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Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Bondurant-Farrar Schools Education By Connor
  • 2. First Grade In first grade the teachers teach the students a lot of things like math and science. All of our first graders are very well educated. They are smart. They play at recess.
  • 3. Second Grade
    • All of our second graders are very well educated because the teachers are good.
    • The second graders are smarter than the first graders because they are older.
    • The second graders learn things like math and science in class.
    • They get to play at recess.
  • 4. Third Grade
    • The third graders are really smart, and my sister is in third grade. The third graders are smarter than the second and first graders.
    • The third graders get a really good education and they get to play at recess.
  • 5. Fourth Graders
    • The fourth graders are smarter than the first, second, and third graders because they are.
    • They have a very good education because the teachers are good.
    • Bondu rocks!
  • 6. Fifth Graders
    • They are annoying.
    • They are smart.
    • The teachers are good.
    • They are good kids.
  • 7. Sixth Grade
    • They are one grade away from being in junior high/7 th and 8 th grade.
    • Sixth grade is fun and the best grade after 7 th .
    • That grade is really fun.
    • They have recess.
  • 8. 7 th Grade
    • I am in this grade
    • It is better than 6 th and all the grades before that.
    • It is very fun.
    • There is no recess.=-(
  • 9. References
    • www.google.com/images
    • Bondurant-Farrar Website