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  • Very relevent follow-up to the Jordan Byrd story. Nicely and respectfully done.
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  1. 1. U S The September 2012 A r m y Dispatch D u g w a y P r o v i n g G r o u n d , U t a h R D u g w a yi n r o vDna n G re u n d r -o S c i e nh e m e rB i n g A g r f i gths e rIsr a n d e v t a zn t s e n d e r Pg i g g or f m C c e S / vi o Wa e n t r e l Ci i enDugway baseball field named to honor Specialist Jordan M. ByrdNever to be forgotten Photo by Bonnie A. RobinsonSavanna Byrd holds her son, Ayden, at the monument dedicated Aug. 15 to her husband Spc. Jordan M. Byrd, a combat medic, who while rendering lifesaving aidto another Soldier, was killed in Afghanistan. The memorial stands at the corner of the baseball field at Dugway High School where Jordan served as captain ofthe Dugway Mustang baseball team during his senior year. See Memorial page 3 u
  2. 2. 2 THE DISPATCH September 2012Together we win, thanks Team Dugway Once again, Dugway Proving Ground has Alpha Battery 3rd Air Defense Artillery, as wellseen a very busy summer in terms of testing and as many others. Again, this event was executed intraining in support of our Nation’s warfigthters. a flawless manner, and it was great to see so manyBeyond these outstanding missions, we have Dugway faces in attendance.also hosted many great events recently. Our new Each of these events had a successful outcomehousing project, Reneau Court, received national due to excellent teamwork. If we all work asrecognition from the Assistant Secretary of the willing team members, keeping the end results inArmy Installations, Energy and Environment, mind, our efforts will reach higher standards.Katherine Hammack, for earning the prestigious No individual is solely victorious — it takesplatinum certification in Leadership in Energy others to assist along the way. The same is trueand Environmental Design. This achievement – of all of the missions we perform at Dugwaythe first in the Army – is simply outstanding. Proving Ground, whether they are mission- It was also an opportunity for Ms. Hammack to related, or community or workforce functions.tour English Village and West Desert Test Center. But summer is not over yet (for those keepingMy thanks go out to all those who had a hand in track, it officially ends on Sept. 22), and we arehosting this great visit and in showcasing all the now looking forward to our 70th Anniversarygreat things we do at Dugway day in, day out. Ball on Sept. 14. What a great time to be part of Of course, this summer, The Army Soldier the efforts to celebrate the many milestones DPGShow came to the West Desert. The event, at has accomplished through the years. Our guestTooele High School, was the first time a Dugway speaker will be Maj. Gen. Thomas W. Spoehr,event was shared with the outlying communities. who serves as the Director, Program Analysis andThanks to the great Family Morale Welfare and COL A. Scott Estes Evaluation, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff,Recreation team for pulling this one together — it G-8. I look forward to seeing you there.was a huge success; an estimated 1,000 people visit the memorial, I would highly encourage you I read a quote recently: “Together we stand,attended. to do so. It is a fitting tribute to an American hero. Together we fall, Together we win and winners We also honored one of our fallen Soldiers, Our Judge Advocate, Maj. Kateni Leakehe, take all.” I believe these words express teamworkSpc. Jordan M. Byrd, by naming the High School retired from the military after more than 24 years well and would like to personally thank all thosebaseball field and dedicating a memorial stone of service. Our Command Staff did an outstanding who have made these occasions winning ones.and plaque in his honor. It was an outstanding job in developing a super program to honor his You have demonstrated the outstanding jointevent for the family, community and workforce. service to our country. Luckily for Dugway, Teni energy needed to continue Dugway’s winningThe team that helped with this effort included C. will return shortly as a civilian in the JAG office. history. I thank you, and ask that you continueMartin, Tooele School District, Soldiers, civilians Finally, we had the Women’s Equality Day to give your dedicated efforts to our Dugwayand private industry. If you have not been by to Observance planned by our Operations Division, team! Spc. Brandon Gray of Alpha Battery, 3rd Air Defense Artillery, and his wife Bobbie with their new house key for a duplex unit in Reneau Court . Photo by Paula Thomas Photo by Al VogelSgt. Maj. Stanley Morton and Col. A. Scott Estes at the Soldier Col. A. Scott Estes congratulates Maj.Kateni LeakeheShow at Tooele High School July 20. It was an outreach public on his retirement after serving 24 years faithfully andrelation program designed to highlight the talents of military honorably in the Army. Leakehe ‘s wife Colleen andmembers. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson seven of their eight children attended the ceremony. Join the Dugway discussion THE DISPATCH This multi-monthly publication is authorized under the provisions of AR 360-1 in the interest of the Soldiers, Commander Public Affairs Officer Col. A. Scott Estes Paula A. Thomas Get the latest Dispatch at: employees, contractors and Family members of DPG. Views and opinions are not necessarily those of the Public Affairs Specialist Al Vogel Public Affairs Specialist Bonnie A. Robinson Department of the Army. All photographs are U.S. Commander’s Hotline (435) 831- 3737 COMMANDER’s HOTLINE: 831-3737 Army photos unless otherwise indicated. Submit all Public Affairs Office U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground stories via email to the PAO. Distribution is by email People don’t need to be told what’s not working, but sometimes copies. The Dispatch is an authorized publication for ATTN: TEDT-DP-PA; Bldg. 5450 Dugway, UT 84022-5000 commanders do. Actions build communities. If there’s a problem, let’s members of the Department of Defense. Content is not Phone: (435) 831-2116; Fax: (435) 831-3410 necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the hear about it. Leave a message, name and phone number. U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or DPG. Email:
