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  • 1. AP Style Highlights of the most important style rules
  • 2. When to capitalize titles
    • Capitalize formal titles before the name, lowercase after the name.
    • I voted for President George W. Bush.
    • Mayor Larry Brown favored the idea.
    • Remember: only formal titles, not descriptions or job positions.
  • 3. Abbreviate SOME titles
    • Gov., Sen., Rev., Dr. - abbreviated when they come BEFORE the name.
    • Few other titles are abbreviated. Don't abbreviate detective, prosecuting attorney, president, professor.
    • Use "the Rev." before ministers on first reference.
  • 4. After a name, don’t capitalize a title and spell it out
    • Larry Brown, the mayor, cut the ribbon.
    • The bill was vetoed by Frank Keating, the governor.
    • When the title stands alone, spell out the title and DO NOT capitalize it.
    • Example: The pope will visit next week.
  • 5. Abbreviate in addresses only with an exact, numbered address
    • 901 Ninth St.
    • BUT: The gym is on Ninth Street.
    • On exact addresses, also abbreviate the direction:
    • 555 N. Garth Ave.
    • 333 W. Broadway
  • 6. Abbreviate BAS in addresses
    • CAPITALIZE the name of the street but only ABBREVIATE the following in EXACT addresses: Blvd. Ave. St.
    • This can be remembered as BAS, which is part of a word…..that I will let you figure out.
    • 999 Stadium Blvd.
    • 767 Milestone Ave.
    • 545 Hitt St.
    • All the rest are spelled out and capitalized
  • 7. Dates
    • When SPECIFIC DATES are used, abbreviate the month.
    • Joe Anders died Monday, Jan. 6, 1997.
    • With NO SPECIFIC DATE, spell out the month
    • Joe Anders died in January.
  • 8. Don’t abbreviate the ‘short’ months
    • The "shorter" five months of spring and summer are not abbreviated: March, April, May, June, July.
    • Memory tip: 5 months and 5 letters or fewer.
  • 9. Capitalization
    • Capitalize official names , including City Commission, Commerce Committee, Congress, Senate, House, General Assembly, Republican Party, and Democratic Party.
    • The City Commission approved the ordinance.
    • BUT if incomplete, it is lower case: The commission passed the measure
  • 10. Abbreviating states
    • SPELL OUT the names of all of the states when they stand ALONE.
    • She went on a ski trip in Colorado.
    • Abbreviate the state names when they are used with a city – except the short states.
    • She went to Ladysmith, Wis.
  • 11. How to remember which states to abbreviate
    • There are eight states that are not abbreviated: The two that are disconnected - Alaska and Hawaii - and the six with five letters or fewer: Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.
    • Do not use postal abbreviations. (It’s Wis., not WI.)
  • 12. Numbers
    • In general, spell out one through nine, use figures for 10 above.
    • Example: He invited 12 guests to the party but only nine showed up.
  • 13. Use figures for these exceptions:
    • Ages : John, 7, ran away. John is 7 years old.
    • Dimensions : The 7-foot-2 center weighed 230 pounds.
    • Percentages : 4 percent (note that percent is ONE word.)
    • Time : 6 p.m. (not 6:00 p.m.; p.m. has periods and is and lowercased.)
    • Street numbers : 9 Quinton Court
    • Day of the month : Jan. 9, 1997, (not 9th)
    • Do not start a sentence with a figure.
  • 14. Money
    • Use the dollar sign: $10, $1,000, $90,000 (NOT $90 thousand or 90 thousand dollars)
    • Repeat the word with ranges:
    • WRONG: $8 to $10 million
    • RIGHT: $8 million to $10 million
  • 15. Except on tests…
    • When in doubt, look it up.
  • 16. What's wrong here? Buffalo State College is at 1300 Elmwood Avenue.
  • 17. What's wrong here? The Gov. did not pardon the Dr.
  • 18. What's wrong here? The project is slated to cost $4 to $6 million.
  • 19. What's wrong here? The play will be held November 30th.
  • 20. What's wrong here? Performances begin at 9 in the evening.
  • 21. What's wrong here? He took the test 2 times before he passed it.
  • 22. What's wrong here? Florida Governor Charlie Crist is running for the Senate.
  • 23. What's wrong here? My ten-year-old car is now worth about ten dollars.
  • 24. What's wrong here? Florida Atlantic University's downtown tower is located at 111 East Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  • 25. What's wrong here? At the conference, I met the Author Dave Barry and Carlos Alvarez, Mayor of Miami.
  • 26. What's wrong here? This exhibition opens August 23, 2010, and ends in Jan. 2011
  • 27. What's wrong here? The only places I really want to go are Ladysmith, Wis., and Round Lake, Oh.
  • 28. What's wrong here? The two-year-old boy couldn't lift the four-pound pumpkin, so his ten-year-old sister helped him.