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"This is the original set-up of our school paper's first issue for the school year 2012-2013 first semester. ...

"This is the original set-up of our school paper's first issue for the school year 2012-2013 first semester.
Sorry for the unexplained and unexpected printed / hard copy that you've received. I sincerely ask for your understanding and for your consideration.
Thanks. and God Bless"



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Scroll first issue Scroll first issue Document Transcript

  • King’s Scroll Editorial Board and Staff (2012 - 2013) What’sEditor-in-ChiefNilo Lllacuna Ladesma Jr. Inside !Managing EditorsRita Mae Zulita Ralf Dela Cruz • EditorialStaff WritersClyde Redido Amelie Estrada • NewsXyra Torrevillas Ariel SimeneEric de Erio Genevieve Ragot Noel Cainglet Krizel Jugalbot • Programs sectionMaria Angelica SantiagoDevine Grace Enobio Marie Antoinette Chua Karlo Cezar Jonh Rhy Molo • FeatureLayout ArtistDione John Cuerdo • Special FeatureCartoonist • Center FoldJustin Bryan MagbunagJerome Llevado • Sports NewsPhotographerDaisy Benedicto • IntramuralsContributorsKristina Carolina Brodith (Editorial)Select KSO officers Bless Caralde • Dean’s CornerStephanie Tanio Michelle Guevarra Moderator • King’s Students Mr. Tristan Jay I. GalarritaAbout the Cover The cover “Living the Ignacian OrganizationCover Design Dione John Cuerdo Values Amidst Social Diversities”Words Rita Zulita speaks on how a CKCian behaves in today’s era. The black portion • CKC Passers defines the challenges, dilemma, • Ads immorality and problems currently present in the society. The light on the upper left corner of the • Literary cover corresponds to the divine providence from our loving Father, Jesus Christ. To sum up, the cover talks on how a CKCian remains and lives the Ignacian values in the midst of iniquity. 2  The King’s Scroll
  • EDITOR’S NOTEB eloved Readers, Praised be Jesus and Mary! First and foremost thank you for humbly waiting for this issue tocome. Never have I imagined myself to be part of this organization yet Istill managed to accept the responsibility that was given to me. ThoughI’m not that well experienced in handling this kind of task, I still triedmy best to organize the articles in a way that it would be relevant andinformative on the part of the student. With the guidance of our scroll moderator, efforts of my fellow staffand writers and with the unending support of our ever understandingand humble Dean of Student Affairs, we’ve come up with a good anddecent output. On the other hand, this school publication issue emphasizes thetheme: “Living the Ignacian Values Amidst Social Diversity” which talksabout how a CKCian maintains the Ignacian values that he or she haslearned in this institution. Our centerfold for this semester focuses onthe event that we have celebrated last October 12, 2012; wherein wedenote an hour of solemn prayer to our Blessed Virgin Mary. We want toconvey the message that amidst the ever changing world that we live in,we as CKCians sincerely maintains the traditional and good virtues thatwe acquired from studying here in Christ the King College. Hope that you enjoy reading all the articles that we presented andmay you be entertained on the random images that we selected to makeyou feel part of this school. Enjoy life and live it well. Very truly yours, Nilo Llacuna Ladesma Jr. Editor-in-Chief The King’s Scroll  3
  • Editorial Cyber Crime Law: Say Yes or No? Senator Teofisto Guingona, the sole technology, especially us teenagers. We rely opponent when the bill was voted on by the on the internet for almost all the research Senate and who filed one of the petitions, told needed in school works. It is such a major the Supreme Court: “Without a clear definition social suicide to be ignorant about all this stuff of the crime of libel and the persons liable, right? virtually any person can now be charged with a crime--even if you just retweet or comment We students and barely of legal age, on an online update or blog post.” enjoy the free fun the internet has to offer and we are the most people who lurk around online. Facebook, twitter, tumbler, YouTube, We populate the cyber crowd. Most of us are and many more websites, everyone has been the brains behind the blogs, the quotes, the consumed by the cyberspace. Who doesn’t status, the constant updates and the videos. have a Facebook account? This is the cyber We share our thoughts through internet era and we have to keep up with the modern without feeling ashamed and rejected. Online,4  The King’s Scroll
  • Editorialwe feel the urge to speak our mind out fearlessly. are held back by this law? No. Will this mean anWe share our thoughts without hesitation. Online end of our freedom to express ourselves? Yes.we are free. What do you think will happen if weare restrained? Stopped by law? This law shuts us off in the dark; it steals our right to be fearlessly bold. It will make us Online we are equal. Online we can talk think every time we’ll tap the keyboard and try tolike grown ups. Online we are treated as a say something, while in the back of our head, isperson with a brain that can think, not a child fear, the fear to voice out an opinion for it mightwho is trying hard to show off some knowledge. be libelous or wrong, to just leave our thoughtsOnline we become aware of the issues around alone and leave it unsaid. We are the voice ofus. They may think we don’t care and we have this country, the critic of this country, and wenothing to say, but I do, and I know you do can’t be afraid to speak our minds out becausetoo. Online we learn. Online we are most likely it will silence us. Cybercrime Prevention stopsto encounter topics about politics, poverty, the voice of this country that criticize the corruptcrimes, show business, sports, and many more. government officials, the voice that speaks so thatOnline, we are more likely to be indulge to read poverty be given aid, the voice that points thecurrent events and news. Online, we, as mere evils that should be stopped, the voice that asksteenagers and youngsters, who aren’t always attention to solve impenetrable crimes that theygiven the opportunity to give opinion on any of ignore. We need our freedom because we wantthese issues, are able to participate on major to be able to express our thoughts, because wediscussions. We can comment, we can say what believe that our opinion should count, becausewe feel about these issues, and we are free to we want to ourselves, the cyberspace has given usthe opportunity to be heard. Does the CybercrimePrevention have the right to take this away fromus? The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 ,signed by President Benigno Aquino III on Sep.12, is a law that aims to fight online pornography,hacking, identity theft and spamming, but howfar is the government willing to go to preventcybercrime? This issue is still pending butwhat will happen if it is actually implemented?As adolescent, it is in our nature to beaggressive, daring and loud, we want to shareto the world our thoughts as mush as we can,we want to be heard, but can we be heard if we The King’s Scroll  5