  3. 3. September 2012 THE DISPATCH 3 Spc. Jordan M. Byrd Memorial Baseball Field was born. On the opposite page were pictures of the young father. She asked the son, “Where isMemorial honors Soldier’s sacrifice Daddy?” The toddler, with eyes like his father’s, snuggled deep into her lap, pointed to the photographs with his tiny finger and said: “Daddy!” When he looked up at her, she was clearly pleased, hugged him tight and assured him that he was right. Beaming, he wiggled free and ran to the newly paved walk, which led to the stone monument that would be dedicated that day in memory of her husband. A row of American flags, held by patriot guards, were standing ready for the ceremony to begin. Here at home, it is often too easy to forget about the war and the sacrifices made by our armed forces and their families. Almost two years ago, on Oct.13, 2010, Byrd, an Army medic and a former resident of Dugway, was killed in Afghanistan during an intense firefight when he ran through a hail of enemy bullets to render aid to a wounded battle buddy. During his senior year, Byrd served as captain of the Dugway Mustang baseball team. So, it was a fitting, but bittersweet moment as his hometown, family and friends gathered Aug. 15 to dedicate, in his memory, the baseball field on which he had so loved to play. The ceremony began with a playing of the national anthem followed by an invocation by Chaplain (Maj.) Gabriel Mizerani of Dugway, who blessed those who had come to the dedication. Robert and Adele Pagnani, representing the Tooele County Elks, thenThe Spc. Jordan M. Byrd memorial is unveiled during a ceremony Aug. 15 at the corner of the presented the Elk’s Medal of Valor and anbaseball field at Dugway High School. Left to right Col. A. Scott Estes Dugway commander; American flag to Savanna and Jordan’s mother,Roberta Pitt, Spc. Byrd’s mother; Nathaniel Broadhead and Shawn Grassier, current captains of Roberta Pitt. This was followed by a presentationthe Dugway Mustang baseball team; and Savanna Byrd, widow of Spc. Byrd. of the 101st Airborne Division Honor and Story and photos by Bonnie A. Robinson Public Affairs Specialist “I think he would be In the quiet moments before the dedication of pleased by this.” a baseball field at Dugway High School, Savanna - Savanna Byrd Byrd, widow of Specialist Jordan Matthew Byrd, sits on the lawn near a row of chairs, her legs neatly tucked to her side. She is shaded from the Remembrance flag, by Gavin Whiting, of the C. hot afternoon sun by a blue and yellow canopy set Martin Company, who was asked to represent the up for more than 400 family, friends, Soldiers, and division. community members who have come to honor her Tributes to the fallen hero were given by Robin husband. Nielson, the Dugway High School principal, Savanna holds out her arms to Audy Snodgrass, the garrison manager, and Col. welcome her nearly 2-year-old son, A. Scott Estes, commander, U.S. Army Dugway Ayden, a child with heat-flushed Proving Ground. pink cheeks and hair of pale Nielson spoke of Jordan’s time at the high amber. As he curled up in his school. He graduated in 2009 as Senior Class mother’s lap, she opened President, was a member of the National Honor the program that described Society, and earned a varsity letter on the baseball the dedication and short history team. She related that, “Jordan’s dream was to be of his father, who was killed in a doctor and he accelerated his life to reach this Afghanistan, a few weeks after Adyen goal. He decided to graduate early and attend theSavanna and Ayden Byrd moments before the dedication of the monument and baseball field at Dugway. See Memorial page 4 u
  4. 4. 4 THE DISPATCH September 2012Ball field dedicated to former Mustang captain A mother’s gratitudeu Continued from page 3University of Utah. He kept working toward his away as if she was sifting through memories ofgoal by becoming a medic in the Army. the time she spent with Jordan. “He was a young man who loved life and fully When she looked back, though emotion Story and photo by Bonnie A. Robinsonembraced the opportunities school had to offer. threatened to overwhelm her face, she took a Public Affairs SpecialistHis smile and positive personality were infectious deep breath, then the corners of her mouth liftedand he always had a good word for others. He slightly. The day before the Byrd Memorial Fieldplayed baseball with the joy that reflected his love Her answer was simple and direct: “I think he was dedicated, Roberta Pitt, Spc. Jordan Byrd’sfor the game,” Nielson said. would be pleased by this,” she said just above a mother, expressed her gratitude for those who Snodgrass noted the impact Byrd’s sacrifice has whisper. Then she turned to follow her boy who made the memorial possible.had on the community. was running toward the stone monument at the “This ceremony is very special to my family,” “We are a better place, a stronger place, corner of the ball field. Pitt said, as she sat at the picnic table outside thebecause Spc. Jordan Byrd grew up here, played When she joined her son, she gathered him into Dugway Health Clinic where she works as anball here, and truly lived here,” Snodgrass said. her arms and stood near enough for Ayden to run Administrative Support Assistant.