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  1. 1. “I want my clients to leave The Chakra Spa with more than just the feeling of being pampered … the feeling of true relaxation. You can be pampered at other spas yet still feel stressed.” Lisa Julien, Owner The Chakra Spa Visit to review testimonials and learn more about The Chakra Spa in the media.
  2. 2. THE CHAKRA SPA FOUNDER: LISA JULIEN BIOGRAPHY With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Lisa Julien – the owner of The Chakra Spa - has learned the importance of taking time for pampering and reflection. Originally planning a career in esthetics and natural beauty, Lisa attended school and graduated with honours. Despite her success, she discovered that many of Toronto’s European-influenced spas were reluctant to hire a woman of colour. Instead of internalizing the negativity, Lisa found a way to rise above. Lisa’s personal life has also challenged her to find inner strength. The mother of four has survived an abusive relationship and a divorce in her journey to self-acceptance. Through meditation and commitment, Lisa was empowered to rebuild herself and chart a new path. With the support of her family and mentor - Katy Hoffman - The Chakra Spa was born. The Chakra Spa is like a fifth child to Lisa, as she re-invested everything she earned back into the spa. The warm, welcoming space reflects Lisa’s own warmth, openness and creativity. Lisa created the spa as a retreat from the glossy, impersonal perfection of some other spas; perfection being an ideal that did not exist. From the curved walls to the soothing music; from the peaceful decor to the earthy atmosphere, each detail is designed to help women of all cultures, ages and experiences feel nurtured, accepted and at peace with themselves. Catering to average women and celebrities alike, The Chakra Spa prides itself on the high level of comfort and privacy. The peaceful, unpretentious vibe allows guests to let go and be themselves. All clients enjoy the unparalleled service and personalized attention. As Lisa has blossomed into a strong, confident woman, her spa has blossomed into a successful, upscale business. The spa has been featured in a major spa book, Positive Living, Echo, One Mind Channel and countless beauty and fashion magazines. Through indulgent treatments that nurture the mind, body and soul, the spa helps women embrace their inner beauty and enhance their outer beauty while letting go of guilt and stress. Lisa and her staff are renowned for their knowledge of the body and holistic therapies, making The Chakra Spa one of Toronto’s top-rated spas. Visit to review testimonials and learn more about The Chakra Spa in the media.
  3. 3. Suzette Dallas, Owner - SuzyMari's DanceFit SuzyMari's DanceFit was born as a health program infused with international music, dance moves and the versatility to appeal to various cultures, sizes and fitness levels. Suzette makes it easy to love working out and staying motivated each week. Instead of pursuing a false ideal or difficult techniques, her programs stress toning, increased energy and greater overall health. Suzette's dance-oriented approach to fitness appeals to a wide range of clients including corporations, individuals, youth groups, private groups and various non- profit organizations. Her clients include the City of Toronto, where she has worked for over 3 years as a DanceFit and Fitness Instructor. She also maintains one-on-one training for individual clients. Suzette Dallas Farquharson is a Certified Personal Trainer/Aerobics instructor. She has completed her certification with CanFit Pro, one of Canada's largest fitness training center for health professionals. Suzette has had a keen interest in self-improvement, beauty, health and fitness from an early age. Prior to commencing her career as a Fitness Director, her diverse background as a Fashion Model, Boutique Manager, Hair Stylist has helped her empower her clients to achieve their image, health and fitness goals. Throughout her 5 years in the fitness industry, she met a growing number of individuals turned off by sterile workout spaces, boring repetitious steps and intimidating routines. Suzette recognized a need for a more dynamic approach and began to develop her niche. She is one the few professional trainers who integrate such a diverse set of dance moves with a high level of impact. Suzette's dance-oriented approach to fitness has appealed to a wide range of clients including corporations, urban professionals, mothers, and all members of the community through various profit and non-profit organizations. One of her current clients includes the City of Toronto, where she has worked for 3 years as a DanceFit and Aerobics Instructor. She also maintains one-on-one training for some of her personal clients. As a compliment to her sister company SuzyMari BeautyCare, Suzette devotes the majority of her time to motivating her DanceFit clients to get fit, feel great and look fabulous!