  • News CKC: Welcomes CKC holds Parents S.Y. 2012-2013 General Assembly Krizel C. Jugalbot with a Students Orientation Jonh Rhy L. Molo On July 8, 2012, the community of Christ The King’s Students Organization the King College conducted a General Meeting conducted the students orientation to all CKCians, intended for parents and guardians of the College for the first semester for school year 2012-2013 students for the school year 2012-2013 which which was held at Mother Ignacia Gymnasium, was held at the Mother Ignacia Gymnasium. last June 8, 2012. The program was preceded by a Holy It started at exactly 8:00 a.m. with Eucharist Mass followed by an opening remark an invocation which was then followed by an rendered by Sister Ma. Aida L. Mariano, RVM. opening remarks by the KSO President, Ms. Words of inspiration were delivered by Sister Ma. Lorefe C. Boquia and a heartwarming message Jacinta de Belen, RVM which gave enlightenment by Ms. Grace C. Lapinig, the Assistant Dean of to the parents and guardians. College. The assembly aimed to promote the The Students’ Orientation was designed CKC Vision-Mission, to recognize the faculty to gain the trust of the students who enrolled in and staff as well as its corresponding deans in this institution. To recognize the faculty and staff, every department. To let them be aware of the to let them be aware what are the school rules school rules and policies, and to link relationship and policies are as well as the academic status of between parents or guardians and the school in CKC, and to inform them what is the traditional molding the academic status of the child as well customs and cultures since it is a RVM anchored as its involvement in any activity. to Roman Catholic Beliefs. Afterwards, the program meeting took The second part was the collaborative and place wherein the parents and guardians proceed deeper discussions on school rules and policies to their respective assigned venue for deeper that was being emphasized and headed by an discussion about program concerns. active and dynamic Mr. Patrick M. Dagaraga, KSO Moderator and the Dean of Students Affairs. He These were the assigned areas with their expounded and elaborated the preamble and the corresponding Course: constitutions of the Christ the King College. • BSN & Midwifery(Nursing Lecture Lab.) A departmental meeting followed at exactly • BSHRM (Room 306 College Building) 1pm. The students went to their respective rooms • BEED, BSED, AB (College AVR) assigned to meet their mentors, instructors and • BSA, BSBA, BSOA (MIDES Gymnasium) officers in each department. The venues were: • BSSW (Room 202 College Building) • BSIT, AIT (Grade School AVR) BSN/Midwifery............. Nursing Laboratory • BS Criminology (Social Hall) BSSW.......................... Room 301 BEED/BSED and AB...... Mother Ignacia Gymnasium BSA/BS and BSOA........ Review Center BS HRM....................... College AVR BSIT/AIT..................... Grade School AVR BS Criminology............. Social Hall After the departmental meeting was the presentation of all Deans, faculty and even the full and part-time teachers, to distinguish their faces if there were any necessary problems arises coming from the students. Indeed, the program ended with happy impressions as the KSO officers showed their talents in dancing before the closing remarks.6  The King’s Scroll
  • News PAKIGHIMAMAT 2012: CKC celebrates 264th DeathInaugurate Stunning Anniversary ofJonh Rhy L. Molo Mo. Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Devine Grace Enobio July 6, 2012, marked the untold history of & Marie Antoinette ChuaCKC for the King’s Students Organization (KSO)to mystically lead the “Pakighimamat 2012”; an Christ the king College celebrated a massannual acquaintance gathering intended for the in honor of the 264th Death Anniversary ofCollege students from different departments held Mo. Ignacia del Espiritu Santo last Septemberat the Mother Ignacia Gymnasium. 10,2012 at Mo. Ignacia Gymnasium with the theme, “Mother Ignacia, our model of Faith, Cottage Making Contest and Modern Folk Life commitments to God: In solidarity to theDance were the highlights of the event. The proclamation of God’s word and mission”.program started with a paraliturgy at exactly4:00 o’ clock sharp in the afternoon led by the Rev. Fr. Joel Lusat,SSJV was the maneselected Teachers Education Program (TEP) celebrant of the mass. Afterwards, Sr. Ma. Aida L. Mariano distributed the certificates of newstudents. After the opening remark rendered by nurses assisted by Mr. Tristan Jay Galarita,Ms. Grace C. Lapinig, MARE, was the presentation RVM, Ms.Grace Lapinig,MARE and Mr. Patrick M.of the games for the teambuilding that had been Dagaraga. Later on, Mr. Sherwin Lozada formallyprepared by the KSO officers. The students were opened the program followed by the presentationgrouped according to their chosen color such of video on community service by Ms. Chenyas: Blue, yellow, violet, orange and red which Libago.give them an opportunity to meet the otherstudents from different departments. First phase “Sadulawit” was the highlight of the programwas the “Get me” game which was played in the and was participated by each department. Ms.quadrangle, and next was entitled “Pope me” Daniella Rose Gabia stated the mechanics andgame which played inside the Mother Ignacia criteria for judging. Judges of the said event wereGymnasium. Mr. Serafin Berdelao, Frediswenda Teatro and Libertad Guernila. Each participant performed lively and dedicated. Allied Science Program Exactly 6:00 pm after the dinner the grabbed the first place, followed by Criminologydazzling costumes of participants highlighted Program, second place that got 88.5% and thethe night for the “Modern Dance Competition” third place went to TEP who earned 84.5%.and the announcement of winners then hadfollowed. Teachers Education Program (TEP)was proclaimed as champion on cottage makingcontest followed by Criminology Program whograbbed the first place; and the second placewent to Information Technology Program. Onthe other hand the winner for the Modern FolkDance was solely the Criminology program forthey were the only participant who followed thecriteria as decided by the board of judges. A night mass dance had then followed andwas initiated by the KSO and a disco party hadtaken place afterwards that lasted until 11pm. CKC students grooving to the upbeat music during the Community Dance. The King’s Scroll  7
  • Business & Accountancy Program Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) President: Farrah Star Martinez President: Washington Japson Vice-President: Washington Japson Vice-President: Ruben Lacre Jr. (JPIA Pres.) VP (Academic): Genevieve Ragot Vice-President: Crystal Mae Mapalo VP (Non-Academic): Shiela Mae Arong (PMAP Pres.) VP (Finance): Marie Antoinette Chua Secretary: Richmond Pahinte VP (Audit): Princess Marie Orcerada Treasurer: Ray Patrick Guangco VP (Communication): Devine Grace Enobio Auditor: Noel Cainglet VP (Membership): Jessa Mae Mamado 1st Yr. Representative. Clyde Redido People’s Managers Association 2nd Yr. Representative Eric de Erio of the Philippines (PMAP) 3rd Yr. Representative Mizpah Faith Zambas President: Crystal Mae Mapalo 4th Yr. Representative Debie Babaylan Vice-President: Jeson Beoyo Secretary: Joana Bianca Guanzon 1st Yr. Representative Irene Abrenica Treasurer: Kimberly Labita 2nd Yr. Representative. Mark Anthony Hurtado PIO: Bernard Jose Muanya 3rd Yr. Representative Queen Stephany Tanio Velly Margumhai 4th Yr Representative. Mia Marjerie Dorico Business and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Accountancy Week: “Ethics, Excellence” Marie Antoinette Chua Christ the King College, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program celebrated its annual accountancy week last July 15-20, 2012 with the theme: “Ethics. Excellence” The launching of the event started with a mass at Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish Church. It was then followed by activities that would enhance the students’ physical strength and mental capabilities. On second to fifth day of the celebration, academic games like essay writing, poem writing, chalk art, spelling bee and quiz bowl were conducted as well as non-academic games like volleyball and basketball. The culminating activity started with a program, JPIAns GOT TALENT. Afterwards, program dean Mr. Ian G. Basarte, CPA, MBA gave his words of wisdom to the JPIAns. The day ended victoriously upon giving the awards and prizes to the winning teams.8  The King’s Scroll
  • The King’s Scroll  9
