Horror research project

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  • 1. Horror Film Genre A2 Unit: Research for Media ProductionAim / Objective •To conduct research into the Horror Film genre using Primary and Secondary research methods; showing understanding of the development of the genre •To identify a specific subgenre within this topic area for your A2 film production •To produce a written evaluation of your research findings Research ProjectKey question to investigate: • What makes a film ‘horror’?Research methods •You must devise questionnaires and interview questions to help you answer you key question. •You must also use secondary forms such as the internet, journals, textbooks, expert/film theorists’ opinions etc., to help you answer the key question.Note 1. Create six questions on the planning sheet to help you answer the Key Question. 2. Include an evaluation of the research methods you used to help you answer the question.
  • 2. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA FOR THIS TASKMy work will be marked on the following:Assessment objectives Knowledge, understanding and skillsConduct research into the 1) I must show that I canhorror film genre conduct research into a key media area 2) I must be able to use: (a) Primary research methods (questionnaires, interviews, Watching horror films) (b) Secondary research methods (internet, books magazines etc)Demonstrate the ability to I must be able to:work independently •work without supervision •follow instructions •meet deadlinesReview progress I must also write about my findings in an Evaluation
  • 3. Planning Sheet for research into the Horror film genre QUESTIONS WHAT DO I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT WHAT DO I NEED TO FIND OUT WHICH RESEARCH THIS KEY QUESTION? ABOUT THIS KEY QUESTION? METHOD WILL I USE TO FIND THE INFORMATION?1 What is the first horror film? How has the genre changed and developed?2346
  • 4. Complete a written Evaluation of your researchUse the following table to help you write your evaluationPrompts Examples…The horror film genre I have been researchingWhat did you already know about Through my own observation of ….Horror films?What did you want to find out? I wanted to find out …..Which research methods did you I used primary methods to finduse? (list each research method then out…explain its strengths and weaknesses)What did you find out about Horror Through my research I found…films, through your research?What conclusions have your drawnfrom your findings?