Dior homme analysis


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Dior homme analysis

  1. 1. The timing of the plot has been twisted that I think it is open to interpretation as to what events occur first. The followingis simply an objective, point-by-point plot analysis. I will sum up what my take is on the plot afterwards
  2. 2. • Cut to the man in the unbuttoned white shirt on the phone• audio of dial tone • Cut to woman in hotel room spraying perfume in the air• man speaking on a phone is seen through the reflection on a window • Cut to shirtless man again• audience can only here his side of the conversation • Cut to woman in hotel room• he turns around and appears to be topless, in a hotel room, he • Cut to man in the car looks at a woman who’s in the same room as him • Cut to woman in hotel room spraying perfume in the air• cuts to the man looking at himself in the mirror in the bathroom, whilst • Cut to man in car now smiling/smirking the phone conversation is still carrying on (this conversation carries • Cut to the hotel room now with BOTH the man and woman while through for the entire time until he walks out of the hotel) the man is on the phone sniffing the woman• man then appears in the room again with a white crisp shirt unbutton • Man hangs up the phone and kisses the woman on the shoulder as with a black tie, he’s speaking on a landline phone and looks straight he leaves into the woman’s eyes • Cut to man driving on the road• he walks away briefly and woman replaces a pair of dress shoes with • Man smirks another on the ground • Cut to woman looking in the mirror• woman puts on the cufflinks • Cut to man in the car• she holds his phone while he tucks in his pants • Cut to man shirtless in the bathroom• they stare at each other momentarily again while he’s still carrying on • Cut to man in the car this conversation on the phone, she hands the phone back to him • Cut to woman dressing the man while he’s on the phone• cuts to the man once again in the bathroom without his shirt talking • Man stares at the woman to himself • Cut to woman putting on lipstick• cuts back to him back in the room pacing while speaking on the • Cut to man in the car, his gaze appears to be following the move- phone ment of a woman walking by his car as we see her reflection on the• cut back into the bathroom car• and cut back out into the room • Cut to woman dressing the man in the hotel room• conversation ends and dial tone beeping is heard • Cut to man in car• man is walking out of the building lobby while a woman speaks in the • Cut to the Eiffel tower where a person is standing near background Music fades in • Car arrives and he gets out of the car• in the background, the conversation between a man and a woman • Cuts to the woman in the hotel room wearing a hat looking at her- unfolds (while the details below are taking place) self in the mirror• man walks to his car and drives off • Cut to man approaching woman near the Eiffel tower from a dis-• cut to woman (seen earlier) scantily clad in the hotel room looking at tance herself in the mirror • Cut to man in the bathroom spraying perfume on himself• Cut to the man in the bathroom • Cut to the two at the Eiffel tower as the wind blows• Cut to woman in the hotel room • Fades out
  3. 3. My subjective plot analysisFirst scene opens on a man talking on a telephone in a hotel room. Heis engaged in a conversation and speaking in a threatening manner. Wecannot hear the other end of the conversation. He is sharing the room witha woman who helps him get dressed in a suit as he speaks on the phone.The conversation ends and the man sets out on his mission and enters hiscar. The other end of the conversation is made audible to the audiencenow and it’s revealed that the man was actually speaking to a winab. Theconversation re-lived in the man’s memory as he drives off in his car. Itappears that the voice behind the other end of the phone was the womanwho was helping him get dressed in the hotel room. She puts on a largecoat over her naked body and sprays perfume on herself. A number offlashbacks are shown and it is then the man realizes that it was her all along.The set changes to the backdrop of the Eiffel tower in Paris. The womanwas waiting for his arrival. They acknowledge each other’s presence from adistance. It is sunrise and they are alone in the plaza wondering if the otheris their mysterious rendez vous partner.
  4. 4. SOPHISTICATIONSubtopics: elegance suave mysterious deceptionEvery subtopic can essentially besummed up into ONE key personalitythat Dior is trying capture with its brand:
  5. 5. A sophistcated man is one of elegance who can attainbalance between opposites so that he can experience the best of both worlds
  6. 6. A sophistcated man is oneiswho canelegance who can attainopposite A sophistcated man one of attain balance between balance so that he opposites so that hebest of both worlds between can experience the can experience the best of both worldsFirst, let’s speak on SOPHISTICATION:- Dior expects SOPHISTICATION from their target audience, thus the plot is not straightforward- Audience is kept interested by always questioning what is going on: who is he talking to?, is he cheating on her?, is that the same woman? etc- Hints are left throughout the film though so that the audience is not left in the dark entirely:1) “What, 2 of ya?” as he stares at the woman suggesting that there is actually two of HER2) Before “ooooooo”, woman who is dressing him looks at him in a suggestive stare indicating herpossible involvment in the conversation taking place on the phone. [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/ZaXOOspjnv0
  7. 7. A sophistcated man is one of elegance who can attain balance between opposites so that he can experience the best of both worldsPARIS: - known for it’s refined taste in fashion, food and lifestyle - backdrop of Eiffel Tower: classic beautyATTIRE: - Timeless pieces: black suit/black tie black coat/hatCAR: - 1960 Mercedes SL: a symbol of lux and class
  8. 8. A sophistcated man isis one of elegance who can between opposites A sophistcated man one who can attain balance attain balance between experience the best of both worlds so that he can opposites so that he can experience the best of both worldsDior allows you to be a refined gentleman in control but at the same time pride will not cloud yourjudgment. From the start to finish of the film, the male character transforms from a dangerous man incontrol to a man who simply is waiting to be taken control of.For a segment, the male character comes to realization that the mysterious individual is the womanhe’s been with all along. The expressions he shows are almost humbling and modest. Like, he’s beenduped but he’s going to continue to have fun with the situation.THE DANGEROUS MAN [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/AK6xPxCL_jwTHE MODEST MAN [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/tQW03LGz-U8
  9. 9. A sophistcated man isis one of elegance who can between opposites A sophistcated man one who can attain balance attain balance between experience the best of both worlds so that he can opposites so that he can experience the best of both worldsYou can get the best of both worlds:“Theres 2 of us, me and naughty me”Dior allows one to have a compliant woman ANDone who defies expectations to give you some senseof excitementOn the surface, it seems misogynistic and sexistbecause the woman is so subservient to him bydressing him, holding his phone, putting his shoes onetc. But if we pay close attention, at the end she isthe one who wins him over and lures him to her.