  • Philippine Society of Information Technology Students (PSITS) PIO: Nilo Ladesma Jr. President: Dione John Cuerdo Franz Lester Alcala Vice-Press. (Academic) Rita Mae Zulita Representatives Vice-Press. (Spiritual) Marie Antoinette Pajo 1st Yr. Julus Vilktor Hababag Secretary: Jonnavil Caña 2nd Yr. Anna Lourenz Miro Treasurer: Giselle Rose Gundaya 3rd Yr. Bryan Jeff Paluga Auditor: Ahl-ehn Tanondong 4th Yr. Eliezer Apor Bachelor of Science in Information Technology IT BYTES Toured Cebu Dione John B. Cuerdo Large buildings, huge bridges and more amazing sceneries captured my attention during the BSIT Educational Tour at Metro Cebu last March 4-7, 2012. The students who joined the aforementioned tour were from 4th year and selected lower year students of IT program. We paid 6,500php for our four-day stay in Cebu. We sailed via super ferry ship and departed at exactly 10 in the morning then arrived at Cebu port at exactly 9 in the evening. We settled at one of the famous hotels in the city, the Crown Regency Residencies. We took our meals at different famous Cebu restaurants where we could eat all that we can. The students, together with the hired tourist guide, our dynamic program dean, Mr. Julius B. Baldelovar together with our kind program moderator, Mrs. Maricris Palasan Quismundo, had enjoyed at the same time learned a lot from the historical places and companies we had visited. The following were the places, tourists’ spots & the companies we had gone to: Mactan Shrine Running tour at the Mall of the World Site Alegre Guitars Crown Regency Towers Taoist Temple Running tour at Mactan Bridge Magellan’s Cross Running tour at the IT PARK Basilica Del Sto. Niño Live to Sell Company Ayala Center Informatics Sergio Osmeña’s Ancient House Running tour at the first tunnel in the Philippines10  The King’s Scroll
  • Personally, I was astounded by the huge we were able to experience for the first time thebuildings at the IT park, though it was just 4D animation at the Crown Regency towers. Itan expeditious tour, I was like a kid who was was an awesome experience as the technologystunned by its buildings and stalls. It is a city evolution seems so fast that we are able towhere it has everything an IT individual like me do lots of stuff with the help of it. Apparently,desires. Moreover, I was surprised with this so words are not enough to articulate and illustratecalled tunnel or subway where I only witnessed my feelings.on foreign movies and advertisements. By then,it made me realize the magnificence of Cebu. As a Filipino citizen, we must be reallyAdditionally, I was able to testify the 1st tunnel proud of what we have now. The tourist’sman-made creation here in the Philippines. spots which already discovered and places that were still underdeveloped have been a great I was astonished by this Mactan Shrine contribution to our country. Overall, let uswhere I personally witness the place where thank God for giving us the opportunity to liveLapu-lapu defeated Magellan. Though it is in this pleasing place. Indeed, it is really morejust an ordinary place to drop in, it definitely fun in the Philippines. Make yourselves proudremarked the Filipino history. On our last day, as I am. The King’s Scroll  11
  • Philippine Nursing Students Association (PNSA) Governor: Jess Moel F. Borga Vice-Governor: Divine Alpuerto Secretary: Gerleen Tecson REPRESENTATIVES: Treasurer: Kia Blaze Tahud 1st Yr. Theo Vincent Virgil C. Albacete Auditor: Maria Remedios Arda 2nd Yr Monique A. Reyes PIO: Al Angelo Ocampo 3rd Yr. Kuffel Sanaga Ian Kristofer Zulieta 4th Yr. Junriel Condeza Allied Science Program • Bachelor of Science in Nursing • Midwifery • Caregiving 4th Cap and Badge Investiture & Candle Lighting Ceremony; Feast of St. Camillus de Lellis Noel M. Cainglet July 13, 2012, the Allied Science Program of the life of St. Camillus de Lellis in which theof Christ the College celebrated 2 of its most senior nursing students bagged the first place.anticipated events: the 4th Cap and Badge The ceremonies were headed by the DeanInvestiture and Candle Lighting Ceremony and the of the Allied Science Program Mrs. Virginia M. LimFeast Day of St. Camillus de Lellis. and were participated by all the students of the In an intimate ceremony held in the Social Allied Science Program, the Clinical InstructorsHall of Christ the King College, the sophomore and the students’ parents.nursing and freshmen midwifery students received The Cap and Badge Investiture and Candletheir badge, cap and lamps signifying their Lighting Ceremony are annual events that takeachievement of an important milestone in their place in the Allied Science Program. This is astudent life. traditional “rite of passage” among nursing and The intimate atmosphere then became midwifery students throughout the world signifyingfestive with the celebration of the St. Camillus’ feast their formal entry into the medical profession asday. The program included a contest of short plays students. In most schools of nursing and midwifery,and dances depicting the students’ understanding this “rite of passage” is bestowed upon a sophomore12  The King’s Scroll
  • nursing student and freshman midwifery student,who, after compliance with certain requisites is nowgranted an opportunity to begin his/her medicaltraining. This ceremony is alluded to the Mother ofModern of Nursing, Florence Nightingale, known asthe “Lady with the Lamp”, whose contributions tothe profession of nursing and midwifery have beenuniversally accepted among Nurses and Midwivesas quintessential. The Feast of Camillus de Lellis, which iscelebrated every 13th of July, is a commemorationof the patron saint of medical professionals St.Camillus of Lellis who, after winning over his ownstruggles and quandaries have dedicated the rest ofhis life to caring for the dying and healing the sick.The celebration of his feast is executed not solely forthe recognition of his herald but as well as inspirethe students to tread the path of life similar to thatwhich St. Camillus de Lellis has walked through. The King’s Scroll  13
  • Junior Social Workers Association of the Phillipines (JSWAP) Auditor: Charlene Balana President: Ralf L. dela Cruz PIO: Romar Basisihan Vice-President: Jerome Llevado Representatives: Secretary: Pavil Willy Moeco 1st Yr. Mariel Anne Dairo Asst. Secretary: Queeny Beth 2nd Yr. Marry Anne Dairo Camello 3rd Yr. Gale Maristela Treasurer: Lea Marie Mariano 4th Yr. Conception Rollorata Bachelor of Science in Social Work Social Work Month Celebration Ralf Dela Cruz In June of this year, the Bachelor essay writing, quiz bowl, and lastly of Science in Social Work celebrated the extemporaneous speech. its Social Work Month with the theme, “Social Workers building relationships, Outreach in St. Dympna and a strengthening communities and thanksgiving for the passers of the partnering for change.” licensure examination were also held during the month celebration. Mrs. In accordance with the theme of Maricar Detalo, 7th placer of the said building relationships, BSSW students exam then shared her experiences and were gathered and took part on gave her words of encouragement to several activities that would enhance the BSSW students. their minds and get acquainted with each other, especially the first year students and transferees. Events of the said celebration were,14  The King’s Scroll
  • The King’s Scroll  15
