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青少年綜合服務與青年工作 我的觀察、探詢、立場與觀點 ( My position to youth work )
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青少年綜合服務與青年工作 我的觀察、探詢、立場與觀點 ( My position to youth work )


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. 青少年綜合服務與青年工作 我的觀察、探詢、立場與觀點 香港小童群益會 督導主任陳國邦 2-2012
  • 2. 三提問:
    • 社會工作的「社會」涵義
    • 青年工作的「青年」涵義
    • 社會工作專業的「專業」涵義
  • 3. 社會工作關顧是:
    • Social Functioning
    • 環境
    • … but we usually forget about
    • 改變
    • (adapt changes and create changes )
  • 4. My Position to Social Work
    • P ossible future to future / changes
    • Critical analysis to society, social structure and social arrangement
    • Communitarian approach to community, self and identity
    • Critical Pedagogy and Praxis to wards Youth Work
    • Stakeholder engagement to wards service development and users experiences
  • 5. My recent practices
    • ABCD / Classroom-in-community / S-L
    • Green social work
    • Multicultural social work
    • Non-oppressive / Inclusive social work
    • Youth social participation
    • Appreciative Inquiry / Co-intelligence
  • 6. My views, about Future
  • 7. The 4 Futures
    • Probable future (What will be?)
    • Prospective future (What could be?)
    • Preferred future (What should be?)
    • Possible future (What can be?)
    Ellyard, Peter (1998). Ideas for the New Millennium
  • 8. Future is
    • “… the embodiment of the synthesis and hybridization of the old and the emerging new.”
    • “ The Best Way to predict the future is to create it”
    • Ellyard, Peter (1998). Ideas for the New Millennium.
  • 9. My Views, about Community and Identity
  • 10. Identities / Who am I
    • “ ...our deeply felt attachments to a number of communities constitute our identity. This allows us to experience our life as bound up with the good of these communities”
    • “… these “constitutive communities” define the sense of who we are and provide a largely background way of our being in the world of thinking, acting and deciding……to reject them leads to an identity crisis or an acute form of disorientation which will damage our identity…”
    • “… we can answer the question of what these “constitutive communities” are by asking a question of ourselves: “Who are you?”. The answer will certainly include: family name, nationality, language, culture and religion – all of which derive from community”
    • James Aurthur (1998). Communitarianism: what are the implications for education. Education Studies, Vol 24. No. 3.
  • 11. 傳承 、 權利與發展
    • 我 只 能 把 黑 人 作 家 James Baldwin 的 話 偷 來, 送給 所 有 正 在 艱 難 地 放 光 放 熱 的 香 港 朋 友們 ﹕ 「文 化 傳 承 是 內 聚 的 , 它 約 束 了 我 ﹔ 天 賦權利 是 外 擴 的 , 把 我 和 所 有 生 命 永 遠 地 連 結。但 沒 有 人 可 以 只 要 那 天 賦 權 利 而 不 接 受 他的 文 化 傳 承 。 」 - 龍 應 台
    • ( My inheritance was particular, specifically limited and limiting. My birthright was vast, connecting me to all that lives, and to everyone, forever. One cannot claim birthright without accepting the inheritance. )
  • 12.
    • Without the community, the individual is left without a place where he can contribute. The community is that grounding place where people come and share their gifts and receive them from others.
    • Sobonfu Some
  • 13. It needs a village to raise a child, - African proverb and only one child could change a village.
  • 14. My views, about Youth Work
  • 15.
    • 「 青年 變成 青少年 的原因就是因為我們沒有提供他們事情去做。我們不覺得他們有生產力,只把他們視為容易受騙上當的消費者。」
    • 湯瑪士.海恩斯, 青少年的崛起與沒落
    • ( The Rise and Decline of the America Teenager )
  • 16.
    • 「當我們的孩子成為我們最貧窮的公民、變成風險最大的一個族群、反映出我們最差的價值觀、染上我們最糟的疾病、成為擁有最多武器的可怕罪犯、導致暴力事件不斷攀升的主嫌犯,而且非但不是我們心中的希望,卻是我們心中的恐懼時,就表示我們面臨嚴重的問題。 」
    • 吉姆.華勒斯( Jim Wallis )
    • 政治的靈魂 ( Soul of Politics )
  • 17.
    • 我們想對全球青年傳達的訊息是:「我們需要你!我們希望你能接受挑戰,拿起榔頭協助你的鄰居興建家園,打開書本教導比你年幼的孩童,並為長者減輕病痛的磨難。」
    • 美國國家青年領袖協會 主席
    • James C. Kielsmeier 博士
  • 18. ‘ There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our young people – one of these is roots, the other is wings’ (Hodding Carter)
  • 19. Problem Problem Solver Client Change Maker Recipient Co-Participant At risk population Leadership asset to be dealt with to be cultivated Tomorrow’s Part of today’s Leaders Leadership team Adult in the A citizen today making PARADIGM CHANGE REGARDING YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN extracted from Bank of I.D.E.A
  • 20. My views, about Social Work and Critical Praxis
  • 21. "Unfaithful Angels"
    • Prof. Harry Specht 在 1995 這樣提到 : 當社工離棄了社群 , 遺忘了社會公義 , 避談了社會改革 , 甘於變成臨床服務的忠實追隨者 ...... 那社工便成了 " 不忠誠的天使 ".
