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Social Media Planning to Conquer the Chaos

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"Harnessing the chaos of social marketing through objective driven planning" presented to the American Marketing Association in Minneapolis, MN in Nov 2010 by Dane Hartzell of Bolin Markeitng

"Harnessing the chaos of social marketing through objective driven planning" presented to the American Marketing Association in Minneapolis, MN in Nov 2010 by Dane Hartzell of Bolin Markeitng

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  • My crown plaza shower experience
  • Here is a good representation of the types of tools available for you to use. Most are free, some are paid.
  • The web used to be about building the biggest web site you could and driving customers to your web site. Web 2.0 has created communities. Brands must now go to your customers rather than expecting them all to come to you.
  • I don’t think the answer is to push your message across the new media vehicles
  • The Traditional Funnel Not so long ago, brands were big. Consumers were small. Agencies controlled the sales funnel: a linear process, with defined steps and one way communications. We believe this model is too linear for today’s marketing cycle.
  • The Pinball Effect We like the pinball machine analogy. Customers still come in at the top, but there is no telling when they will come out and how many touch points with the brand they will have. Brands no longer control the content, the path or pace of a customer in the buying cycle: one way communication has become a dialogue. The Bolin model seeks to influence this conversation by energizing connectivity between marketing disciplines, touch points and brands.
  • we’re no longer talk TO our audience but rather talking WITH them that our goal is no longer to INTERUPT but rather to ENGAGE, talking to everyone is much less effective than talking one to one “ tried and true” ways of the past give way to a mindset of “test and learn,” and finally, When it comes to media spending, efficiency is way less important than effectiveness.
  • This attitude combined with new web technologies has created a new environment
  • Sentiment or Perception
  • For many brands, it may take a year just to create the platforms. Results come the following year.,
  • We create a list of tactics and number them accordingly. We plot the tactics on a prioritization matrix to understand their impact vs burden We then circle groups of tactics that address specific strategies. This helps us understand which tactics to pursue and which to leave off.
  • For Rubbermaid, we get a 5x lift in campaign engagement by extending the experience from the micro site to other media vehicles like Facebook.
  • It’s the conent
  • How many of you use google? Did you know that you can track mentions for free on Google Alerts, which is delivered to your email inbox on a daily, weekly, or montly time-frame, which you can set. It doesn’t track message boards and social networks like facebook very well. Techrigy offers a limited free trial of their service which allows you to get more indepth information to get your feet wet, then allows for an affordable full service tracking handles social network measurement better. Nielsen Buzzmetrics allows for even more indepth tracking and alerts to warn you if there are any threats to your product or service.