“This ball field will remind us all of someone who his tiny hand over words. Someday, when he is She looks away,stepped up to the plate and made a difference in older, they will help tell him about his hero father searching for the rightour community, and in the lives of his teammates who loved a game, now played on the field that words as she fights backin a faraway land. His sacrifice remains a bears his name. the emotion.testimonial to selflessness “I have found myselfand the desire to make things wondering if anyonebetter.” will remember Jordan,” Estes gave the final tribute. she said. “You know “It is fitting that today we he wasn’t the bestunveil this memorial behind ballplayer. He joinedhome plate and dedicate this because he liked beingfield in Jordan’s name. part of a team. He was Roberta Pitt hugs aAs most of you know, he always like that, Dugway Mustang team even as a boy.” member at the memorialloved baseball and it isnot too much of a stretch A single tear trickles to honor her son say this was his favorite slowly down her cheek. Aug. 15 at on Dugway. So it “When he became a medic, it was a similaris with great honor we thing. He liked being part of a team. He wantedrecognize the heroism of to help others. So he did,” she added quietly.this great Soldier…and now, Several moments pass. The single tear isMrs. Byrd and Mrs. Pitt, if joined others before she can wipe them away.I could ask you to join me, More moments, tears wiped, she, to officially unveil “I am grateful to all the volunteers who gavethis testament to Jordan’s so many hours to make this dedication possible.courage, life, and service to I appreciate the team’s coaches, Adam Greenour nation.” and Kevin McCollum for never giving up on Then, Dugway Mustang this project, and for the help of the school’sbaseball team cocaptains baseball team,” she said still smiling.Nathaniel Broadhead and “I want his son, Ayden, to come here andShawn Grassier joined the know what kind of man his dad was, she saidofficial party, gently pulling with a note of pride in her voice. “Dugway hasback the maroon cloth that helped accomplish this. I am deeply touched bycovered the memorial. everything that has been done.” Later, the speakers and Charles Dickens, the author of A Tale of Twoattendees moved out on the Cities, wrote of sacrifices made for others.field, where Savanna threw “…think now and then that there is a man, whoout the first pitch of the first would give his life, to keep a life you lovedbaseball game of the season. beside you.”Jordan’s mother, brought Byrd was such a man. He chose to serveAyden to the mound, where his country as a Soldier. He chose to serve histhe pitcher handed him a comrades in arms as a combat medic. And onsecond ball to pitch. that day in October, without regard for his own At the end of the day, safety, he ran through a hail of enemy bullets toSavanna expressed her keep himself between his wounded buddy andfeelings about the memorial. enemy fire.Her large dark eyes became This is why we remember heroes, and whymoist and her gaze drifted The first game of the season at the Byrd Memorial Field. Spc. Jordan M. Byrd will not be forgotten.
  5. 5. September 2012 THE DISPATCH 5New housing earns LEED platinum certificationDugway Proving Ground’s new housing project, Reneau Court, received national-level kudos from the Assistant Secretary of the ArmyInstallation, Energy and Environment July 26, during a ribbon cutting ceremony, for earning the prestigious platinum certification in Leadershipin Energy and Environmental Design. Left to right are Col. William Leady, district commander, Sacramento District, U.S. Army Corps ofEngineers; Audy Snodgrass, Dugway garrison manager; Katherine Hammack, the assistant secretary of the Army Installation, Energy andEnvironment; Col. A. Scott Estes, Dugway Proving Ground commander; Col. Darcy Brewer, acting regional director of the Army’s InstallationManagement Command and John Craig, Dugway’s garrison director of public works.Story and photos by Bonnie A. Robinson Dugway garrison. The integrated design, bid start toward this goal.”Public Affairs Specialist and build procurement process was overseen The Army’s Net Zero program is part of a push by the USACE, which fast-tracked the process to help Army installations become more energy and allowed it to be completed in about 18 independent users. The quality of the construction Dugway Proving Ground’s new housing months. Construction services were provided shows in the dozens of innovative “green” designproject, Reneau Court, received national-level by Diversified Maintenance Systems, a woman- and building strategies, which contribute tokudos from the Assistant Secretary of the owned general contracting firm based in Salt Lake earning the platinum certification (See Fast Facts).Army Installation, Energy and Environment, City. The LEED consists of a suite of rating systemsfor Installations, Katherine Hammack July 26, “This effort represents a significant move for the design, construction and operationduring a ribbon-cutting ceremony, for earning the that is critical to the Army’s mission and of high performance green buildings, homesprestigious platinum certification in Leadership in essential to the nation to provide energy efficient and neighborhoods that measure buildingEnergy and Environmental Design (LEED). military housing, which will reduce costs and sustainability with four levels of certification: The housing project was designed by a joint save resources,” Hammack said. “This is a bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Eachteam of the Army’s Corp of Engineers (USACE) showpiece for green housing construction and ourin the Sacramento, Calif. District and the commitment to Net Zero communities. It’s a great See Housing page 6 u
  6. 6. 6 THE DISPATCH September 2012New housing receives platinum award FAST FACTS u Significant increase to insulation in the attic and walls keeps the interior house temperature more constant, increasing energy savings. u Ductwork sealed from the interior and insulated on the exterior to reduce heating and cooling loss to the attic. Energy efficient windows prevent heating and cooling loss. u Building exterior sealed to prevent air infiltration. Continuously running exhaust fans u maintain in-home air quality.Spc. Brandon Gray, of Alpha Battery, 3rd Air Defense Artillery, shakes hands with Katherine u Energy-Star 3.0 rating was used forHammack, assistant secretary of the Army Installation, Energy and Environment after receiving all lighting and appliances.a house key for duplex unit on Geode Circle of Reneau Court as his wife, Bobbie, looks on The Increased insulation amplifies furnacehousing project designed by the Army’s Corps of Engineers and the Dugway garrison. performance.u Continued from page 5 “My team loves to work with the staff at u Low emissivity windows