  • Society of Junior Hoteliers (SOJUHOL) President: Ma. Jechelou C. Cajes Vice-President: Jay Francis Galupo Secretary: Janine Calope Representatives: Treasurer: Michael Angelo Kho 1st Yr. John Florence P. Caralde Auditor: Ivy Mae Labado 2nd Yr. Christopher Ramoso Marketing and Princess Jane Homol 3rd Yr. Coolen Marie Amador Promotion (PIO): Julius Dexter Rosito 4th Yr. Ma. Carla Ubalde Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management BSHRM conducts Culinary Skill Enhancement Seminar-Workshop Clyde M. Redido The Bachelor of Science in The students who attended the Hotel and Restaurant Management seminar-workshop were introduced to program conducted their culinary various dishes and desserts. After the skill enhancement seminar-workshop seminar, the students put what they last August 2, 2012, held at the HRM have learned into application, they laboratory. were grouped and were asked to cook their own dishes and desserts. With The activity was headed by Mrs. the combined efforts of the students, Vhanna Atienza, program dean of as well as with their instructors, the BSHRM program together with Christ seminar-workshop came to be a the King College graduates, Ms. Jessa success. Mae Mariano, Ms. Ira Elgin Colin and Chef Dindo Bollozos, who were invited to share their expertise to the future generation of the Home and Restaurant Management program.16  The King’s Scroll
  • The King’s Scroll  17
  • Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines (PCAP - Associates) President: Fel Angelle Nicdao Vice-President: Laurence Xerxex Ki PIO: Jeremias Mapalo Secretary: Jamyka Chin Javelona Jovit Castro Tresurer: Arben James Vosotros Representatives Auditor: Archie Dawa 1st Yr. Babanto 2nd Yr. Mariel Samijon Bachelor of Science in Criminology B.S. Criminology Program, celebrates Criminology Week Amelie Estrada Christ the King College (GCC) criminology students. There with the BS Criminology program were an estimated 50 CKC students celebrated their criminology week during the mangrove tree planting last September26-29, 2012 at CKC activity at Magallanes, Gingoog City. social hall which enhanced the ability of criminology students. Criminalistics seminar followed for the last two days of the celebration The activity involved during the which spotted the topic of Polygraphy first day was the launching of the – lie detector. This activity aims to program that discussed about crime give awareness and to improve their prevention which started at 2:00 skills and knowledge as criminology pm in the afternoon. The next day’s students based on their chosen activity involved a clean-up drive, profession to be ableto give better participated by the Gingoog Police service to others. Station and the Gingoog City Colleges18  The King’s Scroll
  • The King’s Scroll  19
  • Junior Association for Secretary: Stacy Meh Awayan Teacher Education (JAFTE) Treasurer: Gladys Joyse Gigante President: Jevina Abugho PIO Margielos Lino Vice-President (Academic) Mary Sweet Baldo Luñielo Kris Solamin VP (Community Extension Se- Board of Director: Herac Lea Gama Christopher Guno vice) Jonalyn Docdoc VP (Extra-Curricular) Edmart Niño Neri Mitzi Macasarte VP (Spiritual) Lizel Pardillo Jack Valcorza VP (Human Resouce/Ethics) Sherlaine Balaba Jun Mark Motar Teacher Education Program Bachelor in Secondary Education Bachelor in Elementary Education Catechism 2012 Daniella Rose G. Gabia Christ the King College took another year the Sta. Rita de Casia Parish. Among the ses- of service in exercising passionate commitment sions shared were the Revelation and Faith, and dedication as a vocation and a mission in Fundamental of Catechesis, Spirituality of the witnessing to Christ in spreading the gospel Catechists, Church and its Mission, and Lesson values of God through Catechism classes. The Planning. This seminar helped the student cat- students of the Teacher Education Program echists as servant leaders committed to witness with the Fourth Year High School of the Basic to the good news of Christ imbued with Igna- Education Program rendered Catechism classes cian-Marian Spirituality of faith, excellence and started last August 8, 2012 at Manuel Lugod service. Central and Don Restituto Baol Central School “Many people today pay little attention guided by the CKC Campus Minister, S. Marife to God because modern life has taken up chief- B. Macalam, RVM together with Brother Carme- ly with man rather than with God. And that is lo Tandugon III and Brother Rhine R. Diez. one of the reasons why catechism must be ren- The student catechists were given Ba- dered to each one of us for it renews us and sic Information Seminar (BIS) last June 16, reminds us the ways of Him”, stressed by Mrs. 2012 with the theme; “Young CKCians, Bear- Cora Tumbaga, Sta. Rita de Casia Parish Cate- ers of Good News, held at Grade School AVR, chism Coordinator. Christ the King College, in coordination with20  The King’s Scroll
  • The King’s Scroll  21
  • Special Feature do we pray the rosary anyway? Mother Ignacia Club “Say the Rosary everyday…. President: Jenipher S. Abad Vice-President: Jack A. Valcorza Pray, pray a lot and offer sacrifices for Secretary: Louella Jean B. Mariano sinners…. Treasurer Michelle A. Odchigue I’m Our Lady of the Rosary. Only I will be able to help you. Service Arms Committees …In the end My Immaculate Heart will Ignacian Spirituality: Ma. Elizabeth E. Gabia triumph.” -Our Lady of Fatima- Education/Catechesis: Jovanne T. Doydora These were the very words of Our Lady to Peer Counseling/Family Isabel L. Suazo St. Dominic, the founder of the Order of Preachers Life (the Dominicans), which only proves the importance Prayer Warrior/Loverrs Sharmaine Rose B. of praying the rosary. The word rosary comes from of Mary: Loquero Latin word which means garland or crown of roses, Music and Arts Daniella Rose G. Gabia the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize Vocation Promotion Jesebelle M. Caingles the Virgin Mary. If you were to ask what object is most emblematic of Catholics, people would probably say, “The rosary of course”. We’re familiar with theThe Living images; the silently moving lips of the old woman fingering her beads; the oversized rosary hangingCrown of Roses in the waist of a wimpled nun; and the decorative rosary hanging from the rearview mirror and manyJenipher Abad more. By tradition, the Catholic Church dedicates The Holy Rosary is considered a perfecteach month of the year to certain devotion. The prayer because within it lays the awesome storymonth of October then is dedicated to the holy of our salvation. With the rosary, we meditate therosary, one of the best known Catholic devotions. mysteries of joy, sorrow, luminous and glory of JesusIn the same manner, Christ the King College also and Mary. It’s a prayer we can all say together withcelebrates the Holy Rosary month. As practiced by the Her, the Mother of God. With the Hail Mary, we invitedschool for several years now, the celebration always Her to pray for us. It is said and believed that Ourculminates with a living rosary. For this school year, Lady always grants our requests because she lovesthe living rosary took place on the twilight of October so much as she loves Jesus. She joins Her prayers12, 2012 at the school’s quadrangle participated to ours. Therefore, it becomes even more useful,by all College students and faculty and staff. Living because what Mary asks, she always receives. Jesusrosary is different from the mere fingering the rosary can never say “NO” to whatever His Mother asks for.beads while praying the rosary. The Rosary, in thiscase, is made of students, with each representing a All these were proven when Sister Lucia dosbead. The rosary beads were formed by the students Santos said; “The Most Holy Virgin in these lastfrom each program together with the King’s student times in which we live has given a new efficacy toofficers. The particular student came to represent the recitation of the Rosary to such extent that thereeach bead of the Rosary and he/she took a candle is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whetherwith him/her in all Hail Mary’s and a balloon in all temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life ofOur Father’s and Glory Be and each of them stands each one of us, of our families, that cannot be solvedaround the quadrangle until a complete rosary beads by the Rosary. There is no problem, I tell you, and nowere formed. matter how difficult is, that we cannot resolve by the Whatever may be the ways or forms in praying prayer of the Holy Rosary.”the rosary does not matter, what matters most is thesincere intentions of the heart in praying it. But why In various apparitions, Mary has appeared holding a rosary and has asked that we continue 22  The King’s Scroll to pray this prayer. She always leads us to her Son,
