Vitamin Water
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  • 1. Vitamin Water Energy Yeeee Ohkayyy Thurgood McCants
  • 2. Product Characteristics
    • . The very popular low calorie sports drink “Vitamin Water” has now expanded its drinking empire to energy drinks. This drink wont be as bad for you as its rival product but will deliver you twice the energy
  • 3. Competing Products
    • Three competing products are “cocaine” “powerade” and “bawls”. Kobe drinks vitamin water lebrick drinks powerade which is why kobe has 4 rings and lebrick has a goose egg aka 0 rings
    • WHICH SUCK!!
  • 4. Promotional Mix
    • My target market will include athletes and crunk individuals. I plan on reaching out to them by setting up shop in gyms, parks, and other places where my target market resides.
  • 5. Advertising
    • I would advertise this product on television channels such as espn, espn2, big ten network etc.
    • My product will be very known due to the fact ill advertise it heavily on the radio on sports talk channels.
    • Billboards with a picture of my product and its stud athlete sponsor KOBE BRYANT will be posted on the block in cities near you
  • 6. Sales Promotion
    • I will build product awareness by being involved heavily in the community.
    • Interest will be created due to the buzz my product will have. If KOBE drinks it, YOU should drink it 
  • 7. Premiums
    • The ever popular drink vitamin water will include vouchers to sample our product. We will send out a small but sufficient 6 liquid oz can to our customers
  • 8. Incentives
    • My product will be a success because kobe bryant sponsors it. If you drink vitamin water energy you will be better than LeBrick James in basketball.
  • 9. Product Samples
    • Samples will be offered to those who spend time in arenas, gyms, and the ghetto.
  • 10. Product Placement
    • Vitamin Energy wil be featured in upcoming video game releases, kobe bryants sex tape, and on sports center
  • 11. Publicity
    • My product will be affiliated with kobe bryant, thus it will have good publicity. If kobe likes it, you like it.
  • 12. Personal Selling
    • The product will be given a price that’s reasonable and the stores who sell the product can make bank off of it.