maximizeprogressive level requires more features in water Dugway. Together, we were on time and on insulation value and increase naturalsavings, energy efficiency, materials selection, budget and that’s not something that just happens. lighting.and indoor environmental quality that will But it’s not just about budgets, it’s also aboutoperate on lower costs to increase its value to the a commitment to Army Families. These are 20 u Air conditioning and heating costsArmy. quality homes that any family would be excited to are reduced using state-of-the-art, unit Capt. Michael Beck, project engineer of new move into,” Leady said. specific vertical loop ground source heathousing, said “The LEED pumps for control of temperature beneaththis was a good platinum house.opportunity to be “We want to ensure that we can recognition showspart of a leading sustain the Army’s resources on the our commitment u Heat pumps provide 30 percent ofedge that directs to build the heat for hot water in each unit, reducing installations. From what I’ve seen the use of gas or electricity.future military finest facilitieshousing projects. today at the housing project, and the for the men and Tubular skylight provides daylight forAll of the homes test center let me just say: keep up the women serving bathroom, walk-in closets and stairwayshave Energy Star good work.” our nation,” said to minimize use of electric lighting.appliances and Audy Snodgrass,windows, but - Katherine Hammack Dugway’s garrison u Minimal sod used with extensivethe real energy Assistant Secretary of the Army manager. ‘It is native grasses and low water plantsefficiency comes Installation, Energy and Environment also our pledge to reduce landscape water use whilefrom the increased to sustainable maintaining an attractive exterior.insulation, natural housing and thelandscaping and ground climate control system. environment. We are extremely proud of this After house keys were presented, Hammack Originally the early project plans were aimed effort.” toured Reneau Court, English Village housing,at the silver certification, but during the building Immediately following the ceremony, house and the school and community areas accompaniedphase it was clear that the gold, and later the keys were presented by Hammack and Col. A. by Estes and Snodgrass. Later, the tour moved toplatinum, rating could be reached,” said John Scott Estes, Dugway’s commander, to Martita West Desert Test Center.Craig, Dugway’s director of public works. “We Studer, wife of Maj. Jonathan Studer, the liaison At WDTC, the secretary visited the Rapidwere all very excited when we realized this could officer with the Joint Program Executive Office Integration Acceptance Center where she saw thebe done at no additional cost to the government.” for Chemical and Biological Defense. They will Hunter, Shadow and Warrior unmanned aircraft, Col. William Leady, district commander, occupy a house on Pronghorn Way. A house key the new power house with four recently installedSacramento district, U.S. Army Corps of was also presented to Spc. Brandon Gray, of A generators, and the Aerosol Simulant ExerciseEngineers said that having talented teams come Battery, 3rd Air Defense Artillery, who will live intogether made the platinum certification possible. a duplex unit on Geode Circle. See Housing page 11 u
  7. 7. September 2012 THE DISPATCH 7DPG challenges, strengthens 23rd BattalionChem/defense training and experienceStory by Al Vogel specific areas, of actual decontaminants,Public Affairs Specialist and a variety of simulants – benign substances and microorganisms with the Though it was the first visit to Dugway same characteristics as actual chem/bioProving Ground, Utah by the 23rd and agents. Washington State denies their use110th CBRN battalions of Joint Base Lewis- at Joint-Base Lewis McChord, KirschnerMcChord, Wash., it had an air of “Welcome said.Back.” “I suspect that word will begin to Two components of the CBRN (Chemical, spread what a great environment this isBiological, Radiological & Nuclear) for CBRN training, and this will becomebattalions have earlier links to Dugway: very popular to conduct full-spectrumtheir specialized Stryker vehicles and the and CBRN-focused training,” KirschnerTechnical Escort Unit (TEU) trained to said.transport and handle toxic agents, The downside? Kirschner said it’s Beginning in 2006, a variant of the getting personnel and equipment toStryker, the NBCRV (Nuclear, Biological, such a remote post. Dugway lacks a railChemical Reconnaissance Vehicle), line, so the battalion’s fleet of over 100underwent chem/bio testing at Dugway. vehicles was trucked in. The SoldiersTesting ensured it would accurately detect flew commercially into Dugway’sand analyze while protecting its crew. modernized Michael Army Airfield. In 2003, Charlie Company Technical Dugway’s remoteness is both aEscort Unit (TEU) of the 110th Chemical logistical obstacle and – in this age ofBattalion left Dugway and was reassigned to military fenceline encroachment – greatFort Lewis. This summer, Charlie Company asset.will be renamed the 501st Chemical “There’s a silver lining to itsCompany (TE) and moved under 23rd remoteness,” Kirschner said. “It allowsCBRN battalion. The 23rd CBRN battalion us to train without distractions. It forceswill be assigned to South Korea in early you to deploy here like you would to any2013; the 110th CBRN will remain at Joint austere environment.”Base Lewis-McChord. The 300 Soldiers operated at the More than 300 Soldiers arrived April 30 platoon level and were assigned differentfor a 10-day exercise -- Desert Lion -- that training each day: lab instruction withchallenged and strengthened their chem/bio scientists, live-fire, convoys across thedefense training and experience. desert, classroom instruction, realistic U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground is scenarios, etc. West Desert Test Centerunder Army Test & Evaluation Command at arranged the training, drawing upon itsAberdeen Proving Ground, Md. It’s 80 road experienced test and training divisions:miles from Salt Lake City, in the high desert Special Programs, Chemical Test, Life Photo by Al Vogelof