  • Special Featureand presents our needs before Him. Prayer is about death the Light of God and the plenitude of Hisdeveloping our relationship with God, and loving Him Graces; at the moment of death they shall par-more, so it makes sense to get to know Him through ticipate in the Merits of the Saints in Paradise.the events of the life of Christ that we meditate on 9. I shall deliver from purgatory those who haveduring the rosary. been devoted to the Rosary. The Holy Rosary is not just a decoration.Battles have been won because people prayed the 10. The faithful children of the Rosary shallrosary! There have been hearts converted, and merit a high degree of Glory in Heaven.impossible intentions answered too. This is howpowerful a rosary is. 11. You shall obtain all you ask of me by recitation of the Rosary. Below are the fifteen (15) promises of Our 12. All those who propagate the Holy Rosary shallLady for praying the Rosary given to St. Dominic be aided by me in their necessities.and Blessed Alan de la Roche that will somehow willinspires your hearts and you whole being to pray the 13. I have obtained from my Divine Son that all therosary and will in one way or another convinces you advocates of the Rosary shall have for interces-of how important praying the rosary. sors the entire Celestial Court during their life and at the hour of death.Our Lady’s 15 promises 14. All who recite the Rosary are my Sons, andfor praying the rosary brothers of my Only Son Jesus Christ. 1. Whosoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary shall receive signal 15. Devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of pre- graces. destination 2. 2. I promise my special protection and the We are a family that prays the Rosary. Not nearly greatest graces to all those who shall recite as often as we should, nor as often as we’d like, but we the Rosary. do pray it as often as we can. It is the cord that binds 3. The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against us together, strengthening our family as few other hell; it will destroy vice, decrease sin and de- devotions have. Rosaries can be found throughout our feat heresies. home, in our cars, in purses and pockets, draped over statues and hanging upon the wall. 4. It will cause good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of (see centerfold Pages) God; it will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the world and its van- ities, and will lift them to the desire for Eternal Things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means. 5. The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary shall not perish. 6. Whosoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, ap- plying himself to the consideration of its Sacred Mysteries shall never be conquered by misfor- tune. God will not chastise him in His justice, he shall not perish by an unprovided death; if he be just he shall remain in the grace of God, and become worthy of Eternal Life. 7. Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without the Sacraments of the Church. The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the Living Rosary. 8. Those who are faithful to recite the Rosary shall have during their life and at their The King’s Scroll  23
  • Photos from Mich Guevarra
  • Feature Aimee C. Arcales this law is envisioned to protect the citizens from cybercrimes, to put an ease to everyone’s minds that at least a certain action is made to shield them against the invisible criminals. But what knocks the mind of Filipinos is the prohibition of online comments and remarks that is considered hostile to whoever the remarks are intended, most of the net citizens accentuate that they’ve been robbed by the government by their freedom of speech. For people who detest public speaking, internet is their passage of voicing out their opinions; now think of what will happen if even The Cyber Law that has been approved this right to voice out what they feel would berecently is the latest topic that every Filipino taken away from them. I am not encouragingcitizen, or shall we say “netizens”, are fussing the behavior of ruining someone’s image,about. If this has been a movie, it might surpass but it somehow felt wrong that you would bethe sales hit of ViceGanda’s “Praybet Benjamin” banned from articulating your opinion and justand Loydie’s “Mistress” because it creates so be obliged to keep it to yourself. And if thatmany ruckus that no one fails to notice it and would be the case then it won’t be a surprisesome even give some nasty remarks. if TV shows like Amy Perez’s “FACE TO FACE” would also be banned for public viewing. This Republic Act No. 10175 prohibitscomputer related offenses such as forgery, As a student I find it hard to accept thatfraud and identity theft. Child pornography, such law is the solution to cybercrimes, thecybersex, online squatting and online-libel are mere existence of computers alone is enoughalso prohibited by this new law. Anyone caught for such shameful criminal acts be done.will be penalized by imprisonment or finedat least two hundred thousand pesos (Php.200,000.00). The government is claiming that26  The King’s Scroll
  • Feature Words, spoken or written, are a dynamic force The Noel M. Cainglet Need of the Hour In language, a word is the smallest element Daniella Rose G. Gabiathat maybe uttered in isolation with semanticor pragmatic content. Logic defines word as theexternal signs of ideas and as the basic staff of our Information is power. A person mayexistence. In the Bible, the Word refers to God. not be able to know something out from that Words have a dynamic force, that which intelligence if he or she doesn’t even realize theto the extent, that it creates life or death which worth of that something. Even at the heart ofdenotes a word as a two-edged sword. The book intelligence effort lays a paradox.of Acts explains the efficacy of our word when to Intelligence is valuable only if it can bemarried couple, Ananias and Sapphira lied to the shared to those who need it. But to the extent thatHoly Ghost and lost their life, as a result. (Acts5:1-11). Moses also avers this in Genesis how the it is more widely shared risks of its significancecreation of light and life is created through His are enhanced. The necessary goal is to find oneWord. (Genesis 1). best balance between adequate sharing and An anonymous wrote: “Soft words in a lullaby effective information security.will put a baby to sleep. Excited words will stir a That is why; senators and other membersmob to violence. Eloquent words will send armies propose this FOI, Freedom of Information Bill.marching into the face of death. Encouraging According from the website of,words will fan to flame the genius of a Rembrandtor a Lincoln. Powerful words will mold the public FOI gives access to “official records, documentsmind as the sculptor molds his clay. Words, spoken and papers pertaining to official acts, transactionor written, are a dynamic force. and government research data used as basis Each mentioned word has its beauty and for policy development”. The constitution hasis uttered in different forms. To wit: Soft words, also identified special classes of informationExcited words, Eloquent words which the flow that has to be divulged including information ofof speech releases a massive force that will fuel foreign loans, statement of assets and net worth,our lungs, Encouraging words, and Powerfulwords. Each bears its uniqueness and is used journal of proceedings of the legislature and theas a sword in this arena. Look how myriads of records of accounts or books of congress. Andwriters influence thousands of millions of readers transparency is the most effective deterrent tothrough their words. “Writing is a struggle against crime, corruption, and abuse by the governmentsilence” is a quote from former Carlos Fuentes and private sectors.Macias, a Mexican novelist and essayist, which The need of the hour of the government isstunned out thousands of people even up to this to realize the undeniable importance of freedomday. This explains that our words are immortal. to information. It must also enact the properWords echoed from time to time, generations togenerations. The way people respond to us largely protocol that shines this right. At the same time,depends on how we speak and communicate with it must not merely exist in the paper but its rulesthem. As a must, let us live life with grace and in establishing mechanisms to obtain the rightcarefully select the words we utter for it carries for information must be manifested. The problema powerful force which it can heal or may lead to is not what the law says but the action for thedestruction. implementation. The King’s Scroll  27
