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Image management


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“A positive and strong self image is the best foundation for success”. …

“A positive and strong self image is the best foundation for success”.
Coaching Program for Individuals, Professionals, Business owners, Housewives
•Your physical appearance – Grooming, hair, makeup, color, wardrobe, and personal shopping
•Your behavior – Social skills, stress management, etiquette, civility and protocol
•Your communication skills – Diction, body language, relationship-building and conflict resolution

Image management helps you to

1.Distinguish yourself from others by presenting an individualistic and artistic personality, showcasing your core competencies effectively
2.Look your sophisticated best, at all time, by dressing appropriately and attractively in colours that enhance the personality and showcase you in the best light
3.Put your best foot forward through grooming practises that are best suited for your PERSONAL STYLE, LIFESTYLE and BODY shape by coordinating the fashion, practicality and occasion
4.Mange great relations with friends, family, business associates through the art of conversation
5.Be a great host/hostess and guest – know the etiquette nuances of any occasion, be it dining, or socialising or attending functions

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  • 1. Managing your Personal & Professional Image and Impressions
  • 2. Research from New York University shows weSeven Seconds to Make make 11 major decision a First Impression about another in first 7 seconds of meetingForbes Magazine web article 13/2/2011 by Carol Kinsey Goman
  • 3.
  • 4. Note: This research took into account• "3 Vs" for Verbal, Vocal & VisualAlbert Mehrabian
  • 5. Imagine93% of your message is Non-Verbal You cannot NOT Communicate
  • 6.
  • 7. • People often form impressions of others very quickly with only minimal information• We frequently base our impressions on the roles and social norms we EXPECT from people. – For example, imagine that you are getting on a bus, but there are only two seats available. – One seat is next to a petite, silver-haired, elderly woman, the other seat is next to a burly, grim-faced man. – Based on your immediate impression, you sit next to the elderly woman, who unfortunately turns out to be quite skilled at picking pockets. Because of social categorization, you immediately judged the woman as harmless and the man as threatening, leading to the loss of your wallet.
  • 8. The Halo or The Horn
  • 9. • Research from the University of Hertfordshire, in collaboration with Mathieson & Brooke Tailors (M&BT), shows how much clothing influences these opinions.• the study shows that wearing a made-to-measure suit, rather than an off-the- peg equivalent, positively affects the judgments people make in those first three seconds – 300 participants were show a picture – When the man in the picture wore a made-to-measure suit he made a more favorable impression than when he wore a very similar off-the-peg suit of the same colour. – People judged him to be more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner than the same man wearing a similar high street equivalent. T – The man’s face in the picture was blanked out so these different judgments arose purely from observing his attire.
  • 11. Appearance Behavior
  • 12. Our Image is 3 pronged layer, comprising of; How we look - Appearance How we act - Behavior How we interact - Communication The ABC of our Image and
  • 13. Appearance• For Professional Success portray an Image that is; – Appropriate – Authentic – Attractive – Affordable
  • 14. Behaviour • Recognizing Human Values Respect • Self Respect • Do unto Others as you wants others to do unto youConsideration • Thoughtfulness • Kindness • Be sincere Honesty • Be
  • 15. Communication Communication Verbal Non Verbal Language skills, Speech Written, Visual Spoken, Listening Body Language Etiquette &
  • 16. Verbal Communication-Success Tools• Business Cards • Elevator Pitch• Resume • Listening Skills• Stationary • Social Media Profile
  • 17. Non Verbal Communication SOFTEN approach• Smile • Touch• Open Posture • Eye Contact• Forward Lean •
  • 19. Adjust your attitude• People pick up your attitude instantly• Think about the objective of your interactions and make a conscious choice about the attitude you want to embodyStraighten your posture• Standing tall, pulling your shoulders back, and holding your head straight are all signals of confidence and competence
  • 20. Smile• A smile is an invitation, a sign of welcome• It say I am friendly and approachableMake eye contact• Looking at someone’s eyes transmits energy and indicates interest and openness
  • 21. Raise your eyebrows• Open your eyes slightly more than normal to simulate the “eyebrow flash”• An universal signal of recognition and acknowledgementShake Hands• This is the quickest way to establish rapport.• It’s also the most effective.• Research shows it takes an average of 3 hours of continuous interaction to develop the same level of rapport that you can get with a single handshake
  • 22. Lean in slightly•Leaning forward shows you’re engaged and interested•Be respectful of the other person’s space. That means, in most business situations, staying about two feet away.
  • 23. Success is not something that you pursue Success if something that you attract Be an ATTRACTIVE person
  • 24. To be an attractive person Follow the ABC of Self
  • 25. THANK