northwestern Utah. Created in 1942, Sciences, Test Support, Dissemination &its primary mission is to test defenses against Ten Stryker NBC Reconnaissance Vehicles were used in the Explosives and a host of others. Desert Lion exercise. Events including live-fire, realistic patrols,chemical and biological agents, and Because of Dugway’s enormity, decontamination, simulated attacks and simulated casualtytrain personnel in that defense. transport from the attack. The Stansbury Mountains are in the platoons could be dozens of miles from Dugway is 800,000 acres of remote background. The nearest town, Tooele, is 40 miles from Dugway each other. To aid communication,desert, bordering the 1.8 million-acre Utah Proving Ground and its vast, remote Utah desert. a detachment of the 23rd CBRNTest & Training Range, operated by the U.S. battalion’s communications sectionAir Force. The combined 2.6 million acres have Soldiers (who praised the excellent chow). established two retransmit sites. One was onrestricted airspace. In local parlance, Dugway has Lt. Col. Sean Kirschner of Sarasota, Fla., 6,000-foot Camel’s Back Ridge, 1,000 feet above“room to boom.” commander of the 23rd CBRN battalion, praised the desert flats. The easily accessed site provided In classrooms, labs and with realistic all that Dugway offered during Desert Lion. straight-line retransmission for 50 kilometers (31scenarios, Dugway trains military and civilian “Dugway Proving Ground is the premiere miles) and a spectacular 100-mile view.groups how to identify and deal with a suspected facility in the world to conduct CBRN training. Scientists taught in the same labs where theychem/bio threat. With its world-class expertise It’s got the resources, people and flexibility to test detectors, protective clothing and other chem/and facilities to teach, Dugway was ideal for the accommodate everything we wanted to do,” bio defenses. Using simulants, chemists andCBRN Soldiers to hone their skills and learn. he said. “Nowhere else can you get a realistic, microbiologists guided Soldiers in practicing lab The CBRN Soldiers were billeted in Utah combat-like environment for a CBRN Soldier to and sampling techniques.National Guard (UTNG) barracks during Desert train in.” At a mock village, Soldiers were shown aLion. UTNG provided a Blackhawk helicopter Especially welcome were Dugway’sfor some scenarios, and cooks to feed the environmental permits that allow outdoor use, in See 23rd Battalion page 9 u
  8. 8. 8 THE DISPATCH September 2012Dugway 70th Anniversary Ball Sept. 14Story Bonnie A. Robinson Dugway employees will be awarded thePublic Affairs Specialist Honorary Order of Dragon for their service to DPG. Names have not been released at press time. Dugway Proving Ground will hold its 70th To be eligible an individual must be a memberAnniversary Ball Sept. 14 from 6 p.m. to of the U.S. Armed Forces or Departmentmidnight at the Marriott Salt Lake City Center. of Defense who has provided service to the The special guest speaker will be Maj. Gen. Chemical Corps or chemical, biological,Thomas W. Spoehr, director, Program Analysis radiological and nuclear defense.and Evaluation, Office of the Deputy Chief of A display of Dugway history and a slide showStaff. will be provided Tickets are $50 per person Following the dinner, the Utah National Guard The dress will be formal. For military Band, “Article 15” will play. Guests are invitedmembers this means mess dress or service to dance until midnight.equivalent. For civilians this means women A block of rooms has been reserved at theshould wear evening gowns and men are Marriott for guests who would like to spend theexpected to wear tuxedos. night in Salt Lake City. Cost of the room will be The Marriott is at 220 South State Street. This $109. This price will be in addition to the cost ofis a change in venue from earlier announcements. the tickets. Response is requested by Sept. 5. Point of Dugway’s core mission is testing chemical andcontact is Kelly Wright (435) 831-7704 Graphic by Robert Rampton biological defense systems.Dugway women highlight Women’s Equality Day observanceKitsy Keetch Dee Dee Buckingham Paula Thomas Pfc. Leslie R. ScottStory and photos Bonnie A. Robinson before them. Buckingham asked women to “keep the linesPublic Affairs Specialist Vincent Liddard, chief, Test Management of communication open with one another and to Branch, Special Programs Division,served as the remember the effort to equality is not finished.” West Desert Test Center’s Operations Division master of ceremonies. Thomas told of her life experiences as if shehosted Dugway’s Women’s Equality Day Aug. 21. The national anthem was sung a capella by were writing to her daughter, Elizabeth, which As the more than 200 employees and Soldiers Pfc. Leslie R. Scott of A Battery 3rd Air Defense many women at the event said was “highlight” ofarrived they were greeted by replica military Artillery. the program.posters of women in the service, red, white and Guest speakers were Kitsy Keetch, who served Closing remarks were made by Scott Estes,blue patriotic bunting, and a slide show of women as the Chief of the Information Division before Dugway commander, who thanked the women forworking at Dugway. Some of the photos showed she retired; Dee Buckingham, chief, Regulatory their words,presented each one a with a bouquetDugway women who had posed as “Rosie the Science and Innovation Branch, Life Sciences of flowers, and a certificate of appreciation toRiveter” with red bandanas tying up their hair. Division; and Paula Thomas, Dugway Public mark the occasion. The invocation and benediction were given by Affairs officer. Committee members were Jody Barrett, SherriCharles Hobson, a photographer of the Optics Keetch spoke of the women’s right to vote Rydalch, Paula Putnam, Diane Taylor, and AudreyBranch,who asked for blessings for the women movement and reminded women to “remember Elton of the Operations Division.who spoke and the generations of women that the many great women who fought so hard for Many thanks to A Battery 3rd Air Defensehave paved the way for the women who had come those rights.” Artillery for setting up the event’s location.
