Employees Empowerment Program - Power Of Personal Presence


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Creating great employees Creates great companies
Any professional working for a company knows that great companies are created by great people. As companies grow, they need staff that adheres to their corporate image, as it affects their bottom line, impacting the organizations goodwill with stake holders.
Companies need to groom their employees not only for better customer and client satisfaction, but also for better interpersonal connect and healthier working environment and personal growth

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Employees Empowerment Program - Power Of Personal Presence

  1. 1. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Power of Personal Appearance
  2. 2. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011FACTS"3 Vs" for Verbal, Vocal & VisualSource Albert Mehrabian
  3. 3. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Imagine93% of your message is visualYou cannot NOTCommunicate
  4. 4. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011FACTS7 Seconds to Make aFirst ImpressionResearch from New YorkUniversity shows we make 11major decision aboutanother in first 7 seconds ofmeetingForbes Magazine web article 13/2/2011 by Carol Kinsey Goman
  5. 5. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011
  6. 6. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Our ________________ represents Our Company’s________________! All Employees MustReflect The _______________ Message.ImageImagesame
  7. 7. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011IMAGE IMPACTChange your Image, Change your life
  8. 8. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011What is Image Management• We all carry certain skills, knowledge and intent• People we meet evaluate us on the basis of what meets theireyes• They look for signs that inspires confidence and likeabilityImage Management is the art and science of consistently projectingan appropriate and powerful image
  9. 9. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011What Image Management does• Teaches us to optimally use;– Clothing– Grooming– Etiquette– Body Language– Verbal & Vocal Communication skillsto maximize our impact on others.• Long after a personal, professional or social meeting is over, weare still remembered and recalled with admiration and purpose
  10. 10. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Our Image Is Our Visual Résume
  11. 11. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011ALPHABET OF IMAGE & IMPRESSIONS
  12. 12. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Appearance CommunicationBehavior
  13. 13. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011How we interact -CommunicationHow weact -BehaviorHow welook -AppearanceOur Image is 3 pronged layer, comprising of;The ABC of our Image and Impressions
  14. 14. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Appearance
  15. 15. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011
  16. 16. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Behavior
  17. 17. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Behavior Etiquette
  18. 18. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011CommunicationThe most important thing in communicationis hearing what is not being said- Peter Drucker
  19. 19. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Communication Body Language
  20. 20. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011What Image Management doesCombines all aspects of the person - inner self, characteristics,goals, outer environment, differing roles and occasions whenworking towards achieving the appropriate image, which isbeneficial for people and organization
  21. 21. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Why Image Management?“The way you look directly affects, the way youthink, the way you feel, the way you speak, theway you act or behave, and then the wayothers react or respond to you.”– Judith Rasband
  22. 22. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011People who need Image Management• Senior Managers and Managers who needcommand respect and lead a teameffectively• Newly promoted Managers who need tochange their Image to suit the new role andlook the part• Service Industry Professionals whoseprimary job function is to offer qualityservice to customers• Sales and Marketing Professionals• Customer Care Professionals• Front Line Employees who interact withcustomers, colleagues and seniors• Supervisors who interact with customers ,juniors and seniors• Service Industry Professionals whoseprimary job function is to offer qualityservice to customers• Managerial level resources who interactwith supervisors and seniors• Senior Managers who interact withinternal as well as external customers
  23. 23. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Benefits of a good corporate image• Premium positioning• Higher customer delight• Attracts more customers• Increased business from existing customers• Helps to command premium pricing• Increase market share• Attract favorable media coverage• Higher returns for investors• Attracts best talent & improves talent retention• Lower attrition costs• Preferred buyer – vendor equationIn short, a good image adds value to every stakeholder
  24. 24. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011How can we HelpClients NeedAnalysisEmployeesDress CodeEvent DressCodesCorporateGroomingBusiness &ProfessionalEtiquetteProfessionalBodyLanguageCross CulturalSensitization
  25. 25. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011We work with you to:• Improve and enhance your employee image• Increase inter-personal relationship between employees andclients• Enhance team work and synergy• Achieve higher productivity• Assure feel good factor for all stake holders• Project matchless professionalism• Enhance employee confidence and competence• Develop customer pride in associating with you
  26. 26. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Core Offering•BEHAVIOUR•COMMUNICATION•APPEARANCE•GROOMINGProfessionalGrooming PracticesSkin CareMake upHairHygieneAppropriateAuthenticAttractiveAffordable DressingPower DressingBusiness EtiquetteSocial EtiquetteDinning EtiquetteCross CulturalSensitizationNon VerbalcommunicationBody LanguageVocalCommunicationVerbalCommunication
  27. 27. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011“Our image is Us in the eyesand minds of others."
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  29. 29. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Semco Electric P. Ltd.
  30. 30. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Solicis Lex - Advocates
  31. 31. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Image Of Success – Open Workshop
  32. 32. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Sumances
  33. 33. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Burhani College
  34. 34. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011Engineering Your Success - 22 Colleges
  35. 35. www.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011THANK YOUwww.bonimpressions.com www.facebook.com/bonimpressions2011