  • FeatureSNS: share, this is what circulated in the field of socializing in the web. A lot of specific sites that captures the veryA Friend or a Foe essence of people, but one have its own preference over them all.KarloBenecio A. Cezar II Do you have any preferred social networks already? Have you ever heard of the word Facebook Whatever you choose to use among of these, most of theor Twitter? How about Yahoo Mail, Bebo, Tagged, social networks out there, offers free sign up in whichFoursquare or Flickr? Maybe you’ve heard people we can send forth e-mails and documents in a matter ofaround you buzzing about “tweets”, “add as short time for free. We can already start a conversationa friend”, “follow me”, “like my post?” or even from a family or a friend far away from you, call them“reblogs”. Sounds familiar? over the web or even befriend with someone you wish to These things are what we call social be friend. You can also share what’s happening on yournetworking sites or SNS. It is actually a form of life right now, share your photos to everyone from anonline service that focuses on the building of social event and even express yourself, thoughts, your freedomrelations among people who share same interests, and commotions inside of you.activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections Sharing is what Social networking is all about,with each other. It catches our attention when this thus, sharing same interests bonds people more together.first roamed around the internet way back to the Exchanging cool music and files from one another,70’s. Since then, its popularity grew over to millions discussing ideas about a certain issues and topics or evenof users. We create instant messages and insert talking about your famous idols are just how it is beenpost and files here. done. Likewise, when you already develop a friendship Nowadays, most of us haveour own personal over the net, you’ll be keeping in touch with each otheraccount. We used these to share our stories to in which you could do chats with them and be connectedthe world, to connect with others and to interact with these people to form a web of connections that canwith them. We tend to build friendships, to create give you leverage if you play your cards right.stronger bonds with our families and friends and to But it’s not only for reviving old relationships andtie communication freely outside of our locals. We for entertainment; it’s also one way to send up importantbuild bridges of communication and understandingbetween fellow users. We share stuffs and ideaswherever we are, through our personal computeror through our cellphones. With social Media, weease our troublesome of the aged snail mail of thepast. A lot of SNS out there in the World WideWeb where created by various ambitious peoplewho just wanted our lives to be easy and effiecient.Various sites and ideas but one goal to connect and 28  The King’s Scroll
  • Featuredocuments and files fast. You could send it up in amatter of breeze without waiting too long and scared I must kill HIM!what if it wasn’t sent. Rita Mae Zulita Things get very interesting when you have This keeps happening. Seems like a routine. Isomeone you know who has some interesting don’t understand. I hate that inability to fight back.similarities with you. But sometimes, things got To refuse everything he throws on me. I can’t runpretty irrelevant over the web. Often times, users away from him, even if I wish I would. He ignoreswill just inappropriately act as if they don’t have my whining. He thinks I’m weak. He thinks there’sany education at all. Others would dare to harass nothing I can do. He tells me that there is somethingand disrespects anyone and in other cases, asking wrong with me.someone to do something very not human likecommitting suicide and immorality. Cyber bullying is My mind is like a filing cabinet where I keepalso present in here; a lot of users suffer and have adding more worries, plans and things I have to doproblems with this. Your lifestyle might also be your but then for a second he came and suddenly I forgotown foe when you don’t actually manage your usage all those things that they are there. Only to find outwell. later and realize the consequences I have to face for A lot to threats and growling unwanted forgetting all that should’ve been done. My thoughtsmessages were sends off through SNS. Being go nothing but to make a scheme. A plan. I do careinfluence by others isn’t right when the change for whatever the outcome of the days to come. Iit leaves on your life is worst. No great parental should ignore him. I stay up late, even though Iguidance is present and talking malicious and dirty can’t think at all any longer. To stop this trouble andscenes where present. Users around you were the unnecessary thoughts and painful worrying. I mustone should help you and support you. Not destroy kill him!and drag you down to the mud. Procrastination, shadow of my life. He was Bear in our minds that Social networking is there since I step on this institution. He is the causea great help and best way to keep in touch andbuild a great nation. We have to take charge of our of all my disappointments and most recent freak-actions and be responsible of the words we’ll post out, breakdown moment. I know I should run awayand be professionally acclaimed of the things that from it for my own benefit. I’m trying. I’m tying sowould exercise your freedom without taking offense hard. There are days when I’m so motivated andto others, too. kicking and then suddenly my mission of getting rid of procrastination is a failure. Killing it seems so SNS is a friend in deed when used and utilizes hard. He has the ability to appear again. Things arein a way best fit for us but turns out to be our own stressful sometimes. So I just lay in bed. Is it okayfoe when reaching the maximum limit of usageand when we don’t know where and when to stop. to be unproductive? People do it all the time. HeOur acts in the web will show the world the virtues stays or he leaves, it’s always up to me. Let’s justand values growing in our hearts. We were born to see.make changes and be great influencials to others;influencing for the best, to change the world andto be a great nation someday through the socialnetworking sites garnering in our community. The King’s Scroll  29