  9. 9. September 2012 THE DISPATCH 923rd Battalion the desert. This authentic scenario at nearly 5,000 feet altitude, in temperatures in the low 90s, was were flown 20 miles to Casualty Operations at the barracks. There, medics “treated” them andu Continued from page 7 challenging. simulated personal effects inventory and other Maj. Billy Maltbie of Stockbridge, Ga., tasks.simulated “terrorist lab” for making biological operations officer for the 23rd CBRN battalion, Despite temperatures from low 90s in theor chemical agents, constructed from over-the- watched Soldiers decontaminate Strykers, pleased day, to mid 30s some nights, tanglefoot brush,counter materials. They learned its hazards and at the realism. live-fire, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and oblivioushow to obtain samples for analysis or forensics. “The biggest thing is the expertise that comes pronghorn antelope on the roads, Desert Lion hadOther training was scenario-based, and included with training at Dugway, and the wide-open areas no serious injuries. Everyone who came to the aidlive-fire of the Stryker NBCRV’s remotely with different units in different areas all doing station later returned to the field.controlled M2 .50-caliber machine gun against something,” Maltbie said. “This is about as real Spc. Amanda Tyson of Orville, Ohio, a medic,vehicles and strongholds, and reconnaissance as it gets, short of combat. This is about the best was surprised.across miles of desert. training that these guys can receive.” “They’re not used to the altitude and the heat, Stryker teams also practiced two types of chem/ During earlier reconnaissance practice, Capt. and they’re in MOPP gear a lot,” she said. “Webio detection – stand-off and point detection Nick Bell of Goshen, Ind., watched six Stryker had few real-world casualties.”-- with simulants disseminated over small areas NBCRVs moving cross-country abreast in a mile- Maj. Justin Hurt, 23rd CBRN battalion plansto replicate contamination. Stand-off detects wide line, firing .50-cal blanks. officer, said Desert Lion had a hectic schedule butcontaminated areas from a distance without entry; “We just don’t have the capacity back home training exceeded their plans.point detection requires entry. to do this, all this room to maneuver like they “Things went very well. Running an exercise In full protective clothing and gas masks, would in combat,” he said. “You can’t replicate it that has 23 separate mission types and 60 separateSoldiers decontaminated Strykers on a dirt road in anywhere else.” mission orders is complicated,” Hurt said. “You The other platoons in have to coordinate with all the people on Dugway, the battalion convoyed and between the units in the battalion. What was along Ambush Alley – a really exciting was seeing all the different units dirt road between remote come together and do an actual mission. Seeing hills -- firing live ammo the whole timeline merge was really great.” during a simulated, Sgt. Kevin Schmidt of Rawlins, Wyo., remotely controlled attack. was surprised by Dugway’s resemblance to Soldiers also fired blanks at Afghanistan: jagged mountain ranges and peaks, “insurgents” who attacked some of them still bearing snow, jutting far above with blank munitions. brush-covered flats. Some crew members “I had no idea what it would be like coming were designated casualties, here,” he said. “I thought it would be all salt changing the scenario flats, but the terrain varies so much. The first from an attack to medical impression I got looking out the window was, evacuation. Designated Damn. This is Kandahar.” evacuation vehicles sped Capt. Maryanne Luther, of Rochester, N.Y., to where the Utah National particularly liked firing the M249 machine gun Guard landed a Blackhawk against a target vehicle towed by cable, using real helicopter. Soldiers carried decontaminant, and getting to use explosives. the “casualties” on litters to “We got training here that some Soldiers the waiting helicopter. haven’t had in 10 or 15 years,” she said. “I Photo by Al VogelA Soldier uses a chemical agent detector to find simulated chemical agent Medics were embedded thought it was excellent. Everyone’s tired, so thaton a Humvee. Soldiers used actual decontaminant – a rare opportunity at with each platoon, and must be a good sign, right?”most installations, which adds incalculable realism to any exercise. stabilized the “wounded” that A simulated attack on a Stryker NBCRV adds to the realistic training provided by Desert Lion. Without encroachment on its fence line, and only a few ranches near its border, Dugway can use simulated fire or smoke cover without disturbing or alarming the public. Photo by Stacy Smenos
  10. 10. 10 THE DISPATCH September 2012Dugway test: Can digitized is that communication with the new howitzer is much quicker via wireless digital signals, not verbal or landline.”howitzer sight take decon? The DFC System is ruggedized for typical combat challenges, but technicians at Dugway’s West Desert Test Center’s Chemical Test Division challenged its components even more, with liquid and powder decontaminants. “Our test was for an immediate decontamination, reducing the amount of contamination in the high-traffic areas so the Soldiers can continue the mission,” said John Tobler, test officer at Dugway. “It may be 24 hours or more before they can do a more deliberate decontamination.” To simulate a chemical agent, a benign powder that glows under ultraviolet light was applied to the howitzer and its DFC System components, said Francis Bahe, the Test Control Officer. “We wanted to also verify that the gun crew can operate the DFC System while wearing the full protective clothing and gas masks without having any issues,” said William Nieves, test engineer from ARDEC. Test requirements allotted the gun crew only a few minutes for immediate decontamination. Afterward, an ultraviolet light revealed where decontamination missed or more was needed. Were the components affected? Test requirements and results are sensitive, and only a select few receive the test report. Whatvever