    • "Therapeutisation of social work" shall finally turn social work to be "Unfaithful Angels"
    • 1994. Unfaithful angels : how social work has abandoned its mission
  • 22. Mission of Social Worker as Community Learners
    • Learning in community is a continuous lesson. Teachers as community learners implies teachers are moving from “teaching knowledge for” the community to “realizing knowledge with” the community. This is a “know-how” to “know-why” shift. In this move, teachers engage continuously in the collective inquiries with community members, i.e. “curriculum participants”, which in turn facilitates teachers to generate meaningful and contextual questions for student learning in the course of CIC.
    • Chan, Kwok-bong (2009). “Classroom in community: Serving the Elderly People, Learning from Senior Citizens. A community-based Service Learning for Secondary School students in Hong Kong.” New Horizons in Education , 57, No.3
  • 23. Mission of Social Worker in P roblem-posing education
    • … as “men and women develop their power to perceive critically the way they exist in the world which and in which they find themselves; they come to see the world not as a static reality but as a reality in the process of transformation” (Macedo, 1993 . Introduction. Pedagogy of the oppressed. )
  • 24. M ission of problem-posing education is to demythologize;
    • “ we need to place the knowledge that we teach, the social relations that dominate classrooms, the school as a mechanism of cultural and economic preservation and distribution, and finally, ourselves as people who work in these institutions, back into the context in which they all reside.” (Apple, 1990 . Ideology and Curriculum )
    • 營造 積極樂觀 氣氛
    • 打破迷思 :令概念、運作及策略變得清晰可行
    • 善用 團隊 / 個人的知識及 專長
    • 作為“中間人” ,把經驗、方法、網絡、資源傳遞予有關人士
    • 鼓勵 團體和 網絡間 的 協作 及 努力
    • -Translated from Bank of I.D.E.A
  • 26. Some remarks for those over-used (and sometimes mis-used) jargons by Social Workers
  • 27. Justice
  • 28. The Idea of Justice
    • 社會工作者有著資源再分配的責任 . 下面的提問可有一點啟發 ? 
    • 三個孩子在爭執誰該擁有一支笛子。 Anne 說三人中只有她懂吹奏笛子; Bob 說他最窮,從來都沒有過一件正式的玩具; Carla 說該笛子是她造的,剛完成便給 Anne 和 Bob 拿走了。他們都承認彼此所說的是事實。但該笛子究竟應該由誰擁有呢?  -Amartya Sen
    • Chinese translation extracted from 教育心語 — 龐永欣
  • 29.
    • 平等主義者 (egalitarians) 會毫不遲疑地贊成由 Bob 擁有;
    • 自由主義者 (libertarians) 會主張笛子既然是 Carla 造的,應交給她;
    • 效用主義者 (utilitarians) 又會傾向把笛子交給 Anne ,因為她可令笛子帶給人們最大的效用。
    • Chinese translation extracted from 教育心語 — 龐永欣
  • 30. Hope
  • 31. 盼望
    • 盼望不是製造平靜,而是不平靜;不是忍耐,而是不忍耐。盼望沒有靜止那不靜的心,反而它正是那不靜的心。 - 莫特曼 (Jurgen Moltmann, German Reformed theologian, Aurther of "Theology of Hope", 2000 winner of Grawemeyer Award in Religion )
    • 面對逆境,我們需要額外的盼望,以致不被當下的困難吞噬。盼望不是一種幻想,反屬於一種認知和一份意志。認知是因盼望的內容是基於曾發生的事,但又不受限於它;意志是因盼望使我們相信當下不是終極,並使我們積極地挑戰當下。(龔立人)
  • 32. Missions and roles of ISC workers in……
    • Post-80s’ movement and Socio-political changes ?
    • Globalization and Sustainability?
    • Net-citizens?
    • Against Individualism / Consumerism / Monopoly? and Promote Universal values and Rights movements ?
    • NSSAF – LS / IES / OLE / OEA…… ?
    • NAP / non-Chinese service users ?
    • Special needs / At-risks ?
  • 33. 謝 謝 ! 香港小童群益會知識與創意共享 以 共享創意署名 - 非商業性 - 相同方式共享 3.0 香港 授權條款 釋出 陳國邦 Chan Kwok Bong 香港小童群益會 BGCA [email_address] http:// http://