  • FeatureRH BILL: and motives in the family future. Government’s prominent particular is to control the bulgingA Solution or a Threat? population and diminish nor counter and sink theAriel Simene essence of poverty in the country to alleviate the nation’s economy globally. But the government does not forces all couples to have smaller families, they Philippine archipelago quakes and trembles just diplomatically ensure that the moment thelike a chick placed inside a refrigerator as another couples decide plans for their families, the means andissue to lean on reign – the Reproductive Health Bill: methods they choose to carry out the reproductivean answer to the gigantic volume of population or decisions are made available to them, especially thean imminent danger to embarrass the humanity? quality of stored education about the issue. RH bill on the other hand, sketches an intense Though pro-RH bill arises, ANTI’s rate (Church)debate between the virtuous views of the church submerges the demand voice of pro (government)and the remedial insights of the government. in the RH bill debates in the senate. Church always looks at things from a long perspective-in fact, The Reproductive Health Bill or famously from the viewpoint of eternity, so with the RH bill.known as RH bill, are proposed laws in the Republic Undoubtedly, church barks off that the RH bill willof the Philippines aiming to guarantee universal bring immediately and for the short term a measureaccess to methods on contraception, abortion, of economic progress, as birth rates will go downfertility control, sexual education and maternal care. and there will be less mouths to feed. It will also lessen sexually transmitted diseases and make Government backs RH bill as a key to stir the life easier for many, especially the poor. But thesepopulation downward from its enormous rate, which are just for short term benefits. The church is notpropels our country to be mounted as the 12th willing to lay aimless and gradually sacrifice moralitymost populous nation in the world today. Philippine and the virtue of venerable teachings for short-government and the private sector undertake term economic progress or for ease of living. Thewidespread distribution of family planning devices, church invades the advocacy of Pro’s by catapultingsuch as condoms, Birth Control Pills (BCP’s) and a statement as “RH bill threats the symptoms ratherIntrauterine Devices (IUD’s) , as the government than the real cause. And the rotten real cause ispay attention on disseminating information on their the breakdown of morality, wherein people woulduses and benefits through all health care centers. persist devotedly on their so-called immoral practice of using certain forms of birth controls rather than The policy guarantees universal access to obey the laws of God on the matter.”medically-safe, legal, affordable, effective and qualityreproductive health care services, methods, devices, Catholic bishops of the Philippines took ansupplies and relevant information and education. unwavering stand on the bill because its promotionsThereon, avoid sexually transmitting diseases are anti-family and anti-life. The church elaboratedlike AIDS (Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome) marriage dynamically as not just union of husbandand HIV(Human Immuno Virus), furthermore, and wife, but the union should always be open togovernment states that the bill gives paramount life. Artificial contraception eliminates and kicks offimportance on population control measures and the possibility of a pro-creative element and sexualstrengthen the lowly family planning acts and intercourse would just be like for the humans’promotions, thereby, assisted the poor families to satisfaction and pleasure. More so, church defineslimit their wished number of children to adherent a confidently that overpopulation is not the issuesuitable family. but the lack in distribution of wealth. Actually, overpopulation is wrongly connected with poverty. Government cites positive effect of promoting The admitted root is corruption. The thing that shouldRH bill on the country just like the great declining be looked and scrutinized is good management ofof fertility rate among poor women and reduces a population. Poor families should be given properthe risk of death among pregnant women therefore education instead of contraceptives. The church willprovides poor women to look completely their focus always continue to be armor and fortress to deliver 30  The King’s Scroll
  • Featurethe faithful about the dangerous effects of the RHbill. They will continue to be guardians of morality I am not saying that I approved such actionthrough reaching. The kind of aggressiveness because I certainly don’t. What I was saying is thatundertake against RH bill is just like how a mother it is nothing compared to the magnitude of sin anprotects and cares for her children. “Life has to individual can get by just merely planning of havingbe appreciated and valued as something sacred – an abortion.Church”. What is abortion by the way? Many have heard Indeed, may it be pro or anti-RH bill what we of it but there are only few who bother to understandare looking for is the progress of our economy. Let its meaning. On the word of science, abortion isus not tolerate the calling issues of the community defined as an operation or other intervention to end abut rather join and shout out the voice of the newgeneration in a systematic and scientific way. Let pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus from theourselves be a keen economist of our own nature. womb. So, basically, it is a form of interference onLet the spirit of good leadership and discipline which pregnancy is terminated, it can be intentionaltakes over in our responsibilities in life well. Our or not, such as miscarriage. Now, say we stick todecisions are basis to cater fruitful future. Let us what most of us deduce about abortion, a shamefulreflect our words through actions. Let us make and act of murdering a life that is unaware of whatspot difference to spark benevolent change. fate awaits it. This 8-letter-word is equivalent to a thousand tons of grave turpitude. The weight of sinSOURCES: it bears on God’s eyes is not enough for two persons • Reproductive Health Bill (Wikipedia) to carry. Who would want to have his life ended by • Views of the Government on RH Bill (Health Secretary, Enrique Ona Speech) somebody else, no one right? • Understanding Church Views on RH I’ve mentioned about two people carrying the (Samuel Yap) consequences of such action, if you’re going to ask who they are, well it’s quite obvious that the limelightA CKCian’s thought ofAbortion would be pointing the two individuals responsible for our little angel’s conception. The so-called maturedFarrah Starr D. Martinez young people who dare to enjoy the privilege granted only to those who’re bounded by marriage. If you think that suicide is the most The storyline is painfully common and simple, justhideous way of ending life, then you’re at least another boy-meets-girl story; do a little of this andhalf a millennium off the hilt. True, that it is not pinch that, then voila! There it is the fruit of whatsomething pleasant to ever cross a sane man’s they sow. But seems like they don’t want to havemind and is a mortal sin, but it is a choice made a harvest, so the finale, boy vanishes into thin airby an adult who unfortunately have no one to tell (or some may not), girl left behind and entered anhim what was the costs of what he has done. answer “ABORTION”. Simple as that, responsibility gone and so did the gift of life God granted, appalling isn’t it? Oh and there is an epilogue. Then they live HAPPILY NEVER AFTER. So much of that, now as a CKCian, coping with this kind of situation is not that tough, because we live the values of FAITH, EXCELLENCE and SERVICE we youngsters can act as role models to the society especially to those who have and been suffering and has been victims of circumstances. Why endure such actions when we can put an end to this act with prayer and belief of the One above? The King’s Scroll  31