the recommendation, it will be based on hard data and decades of experience. Dugway Proving Ground has tested the decontamination survivability of equipment since its creation in 1942.Kevin Wilcock, a physical science technician, applies the simulated chemical agent that glows inthe dark, while Francis Bahe,Test Control Officer for Chemical Operations Branch, holds theultraviolet light to ensure ample coverage.Story and photos by Al Vogel for the Program Manager Towed ArtilleryPublic Affairs Specialist Systems (PMTAS), and Armament Research Development & Engineering Center (ARDEC), An enemy aircraft appears, dispersing what both at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.appears to be smoke over the howitzer battery. The 105 mm M119A2 howitzer is not new, butChemical agent detectors wail. Soldiers scream, its newly developed DFC System takes a battle-“Gas! Gas! Gas!” and scramble for their M50 proven gun into the 21st century.gas masks and protective overclothing. Designed and employed by the British in To minimize the immediate threat, 1975, the lightweight L119 105 mm howitzerdecontamination begins in-place. Quick was adopted by the U.S. in 1989 as the M119. A substance that simulates chemical agent,decontamination is critical; the enemy may It was created to be lighter than most howitzers, and glows under ultraviolet, is applied tocounter attack at any moment. The crews for ready deployment by vehicle, helicopter or the howitzer’s Digital Fire Control system.and equipment will get a more thorough parachute, providing even remote troops with The gun crew had only a few minutes todecontamination later. hard-hitting firepower. The current version is the decontaminate the entire Digitized M119A2 But will immediate decontamination damage M119A2. With the new DFC Systems it becomes howitzer, as in actual combat. Both powderthe Digitized M119A2 Howitzer’s electronic the Digitized M119A2. and liquid decontaminants were used inDigital Fire Control (DFC) System? “The DFC System automates the fire mission different trials. The question may be in the future, but it was processing of the existing M119A2 Howitzer,”answered by a test at Dugway Proving Ground, said Clede O’Neal of PMTAS. “The whole point See Howitzer page 11 u
  11. 11. September 2012 THE DISPATCH 11LEEDing the way Chamber in the Special Programs Biological Mission Support Facility. In the chamber she installation uses on-site, the secretary said, adding that “an energy-secure installation can still accomplish the mission even was given an overview of available detectionu Continued from page 6 technology and participated in a simulated when the surrounding areas might not have biological sampling, which the secretary said power.” was, “very cool.” “Energy is a strategic issue,” said The day finished at the Mortimer A. Hammock during the briefing. “Strategically, Rothenberg conference room for a working energy is about economic, environmental lunch. The secretary was briefed by the and national security. We want to ensure that garrison environmental staff on potential we can sustain the Army’s resources on the energy initiatives such as solar, wind, propane installations. From what I’ve seen today at costs, and geothermal projects. the housing project and the test center let me The ultimate goal is to cut energy demand just say: keep up the good work.” and eventually produce all the energy theKatherine Hammack is surprised by the water spraycoming from the sonitek held by Patty Brown, amicrobiologist, who is demonstrating how liquidsimulant would be disseminated during testing atthe Simulant Exercise Chamber in the BiologicalMission Support Facility. An energy efficient and environment friendly three-bedroom house at Reneau Court.Howitzer decon decontamination is critical, since accurate fire hinges upon accurate emplacement. A gnat’s communicates with the FCC tablet computer, through which a Soldier receives firing orders. Itu Continued from page 10 whisker of deviation at the firing point is uses the long-established Single Channel Ground magnified by distance. At long range, even a tiny and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS), a After decontamination, the DFC deviation can place a projectile far off target. combat radio net used by U.S. and allied forces.System’s three components were then Firing orders are onscreen andinspected for apparent damage, and legible; no more garbled voicetested for function. transmissions (“Did he say The components are: “Our test was for an immediate decontamination, Tango or Hotel?”). • The Fire Control Computer reducing the amount of contamination in the high- During transit, each (FCC), a rugged digital tablet traffic areas so the Soldiers can continue the vehicle towing the Digitized computer. M1119A2 Howitzer uses the • The Inertial Navigation System mission,” said John Tobler, test officer at Dugway. “It GPS coordinates displayed on (INS) that provides GPS location may be 24 hours or more before they can do a more the FCC tablet to navigate to and navigation. deliberate decontamination.” the next firing position. Upon • An equipment sled containing arrival, communication - John Tobler, electronic components that between the FCC tablet and Test officer at West Desert Test Center provide power and data each howitzer’s INS make transfer throughout the DFC short work of accurate System. emplacement. With the INS, gunners know each The GPS-guided INS on each Digitzed Decontamination survivabilityhowitzer’s position at all times. They don’t spend M119A2 Howitzer ensures that the gnat’s whisker testing atDugway will ensure that if chemicalprecious minutes – perhaps exposed to enemy is split even finer than with traditional optical detectors wail, and cries of “Gas! Gas! Gas!”fire – surveying with optical instruments to sights. As a backup, optical sights may still be erupt, Digitized M119A2 Howitzer gunners mayaccurately emplace the howitzers. used. soon return to the fight with 21st century accurate, Whether the DFC System can withstand Each Digitized M119A2’s Howitzer’s INS decisive fire.
