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Gallery portfolio instructions Gallery portfolio instructions Presentation Transcript

  • Gallery Portfolio “How To” 2014
  • Before you get started…  Choose a theme  Take 15 photographs  Come up with short, creative titles  List your likes and talents regarding photography  Know we are using Photoshop & InDesign to create this project
  • Photobio  Use Photoshop template on Blended Schools  Place a photo of yourself in with a background or photo designed by you!  First & Last Name (full names this year)  What you like about photography (1 sentence)  Make sure text is readable and spelled correctly
  • Cover Page Insert – Step 1  Go to the Q:Drive>Portfolio Templates  Open the “Cover Page Intro” Template  Find your favorite photo from your portfolio
  • Cover Page Insert – Step 2  Click on the photo box  Go to FILE>PLACE and insert that photo  Right Click and select FITTING>FILL FRAME PROPORTIONATELY
  • Cover Page Insert – Step 3  Type your theme title over the photograph  Save in your project folder  Print to color printer  Physically cut and place in window of portfolio  or ON portfolio
  • Intro Page  List your theme & full name  Give a 3-5 sentence description of your project  Place your Photobio by clicking on box and going to FILE>PLACE  Save in Project folder  PRINT!
  • Portrait & Landscape Templates  There is a template for each direction  Open and save EACH PAGE in your Project folder (17 total with intro page and cover)  It does not matter how many of each type you have
  • Photo Templates  Click on box and go to FILE>PLACE  Go to FITTING>FILL FRAME PROPORTUNATELY  Type in a creative title  Save in project folder as that title  Print and place into portfolio
  • Adding to your Design – Changing Font Type  Click on the “T” text tool  Make sure the “A” is selected in the top left toolbar  View the drop down font menu and select
  • Adding to your Design – Changing Font Color  Highlight your text with the “T” button  Select the color “T” at the top toolbar  Scroll down to color that you want
  • Adding to your Design – Color Background  Click on the black arrow tool  Click on the outside black box  Click on the color box in top middle of toolbar  Select color and double click to adjust color
  • Adding to your Design – Feathering  Use black arrow tool  Right click on photo  Go to EFFECTS and basic feather  It will create a soft edge around your photograph (see image)
  • Adding to your Design – Drop Shadow  Click on black arrow tool  Click on image  Go to EFFECTS and drop shadow  This will create a shadowed effect to make the image “pop”
  • Adding to your Design – Stroke Color  Click on black arrow  Click on photograph  Go up to bottom color box in middle of top toolbar  Select a COLOR  Then select a stroke SIZE for around your photograph
  • Adding to your Design – Stroke Design  To be creative around your border, select a stroke TYPE  Click the outside border  Click the dark black line  Select a different stroke type  Change color as in other instructions
  • Last Thoughts  Don’t forget to SAVE each page as the title of the image in your project folder  Have a friend spell check with you!  Print as you go (you never know when the printer might jam)  Cut and place the pages into your portfolio