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Slides on Photo Journalism

Slides on Photo Journalism



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    Photojournalism Photojournalism Presentation Transcript

    • Photojournalism Nafise Esmael Motlagh
    • Main concept History of photojournalism Journalism and photojournalism Technology of photojournalism Tips and tricks in assignments
    • History of photojournalism 150 years of photojournalism Early E l war photography h t h Photography and social change Development of 35mm Picture magazines Farm Securities Administration (FSA) World War 2 and after Magnum Photos
    • History of photojournalism The 1950s Vietnam Vi t Threat from television The new photojournalism War at the end of the 20th century Digital technology Citizen journalism The future
    • History of photojournalism BERESON ERWITT NATCHWAY MARK CAPA
    • Journalism and photojournalism
    • Journalism and photojournalismContactsThis module will enable you to: build up a contacts book understand the value of having good contacts develop a method of finding ideas
    • Journalism and photojournalism ContactsContacts bookValue of contactsPress and information officersColleaguesThe internetExercise
    • Journalism and photojournalismEditorial valuesThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t identify the values that underpin journalism understand h d t d how th these values are put i t l t into practice behave responsibly as a journalist
    • Journalism and photojournalism Editorial valuesAccuracyFairnessObjectivityResponsibility
    • Journalism and photojournalismEditors and assignmentsThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t understand the role of a picture editor develop skills t approach editors d l kill to h dit identify the different kinds of assignments and sales
    • Journalism and photojournalism Editors and assignmentsChain of commandKinds of editorTeamworkResponsibilityR ibilitBuilding trustFind an allyGet involvedBe a journalistTypes of commission or sale
    • Journalism and photojournalismEthics in photojournalismThis module will enable you to: understand some of the moral issues that confront photojournalists identify guidelines for ethical conduct develop a personal code of ethics
    • Journalism and photojournalism Ethics in photojournalismManipulation of picturesSetting up picturesMisuse of images by clientsThe public interest v. individual rightsHow to decide
    • Journalism and photojournalismIdeasThis module will enable you to: distinguish between images and illustrations understand where you are likely to find good visual images develop a sense of what the market wants
    • Journalism and photojournalismIdeasWhatWh t makes a good idea? k d id ?Stand-alone imagesJournalistic images versus illustrationsHow do you find ideas?What the market wantsIs it worth it?Exercise
    • Journalism and photojournalismRole of the journalistThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t understand the role journalists play in society be aware of the constraints under which a j journalist works identify the skills a journalist needs
    • Journalism and photojournalism Role of the journalistWhat do journalists do?Constraints on journalistsEditorial guidelinesActive journalismProcessing and presenting
    • Journalism and photojournalismWhat is news?This module will enable you to: identify different kinds of news test information for its newsworthiness understand the market for news
    • Journalism and photojournalism What is news?NewImportantInterestingRelevantTesting for newsworthinessTimingg
    • Journalism and photojournalismWriting captionsThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t write appropriate captions to your pictures practise writing clear, concise captions ti iti l i ti understand the importance of getting facts rights
    • Journalism and photojournalism Writing captionsTest the picturesComplement the imageExplainGuide and engage the viewerWrite concisely
    • TECHNOLOGYColorThis module will enable you to: identify the strengths and weaknesses of the two modes of photography. understand color temperature and how to control it see in black and white get the maximum information into a black and white image
    • TECHNOLOGYColor versus black and whiteColorColor temperatureDaylightArtificial lightFiltersBlack and white (B/W)Seeing in black and whiteLatitudeL tit dFiltersDigital camerasPrinting
    • TECHNOLOGYcompositionThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t use the elements of composition to create appealing images compose pictures that tell a story develop an individual style
    • TECHNOLOGY CompositionLearn to see photographicallyStudy picturesSt d pict resRule of thirdsBalanceVerticals and horizontalsForeground and backgroundFocusUsing the framePositive and negative spaceLightTone and contrastPatterns and linesDon’t forget the message
    • TECHNOLOGYExposureThis module will enable you to: understand the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and film speed use different ways of metering exposure expose for both negative film and digital cameras recognize the effects of over- and under exposure over under-exposure use camera controls creatively
    • TECHNOLOGY ExposureCamera controls – shutter speed, aperture and film speedMeteringExposure latitudeTypes of filmOver- and under-exposureMetering in difficult lightPracticeLighting ratiosExerciseTechnical criteria
    • TECHNOLOGYFlashThis module will enable you to: identify the different techniques of portable flash use flash to create natural effects
    • TECHNOLOGY FlashFlash powerDirect flashFill flashFlash as the main lightSeparate flash from cameraSynchronizing with shutter speedBalancing flashFlash blurBounce flashTips
    • TECHNOLOGYLensesThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t understand the effects created by lenses of different focal lengths use standard, wide-angle, telephoto and specialist lenses creatively p y
    • TECHNOLOGY LensesRange of lensesLens speedCamera shakeStandard lSt d d lensWide-angle lensesTelephoto and long lensesExtreme lensesSpecialist lensesZooms
    • TECHNOLOGYLightThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t identify the various types of natural and artificial light understand the characters of different types of light g sharpen your awareness of light use light creatively g y
    • TECHNOLOGY LightTypes of lightT f li htQualities of lightTimes of dayArtificial lightFlashReflectorsLearning to see light
    • Tips and tricks in assignments
    • Tips and tricks in assignmentsClose-up and detailThis module will enable you to: fill the frame using both close-up and a long lens appreciate the usefulness of the close-up or detail h t d t il shot practice using very close focus
    • Tips and tricks in assignments Close-up and detailPlaying with scaleCompositionLensesValue of the close-upExerciseTechnical criteria
    • Tips and tricks in assignmentsEstablishing shotThis module will enable you to: understand the concept of setting up a story practice the wide shot develop your range of visual abilities
    • Tips and tricks in assignments Establishing shotTimingLandscapesCompositionExerciseTechnical criteria
    • Tips and tricks in assignmentsPerson at workThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t understand how to shoot a single image gain th confidence of strangers and access i the fid f t d to them at work develop your understanding of lenses film lenses, and equipment
    • Tips and tricks in assignments Person at workGuidelinesPractical adviceExerciseTechnical criteria
    • Tips and tricks in assignmentsPortraitThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t practice head shots, environmental portraits and groups make a portrait that reveals a person’s character understand the use of light in a portrait
    • Tips and tricks in assignments PortraitHead h tH d shotsEnvironmental portraitsGroupsGeneral principlePractical adviceExerciseTechnical criteria
    • Tips and tricks in assignmentsRelationshipsThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t gain confidence in working in intimate situations with strangers understand how body language and expression convey feelings develop your understanding of camera operation in the field
    • Tips and tricks in assignments RelationshipsTypes of relationshipT f l ti hiEmotion and body languageScalePlanningAccess and permissionExerciseTechnical criteria
    • Tips and tricks in assignments Single imageWhat is my message?Who is my audience?How to photographTechniqueLearning what works and what sellsEthical considerations
    • Tips and tricks in assignmentsThe momentThisThi module will enable you to: d l ill bl t practice spontaneous shooting in situations you do not control develop your instinctive control of the camera explore the movement and organization of the street
    • Tips and tricks in assignments The momentGuidelinesPractical adviceExerciseTechnical criteria