  12. 12. 12 THE DISPATCH September 2012Sprint Nextel poised for Dugway, main gate, was built by Verizon and is jointly used by AT&T. AT&T has two towers on Dugway, onewaits for DoD frequency approval in English Village and another in the Cedar Mountains. AT&T reception is good on much of Dugway but, like any carrier reception, can be blocked by geographical features. Verizon reception is generally only available at English Village and, using local boosters, within a few buildings at the Rapid Integration Acceptance Center at Michael Army Airfield in Ditto. Depending upon location, cellphone reception in the remote desert west and south of Ditto can be good, spotty or nil. The lack of reception is more than inconvenient; it can imperil personnel without a radio who are injured, ill or have a vehicle break down in remote areas of Dugway Proving Ground. If approved, Sprint Nextel’s tower on Camel’s Back Ridge would offer Sprint cellphone reception not only on Dugway, but off post to civilians between the Onaqui and DugwayPending Department of Defense frequency approval, Sprint Nextel plans to build three towers Mountain ranges.on Dugway Proving Ground at Camel’s Back Ridge, 5 Mile Hill and English Village. The Sprint The AT&T signal to that area comes from thetowers will not augment the existing AT&T or Verizon carriers. None of them can reach our Cedar Mountains, 20 air miles away, or the towersecretive friend’s galaxy, alas on state Route 199, 15 to 35 miles distant. Both signals may be blocked by hills and mountains, Village, 11 miles apart. but the Camel’s Back Ridge tower would beStory and photo by Al Vogel Sprint Nextel has no immediate plans to share largely in the open between the two mountainPublic Affairs Specialist its towers with other providers, according to ranges. Timothy Smith, chief of plans, architecture and Brian Allen, manager for Fish Springs service operations branch for Dugway NEC. Wildlife Refuge outside Dugway’s southwest Sprint Nextel plans to construct three cellular “The cost of this project has not yet been border, said that area does not receive cellphonetowers on Dugway Proving Ground to offer determined, but there will be no cost to Dugway reception. The refuge is one of the most remotecellphone services, but is awaiting frequency Proving Ground for the construction of this government postings in the lower 48 states, withapproval from the Department of Defense Joint project,” said Smith. four permanent and seven seasonal U.S. Fish &Spectrum Center before construction begins. Upon frequency approval, the Sprint Nextel Wildlife Service personnel. Jason Straughan, Dugway’s installation towers would be constructed quickly, said A topographical map reveals that if Sprintspectrum manager for the Network Enterprise Straughan, and service could begin shortly after Nextel builds a tower on 6,500-foot Camel’sCenter (NEC), said that the Joint Spectrum completion. Back Ridge, the signal to Fish Springs may beCenter in Annapolis, MD., approves all Wireless Site Services, headquartered in blocked by the 6,800-foot Dugway Mountainfrequencies on military reservations. A Lincoln, Neb., will install the “cell blocks” to Range, outside Dugway’s border.Memorandum of Agreement application was which each tower is secured. Basically a concrete Sprint Nextel serves more than 55 millionsubmitted in August 2011 to the center; no word pad, the cell block rests on the ground to avoid users. AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless eachhas been received. disturbing the environment beneath. The new serve about 100 million subscribers, according The nation’s third-largest wireless service Sprint Nextel towers would not bolster AT&T or to Wikipedia. Sprint merged with Nextel inprovider, Sprint Nextel plans a 100-foot tower Verizon reception. 2005 and announced in May that it plans to shutnear Colonel’s Hill in English Village, a 120-foot In 2001, AT&T became the first to offer down the Nextel network next summer. Abouttower on Camel’s Back Ridge southwest of Ditto, cellphone service to Dugway and remains the five million Nextel users remain, but are beingand a smaller repeater tower on 5 Mile Hill, primary provider in the area. The 100-foot tower transitioned to Sprint service, according to CNNto ensure coverage between Ditto and English on state Route 199, a few miles east of Dugway’s Money website.Back to School night, community counsel and post anti-terrorist drill Dugway High School welcomed students to the The school is looking for parents who are Later this month students will participate in2012-2013 school year at a Back to School Night, willing to serve on the DHS community council, the post-wide anti-terrorism drill on Sept.19 fromAug. 21. Nielson said. The council would make decisions 9 to 11 a.m. The school will go into lockdown “I am looking forward to the year and the on the expenditure of School Trust land’s funding and remain there until the building is cleared bychallenges and rewards it will bring as each from the state of Utah. The time commitment Dugway security officers. Students will then bestudent learn what his or her class offers,” said would be three, one-hour meetings during the evacuated to the Shockley Fitness Center, untilRobin Nielson, DHS principal. school year. the exercise is concluded, Neilson said.