  • 1. Harnessing the chaos of social marketing through objective driven planning Nov 8, 2010 Twitter #MNAMABolin
  • 2. Daily Advertising Messages 1971 = 560* 1997 = 3,000* 2010 = 3,000 by the time you get to work!** * Data Smog. Surviving the Information Glut by David Shenk ISBN 0-06-018701-8 **Newspaper Association of America http://www.naa.org/
  • 3. Digital Chaos!
  • 4. Empower Consumers Third Party Conversations Solution Based Content Traditional Brand Touchpoints Empowered Consumers Solutions-Based Content People seeking answers & solutions People discover product or brand Third Party Conversations Traditional Brand Touchpoints
  • 5. The Atomization Movement The past The future Traditional brand web site Traditional brand web site
  • 6. Many Companies Establishing a Social Media Presence The Value of Social Media Report, produced by Econsultancy in association with Online Marketing Summit Feb, 2010
  • 7. What’s the Answer? Reach & Frequency? Surround Sound? Integrated Marketing?
  • 8.  
  • 9. A new world. A new model. Our Perspective
  • 10. How Marketing is Evolving Talk to Talk with Interrupting Engaging Mass One-to-one Tried & true Test and learn
  • 11. Social Media Premise “ Person like yourself or your peer” is seen as the most credible spokesperson about a company and among the top three spokespeople in every country surveyed.” “ © Annual Edelman Trust Barometer survey
  • 12. Reach and Engagement Level of Reach Level of Engagement TV Print ads Direct mail Social media Point of sale Rich web Word of mouth Email
  • 13. Listen And Learn Execute Measure And Optimize Define The Business Objective Discern A Strategy A Process for Growth Use a Social Media Process
  • 14. Topic cloud March - May 2009
  • 15. Discussion topic breakdown March 2009 - May 2009
  • 16. Channel analysis March - May 2009
  • 17. Brand sentiment profile March - May 2009
  • 18. Brand share of voice March - May 2009
  • 19. Brand velocity March - May 2009
  • 20. Verbatims
    • One of the reasons that I prefer the Sterilite containers over glass or plaster canisters is because they are plastic which means I won’t risk nicking the jar or breaking it. I also like how they are the same size because most of the things I have come in the same size bag from the store. If the canister is too small then I have leftovers which mean two things to manage instead of one. I also love the fact that they are clear because then I know what I am grabbing before I ever touch it and I know what I’m running low of before I head out to the store.
    • I LOVE MY TUPPERWARE!!! I think I would have to say that Tupperware has been around for as long as I have or even longer. I remember as a child we always had Tupperware in our house. The bowls were pale pastel colors with a clear lid. Do you remember those? They also used to be clear with a clear lid. I have a picture of me at my 2nd birthday when my mother let me lick the batter from the bowl that she used to make the cake for me. I was covered in chocolate, and in my hands was the ever famous "Tupperware Wonderlier® Bowl"(the largest one). I'm not sure if it was called the "Wonderlier® Bowl" at that time though.
    • Food containers like Tupperware and Rubbermaid are a big part of my day. We have lots of leftovers and are on a budget. We don’t like to waste food.
    • I think these containers which I use to store pasta are great! The price was very good, they are air tight and I am very satisfied with them.
    • The only thing I look for in a container is versatilty. I need something that is going to be able to hold multiple kinds of food and not juist specialty containers.
    • I’ve tried the disposable containers to try and save money but learned after leaks and spoiled food that I should just stick with my tried and true Tupperware.
  • 21. Share of Voice 3 Primary Social Media Strategies Velocity Sentiment
  • 22. Example Social Media Strategies Increase conversation share of voice by leveraging organization professionals Increase conversation share of voice by providing brand zealots unique communications platforms Increase positive brand sentiment by shifting focus to new products Increase conversation velocity by creating a community of moms who appreciate the little things in life
  • 23. Brainstorm Tactics
    • Influencer campaign
    • Blogger outreach
    • Facebook & Twitter profiles
    • Fan recruitment campaigns
    • Community management
    • Content sharing tools
    • Content creation campaign
    • Viral intended campaigns
    • Custom community site
    • Etc.
  • 24. Tactical Prioritization High Low High Impact Burden Wait and see… Don’t do it. Do it! Bite the bullet 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 25 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 25. Rubbermaid: Leveraging Influencers
  • 26. Rubbermaid: Starting a Dialog
  • 27. Website: Freschetta
  • 28. Beyond the Website: Freschetta
  • 29. Carmex Website
  • 30. Beyond the Website: Carmex
  • 31. Measure and Optimize
  • 32. Measure and Optimize Pre During Post SOV 2% 80 reviews>20,000 comments>100 million impressions! Velocity 800%
  • 33. Contact
    • Dane Hartzell
    • Growth Catalyst
    • Bolin Digital
    • [email_address]
    • 612.374.1200
    • ItsDane.extendr.com
    • Bolinmarketing.com
    • Blog: Bolindigital.com
  • 34. Addendum: Social Media Monitoring Tools
    • Free
    • Google Alerts www.google.com/alerts
    • Affordable
    • Techrigy SM2 www.techrigy.com
    • Best in class
    • ConsumerSphere www.consumersphere.com
    • BuzzMetrics http://en-us.nielsen.com
    • Radian 6 www.radian6.com