Class XVIII GNL Health Care Day - Jim Nathan
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Class XVIII GNL Health Care Day - Jim Nathan






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  • Level III NICU part of the high risk RPICC Program that serves 5 counties. <br />
  • Building a new freestanding $191 million Children’s Hospital connected to the existing HealthPark Medical Center will accommodate the needs of children and families in Southwest Florida. <br /> 300,000+ square feet; <br /> 150 Beds/Suites; <br /> Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (75 suites); <br /> Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (25 suites); <br /> Inpatient Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Unit (20 suites); <br /> Outpatient Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Unit (15 suites); <br /> Pediatric Emergency Department (15 triage areas); <br /> Pediatric Pharmacy; <br /> Child Friendly Lobby; <br /> Educational Classroom for Chronic Patients; <br /> Indoor Playground; <br /> Family Resource Center; <br /> Conference Rooms; and <br /> Innovative, family-centered, child/family-focused. <br />
  • Kina’ ole (flawlessness) Doing the right thing in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling, the first time. <br />
  • SLIDE NARRATION: <br /> Employee cameos state “Patient Safety Begins with Me” <br /> FACILITATOR: <br /> DO: While music is playing ----Stand up and Hold up a copy of the Program Evaluation– Show it front and back! <br /> Say: <br /> Please complete the program evaluation. Written comments are most helpful so please take a few minutes to share yours. We appreciate the feedback– both reinforcing and corrective. <br /> Please hand in your completed evaluation before you leave today! <br /> Thank you again for being here. Great job, everybody! <br />

Class XVIII GNL Health Care Day - Jim Nathan Class XVIII GNL Health Care Day - Jim Nathan Presentation Transcript

