things and get organized with the perfect lanyard to suit your needs. 12
  • 15. 1-888-726-6533 e aP ractical Purpos A Necklace with Many people enjoy wearing necklaces. They can be a great addition to an outfit and really raise some eyebrows if you match it correctly with your wardrobe. But apart from helping you look your best, necklaces don’t have very any practical purposes. And that is part of the reason why beaded lanyards are becoming more and more popular all over the world. You can now have the unique beauty of a necklace with the functionality of a lanyard. And if you choose to keep what- ever is hanging from your lanyard under your clothing, then no one will even think it isn’t a necklace. So you can look your best while also keeping what is most important to you at your finger tips. There are different uses for beaded lan- yards. Some people actually wear them with nothing attached just for their pure aesthetic value. However, most people at- tach small items such as keys, USB sticks or employee ID’s. It is a great way to ensure that your item won’t get lost or sto- len. After all, it’s pretty hard to lose something that is hanging 13
  • 16. 1-888-726-6533 hanging from your neck. One of the most common uses to- day is in the office setting. They are typically used as badge holders. This can be ei- ther for an employee ID, or a security badge. For those who work in a high security build- ing, this can save a great deal of time. If you don’t have to constantly search through your personal belongings for your ID, you will save a great amount of time. If you work in a high security setting, beaded lanyards can be extremely important. No one wants to be the one who loses their security badge. It can cause a great deal of prob- lems for the company, especially if it ends up in the wrong hands. But if you attach it around your neck in the morning and leave it there until you are done work, there is literally no risk of losing it and compromising the security of your com- pany. Of course, you don’t have to be an office employee in order to gain a great advantage from lanyards. Many people use them for simple purposes such as keys and an increasing number of men are using them purely as fashion accessories. Instead of wearing them around their necks, many men keep them hang- ing out of the pants pockets. This is a trend that is catching on 14
  • 17. 1-888-726-6533 worldwide. Although beaded lanyards may be seen as something only women want, that is far from the case. Many men have been able to find the perfect lanyard that suits their style. Just be- cause there are beads on it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily construed as jewellery. But if you think your sense of style is fine just where it is, then you can certainly find a use for them as a badge holder. Even if you don’t have a badge to hold, just take a quick look around your home and you are sure to find an item or two that you would like to never lose and have with you at all times. 15
  • 18. 1-888-726-6533 ylish Lanyard Cus tomize Your St If you are in the market for a lanyard, you don’t have to look very far. They are in fact becoming quite common place these days since they are such a useful and practical tool. But maybe you’re one of the ones who doesn’t want to be just part of the crowd. Perhaps you want the convenience of fashion lanyards, but want to add your own little personal twist. Well thankfully, now you can enjoy the handiness of a lan- yard while also keeping your very own sense of style. ID badge holders have typically been quite boring in the past. White or grey coloring that is affixed to the front of a shirt. But times are changing and now you can be at the fore- front of an office make-over. Even if you aren’t overly artis- tic, it isn’t hard to pick up a few simple materials to custom- ize your fashion lanyards. Any type of dollar store will have tons of trinkets and pins that you can affix to your lanyard to give it that personal edge. Some people choose to have their names as a part of their lanyard. This can be done in a matter of minutes with supplies you can find at any arts and crafts 16
  • 19. 1-888-726-6533 store. Another possible idea is having small buttons of bands that you like, or even dogs or cats. Whatever you feel is the strongest and most important aspect of your personality can be easily put on your lanyard. Of course ID badge holders have one main purpose but that doesn’t mean it has to end there. Depending on the nature of your ID badge, you might even be able to dress it up a little bit as well. However, it is important to keep professionalism in mind when decorating your badge. But if you are working for a volunteer organization or working with children, it could be a good idea to spice it up with some extra colors. This can be accomplished with stickers or even with a color marker. But these steps might not even be necessary in the first place if you choose the right fashion lanyards to begin with. There are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from, so you are sure to find one that fits your personality perfectly. But there is no reason that you can’t make it even better on 17
  • 20. 1-888-726-6533 your own. What some people choose to do is use the regular lanyard for a few weeks and once they begin to tire of seeing it every day, they start adding their own creative flare. Lanyards are becoming more and more popular every day and it is no wonder why. They are just so incredibly practical and have so many uses. But unless you want to look like everyone else, you should ensure that you put some thought into your fashion lanyards. And if you want to make absolutely sure that you aren’t emulating anyone else, add your own creativi- ty to the mix. 18