From Science Librarian to UX Office of One


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The first user experience or "UX" librarian jobs descriptions started appearing just a few short years ago. Follow my journey from librarian to usability professional.

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  • UT Library School Sematech Montgomery County Library Webmaster for library system branch manager
  • Boss wanted the whole building to be UX driven
  • Previous concept of UX-put up a sign and tell users what to do
  • UX office of One
  • Illusion/delusion/happy-buy in from everyone! Mandate! Woot!
  • Opps! Not really buy in A lot of folks hate UX but, a thick skin and being satisfied with baby steps helps
  • What I did do wrong: should have had more stakeholder meetings should have used a variety of methods-sort of got tied to ethnography
  • align services, facilities, staffing, and digital presence with the real needs of library users use time and resources wisely gain credibility on campus (you are doing research) strengthen its importance to the academic mission of the university drive innovation facilitate relationships uncover unrecognized problems you don’t have to go back and change, because you got all the input and feedback up front
  • A position is retiring in Jan- I am looking at his workflow Most beloved service in library- fails could have big impact
  • I got a button!
  • New design space!
  • Dedicated usability station
  • Back to Heuristics with no data capture more use of card sorting, GOMS, Cognitive Walkthough
  • Awesome student worker is heading off to grad school in the Fall of 2013 for Human Factors Will try to start a UX Council Will try to use Student workers more for usability
  • From Science Librarian to UX Office of One

    1. 1. From Science Librarian to UX Office of One Debra Kolah Rice University
    2. 2. June 2008
    3. 3. June 2008
    4. 4. June 2008
    5. 5. “You were set up tofail....” or how important is buy in...
    6. 6. Smart Things I Did:• Quick.. hire a student worker• Start a caucus• Join UPA• Meet some people• Talk to everyone/Listen more• Survey Monkey• BB Flashback Express
    7. 7. User Experience Office•Has a commitment to quality research to help guide and inform Fondren Library decision-making processes and the enhance the user experience at all points in the library.•Conducts ethnographic research•Conducts usability testing on the mobile website and the library website•Creates compelling experiences for our users•Uses various methods of UX
    8. 8. User Experience OfficeEthnographic research “Discovering Discovery: How Researchers Find the Sources They Need” for the Resources Discovery Tools Working Groups “Research Flow” Team of 10 librarians Usability testing for Library’s new website, mobile site/Institutional Repository/iPad study
    9. 9. Beyond the interview• Observation on our terms: usability testing.• Observation on their terms: “from the native’s point of view.”• The information diary as method.• Putting interview and observational data into conversation: iterative research design.
    10. 10. NASA-TLX
    11. 11. Lots to Work On:Hey Debra,Oh excellent!Things I also hate:The turnstiles (cause, ya know, its a library, not a prison).The stamp-pads in the books, we can all use the Internet to see due-dates, why are we wasting paper and ink?The incredibly slow 10-minute computersI think those are the major things, if I come up with anything else Ill letyou know. Good luck!
    12. 12. For now, UX at Fondren:•Research provided to the Executive team to help drive decisions•Reports to help departments have meaningful user focused activities
    13. 13. Thank You! Debra Kolah dkolah@rice.edu
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