  • GREATER NAPLES LEADERSHIP Masters Class XVIII Healthcare Day, February 5, 2014 Jim Nathan Presentation
  • Caring People, Caring for People Copyright Lee Memorial Health System • All rights reserved ©
  • Grandma, listen … hit the Internet Explorer icon!
  • Who We Are… • Over 10,500 employees, 1,200 physicians and 4,300 volunteers • $1.2B annual budget; $.6B local employment • Fourth largest public (governmental) health system in nation • Largest public health system in U.S. operating without benefit of local tax support
  • Who We Are… • One of Florida’s most significant safety net health systems • State-designated programs - Trauma Center (Level II) - Regional Perinatal Center (Level III) - Children’s Oncology, Sickle Cell and Cystic Fibrosis Centers - Kidney Transplant Center - Memory Disorders Center - Nationally designated facility for bioterrorism at Cape Coral Hospital
  • HealthPark Medical Center Cape Coral Hospital Gulf Coast Medical Center Lee Memorial Hospital
  • Golisano Children’s Hospital caring people, caring for kids
  • Golisano Children’s Hospital caring people, caring for kids
  • The Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida
  • The Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida Best outcomes in Florida for 1,000+ gram infants (2.2+ lbs.)
  • The Little Hospital That Could!!! Today • Designated by the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) • Only full service children’s hospital in SW Florida • Next closest Children’s Hospitals: Miami & St. Petersburg (2.5 hour drive) • Ranked #1 in survival rate of NICU babies • Child Life Specialists including Music Therapy • Full-Time School Teacher • Community Abuse Injury Prevention Programs
  • America’s Newest Children’s Hospital • 148 Private Beds/Suites – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (64 suites) – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (48 suites) – Inpatient Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Unit (12 suites) – Outpatient Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Unit (16 suites) – Pediatric Emergency Department (20 triage areas) – Sedation Rooms (10) • Pediatric Pharmacy • Imaging (MRI, X-Ray, Procedure, Sleep) • Child Friendly Lobby • Educational Classroom for Chronic Patients • Family Resource Center • Innovative, family-centered, child/family-focused
  • Acute Care Inpatient Room
  • Golisano Children’s Hospital Neonatal & Pediatric Ambulance Supported by Naples Children & Education Fund
  • • Golisano Children’s Hospital & Collier GCH serves the more severe and complex pediatric County cases from SWFL including Collier County • 27% of Collier County children who had to be hospitalized went to GCH • 14% of Collier County babies born sick, small or too soon go the GCH Level II and Level III NICUs • • 24% of NICU patients from Collier County Thousands of Collier County Children impacted through the Health In Education Programs and Partners in Parenting Program funded by Naples Wine Fest
  • 500+ Collier County children receive treatment monthly at the Golisano Pediatric Specialty Clinic •Located at Immokalee and Goodlett-Frank Road •More than 75% are Medicaid or Uninsured
  • • 2 full time Child Advocates; 1 part time Child Advocate Instructor • 3 areas of focus: • Health Education • Injury Prevention • Child Abuse Prevention • Seeded initially by a grant in 2008 from the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF) • Currently funded by a combination of grants, philanthropy and Golisano Children’s operating budget
  • Golisano Injury Prevention … Collier County •Child passenger safety free car seat check ups for the community (over 1500 car seats) • Including weekly Wednesday car seats checkups at NCH for parents in the OB units • Distributed 600+ car seats to families at a reduced rate or free of charge •Participation in 100s of health and safety fairs and community events in Collier
  • Attached are photos of some of our injury prevention efforts. Child passenger safety free car seat check ups for the community. We also check car seats at NCH on Wednesdays for parents in the OB units. Also a photo of our table/participation in health and safety fairs in Collier County. Photo of a Bike Rodeo, bike and helmet safety event. In Collier County we've participated in hundreds of community events, we've checked over 1500 car seats, and distributed 600+ car seats to families at a reduced rate or free of charge.
  • Lessons in Parenting Golisano Children’s Hospital Children’s Health Advocacy Help Collier children in Collier
  • Golisano Partners in Parenting •FREE parenting classes in Collier County •In partnership with Children's Advocacy Center of Collier County and with funding assistance from NCEF • • Plus many other Collier partners who help identify/refer families and provide classrooms Various communities/locations throughout Collier County •Offered for anyone who wants to be the best parent possible • • • • Offered in English, Spanish and Creole Not for court ordered parents Classes are 8 weeks for 2 1/2 hours per week Free childcare and refreshments for the families during class •Average of 900 parents and children each year in Collier County
  • Golisano Health Advocacy • Health Education Programs to students in the Collier County elementary schools • Supported by Suncoast Federal Credit Union Foundation • Average 7500 elementary school students annually in Collier • Germaine the Germ Hand Washing Program - K and 1st grade • Body Safari Program - 2nd and 3rd grade • Mission Nutrition Program - 4th and 5th grade
  • Golisano Legislative Advocacy
  • LMHS Trauma Center State Designated Trauma Center • Lee, Charlotte, Hendry & Glades • 21% from Collier  Traumatic injury requires specialized and experienced multidisciplinary treatment and specialized resources across the care continuum.  Being treated at a Trauma Center increases a seriously injured patient’s chances of survival by an estimated 20 to 25 percent.  Trauma is the #1 killer of individuals between the ages of 1 - 44
  • Trauma Blunt 82% •Motor Vehicle Pedestrian •Bike •Assault Penetrating 15% •Gunshot wounds •Stab wounds Burns 2%
  • Trauma Center Readiness Physicians on Call Surgeons 1.Trauma Surgeons 2.Neurosurgeon 3.Obstetric/gynecologic surgery 4.Ophthalmic surgery 5.Oral/maxillofacial surgery 6.Orthopedic surgery 7.ENT surgery 8.Pediatric surgery 9.Plastic surgery 10.Thoracic surgery 11.Urologic surgery Medicine Specialists 1. Cardiology 2. Hematology 3. Infectious disease 4. Internal medicine 5. Nephrology 6. Pathology 7. Pediatrics 8. Pulmonary medicine 9. Radiology
  • Headline Goes Here
  • Trauma Center Injury Prevention Outreach Engagement of prehospital stakeholders • Act as Medical Care Council/Public Safety Administration resource • Establish and participate in prehospital protocol subcommittees • Provide regular EMS education – goal directed/evidence based • Perform prehospital QI (Collaborative reviews) Support acute care facilities • Develop / extend resources for the care of the injured patient (initial receiving facilities/64j) • Educate providers on initial resuscitation approach, and trauma transfer criteria • Provide feedback for acute care transfers into the TC Outreach and mentoring • Establishment of a peer mentoring and family support program • Facilitate annual survivors event Engagement of community in injury prevention efforts • Regionalize injury prevention efforts • Establish injury prevention coalitions • Engage stakeholders to pursue community prevention based on local trends
  • Lee Memorial Trauma Center Collier Activities • • • • • • Collier County Injury Prevention Coalition established – Providing coordination of injury prevention efforts – Strategic planning and outreach/prevention activities – 50 agencies/organizations participating – Naples Chamber of Commerce actively engaged Distracted Driving Simulator Senior fall prevention initiative “Step WiseCollier” (adapted from Step WiseLee”) “STOP Sports Injuries” campaign brought to Collier County Collaboration with “Safe and Healthy Kids Coalition” Collier County Adoption of Local Disaster Surge Plan
  • Step WiseCollier
  • Distracted Driving Simulator Gulf Coast High School Naples (300 students)
  • Make Harm Visible Leverage the power of stories…the impact of transparency…
  • Examples of Standardization Ventilator Bundle Elevation of the head of the bed to 45° Daily sedation vacation and assessment of readiness to extubate Daily oral chlorhexidine rinses Proton pump inhibitors or H2 receptor antagonists Anticoagulants or compression devices Central Line Bundle Optimal Site/Line Selection Hand Hygiene Chlorhexidine Skin Antisepsis Maximal Barrier Precautions at insertion Aseptic Technique at Line Access and Dressing Changes Daily Review of Line Necessity and Prompt Removal Time-outs in the operating rooms Sequenced checklist – identification, surgical site confirmation, procedure confirmation, etc. “It Takes Two” campaign … system wide “Red Rule”
  • Results of Standardization Less than 4 serious safety events per 1 million adjusted patient days Urinary Catheter Infection System rate less than 2 per 1000 Foley catheter days Every Intensive Care Unit (ICU ) in the LMHS has gone a year or more without a Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Central Line Infections system rate is less than 1 per 1000 central line days (All ICUs at HealthPark Medical Center have gone a year without a Central Line Infection)
  • Patient Safety Begins with Me! And ends in ZERO!!!!! 46