Solar power

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energy, solar power

energy, solar power

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  • 1. SOLAR POWER By:Saydee & Kim
  • 2. Where do we get it? We get solar power from the sun.
  • 3. Where can this energy type be found? This energy is found in the sun.
  • 4. How is this type of energy converted? Solar energy is converted into electricity by using solar panels.
  • 5. Is solar power available in our community? And where Solar power is used in our community. At the mill compound, solar energy is used.
  • 6. Is Solar power available in are state? And where Solar power is available in our state. It is used anywhere that may have a solar panel.
  • 7. 3 benefits of solar power. 3 benefits of solar power is you can cook food, grow crops and you can also use it to power your house.
  • 8. 3 drawbacks of solar power. There is no drawbacks of solar energy.
  • 9. Was solar power made easy for people to use? Yes solar power was made easy for people to use.
  • 10. Can solar power be used by people in there house? Yes it can be used at your house all you have to do is put a solar panel on the roof of your house.
  • 11. Could solar power be used by schools? Yes solar power can by used by schools.
  • 12. Could solar power be used for transportation? Yes solar power can be used for transportation. It is used in cars. ...(theres a solar power car battery charger.)
  • 13. How does solar power contribute to any form of pollution on land? Solar power doesn't pollute our soil. It is clean power source.
  • 14. How does solar power contribute to any form of pollution on water? NO it doesn't create pollution. It does not pollute are streams, lakes, or oceans.
  • 15. How does solar power contribute to any form of pollution on air? It doesn't put out carbon dioxide so our air does not get polluted by solar energy.
  • 16. Does solar power create noise pollution? No it doesn’t. It is quite and it doesn’t put off any noise what so ever.
  • 17. Would solar power help fix our current pollution problems? It could help reduce pollution by not putting of sound and not putting off carbon dioxide into the air. Also by not polluting our water and not polluting our earth, and it would help us use less fossil fuels.
  • 18. What we think about the use of solar power? I think the idea of solar power is very smart. its a good way to save money on electrisity and a good way to cut down the use of fossil fuels.