  • Sports News CKC Intramurals: Fortify Sportsmanship Jonh Rhy L. Molo Hold your breath, roll the drums, embrace the heat, and start the show. These are some few words coming from the excited individuals, who patiently waited to witness the annual Christ the King College Intramurals last September 11, 2012, spearheaded by the King’s Students Organizations, CKC Sports Club, and the CKC Administration hand-on-hand in promoting and outcast good sportsmanship with its meaningful theme “Living Team B the Fullness of God’s gifts in Sports towards the Formations of a Sound Mind and Body” This annual activity started at 7:00 am with a paraliturgy, followed by the parade from CKC Campus going to Guanzon St., headed to Terminal proper, Baol St., National Highway and directed lastly to CKC Campus. After the arrival of student delegates coming from Basic Education, High School, and College Department, with the special participation of SMA band and Lyre Corp, was the singing of National Anthem and the School Hymn. The lighting of the cauldron was emphasized as it was headed by Mr. Julus Vilktor Hababag a National Badminton Player to officially start the 5 days duration of the said occurrence. Team D Cheerdance Competition was the most awaited part of the said event. Five teams vying for the championship. Crowd cheers, intense lifting, death defying stunts, synchronization of dance Team C motion, glamorous faces had been displayed during the contest. Eventually, Team B (Teacher Education Program and Allied Science Program) garnered the title as Champion with a total score of 96%, followed by Team D (Criminology program) as First place, and Team C (IT Program) as second place. Truly, the show was amazing, and ended with an atmosphere full of joy and unbelievable stunts.32  The King’s Scroll
  • Sports NewsTeam C grabs Championship Award Team D smash Team A Xyra Torrevillas Xyra Torrevillas The Information Technology Program (Team C) Last September 14, 2012 at CKCbeat BS Criminology Program (Team D) during quadrangle the women division of the college department heated-up the ground with theirthe last day of Intramurals, September 14, 2012 firing smash and spikes played between Team Dat CKC quadrangle for the men’s division, college (BS Criminology Program) and Team Adepartment in the game of volleyball. (Business Accountancy Program) in the Maureen Condeza, serves as team C leader volleyball game.who planned for a strategy on how to lead in Carmina Dalit a freshman from team Athe score board. The opposing team struggle in suggests some strategy to make her team win.every set of the game. Cheerers in different teams And it was worth it in the second set of theshouted and yelled through the succession of the game. But team D, Elaine Viernes helped togame of their supported players. Team D leader plan a strategy to get back on the game. AfterJhocarl Picardal really tries their best to win but team D lost the second game, their cheerersunfortunately it didn’t work out. boost-up their spirit to play as a result they won Indubitably team D was defeated by team C the third game but then again team A raise-upand the latter team grabbed the champion award. on the fourth set. On the fifth and last set, their game lasted for a very long period when the ball is hit and BAP outplays I.T. Bytes, 8-6 fourth successively from serve to point scored. Xyra Kristi Torrevillas Eventually Team D declared as the winner. Indeed, the game was really amazing The BAP (Business and Accountancy and full of actions from the strong players. With Program) bombed the I.T.(Information all the hardship that they put into the game Technology) Bytes with five runs in the sixth some affirmed that it was really great. inning to subdue a nerve fussing I.T. Bytes rally, 8-6, as they clinched the championship game, she allowed two walks in succession during the September 15, 2012 at Crist the King College initial inning. quadrangle in connection with the celebration of The score box for the I.T. Bytes remained the intramurals 2012. one up to the third inning as the aggressive The cloudy overcast sky set a festive game of softball champions fired two runs and atmosphere for the hard-hitting and base -stealing one solid hit making the score 3-4. BAP players as they mercilessly pounded the The victory ended the best-of-six-series I.T. Bytes’ pitcher Giselle Rose Gundaya with a for the title between BAP and I.T. Bytes, the I.T. barrage of hits in the last part of the sixth inning Bytes previously defeated BAP, 4-8 and 5-8. game. It was only in the sixth inning that BAP came A shaky start by the BAP enabled the I.T. to life. Blasting five runs in the studded inning Bytes to score ahead by three runs on the long after laboring hard on winning against the I.T. hit. Bytes’ pitcher G. Gundaya and put a resemblance BAP’s reliable pitcher Rochelle Ouano on of a rally, as Ouano, Caytor, Cabiltes, Salise and the mound had difficulty in finding her range as Baol swung into a five runs BAP harvest. The King’s Scroll  33
  • Sports Club Officers President: Delsar Ofiaza Vice-President: Mariel Samijon Secretary: Retchie Bernales Treasurer: Ivy Salise Auditor: Clint Dime PIO: Joel Fernandez Ian Lyster Montalban TEAM A (B.A.P.) Games GOLDS Basketball (Men) 12 Softball 9 Table Tennis (Single Women) 1 Table Tennis (Double Women) 2 Table Tennis (Mixed Double) 2 200 x 4 relays (Women) 4 Total: 3034  The King’s Scroll
  • TEAM D (BSCRIM) Games GOLDS Basketball (Women) 12 Volleyball (Women) 9 Table Tennis (Men Singles) 1 Sepak Takraw 3 Chess (Men) 1 Total: 26TEAM C (IT Bytes) Games GOLDS Volleyball (Men) 9 Badminton (Men Singles) 1 200 x 4 Relays (Men) 4 Triathlon (Women) 3 Triathlon (Men) 3 Tug o’ War 1 Total: 21 The King’s Scroll  35
  • TEAM B (ASET) Games GOLDS Table Tennis (Men Doubles) 2 Badminton (Women Doubles) 2 200 M dash (Women) 1 200 M dash (Men) 1 Tug o’ War (Women) 1 Chess (Women) 1 Total: 8 TEAM E (HRM-SW) Games GOLDS Badminton (Men Doubles) 2 Badminton (Women Singles) 1 Badminton (Mixed Doubles) 2 Triathlon (Men Singles) 1 Triathlon (Women Singles) 1 Total: 736  The King’s Scroll
  • Night that Blushed by Awards Amelie B. Estrada It is indeed a ferocious night which avowed the last breathe of the viewers whichcourageously discovered different merit continually relaxes by the judges, embraces theawards through their distinctive sports that good luck words that surely bring the bacon.bombastically recognized respective teams with On the sober-standard dance competition thethe shocking and shouts that were heard from place of 4th runner-up taken by number three,the gathered students, players, and as the same the 3rd runner-up by number six, 2nd runner-uptime the instructors. As the celebration goes by number ten, 1st runner-up by number fouron September 15, 2012 at CKC Covered Court and the champion grasped by number 9 fromstarted at 6:00 o’clock in the evening with the BS Criminology Program. On the Latin danceprogram of Awards Night and Dance Sport competition, 4th runner-up was taken by numberCompetition. The speaker announced the over- eight, 3rd runner-up by number four, 2nd runner-all sports competition lighted to the 2nd runner- up by number 3, 1st runner-up by number six,up, by Team C (Information and Communication and the champion was luckily grabbed by numberTechnology), 1st runner-up, luckily grasped by five.Team D (BS Criminology Program) and the fatefulposition that corresponds the over all champion Awards, with yelling and cheering madetaken by Business and Accountancy Program, everyone stay together to continue the successfulTeam A. Faces were harshly magnified because program headed by the governor staff, KSO, andof the awards, honor that they received. students as well. It is in dance competition whereinenergetic participants lifted on the fire dancingfloor, to turn off alright dancers performances The King’s Scroll  37
  • Paragon of Excellence Ralf dela Cruz In my second year in this institution, I’m truly grateful that I’m part of it. In as much as the school undeniably gives the students a lot of opportunities in extra-curricular and in academic activities, furthermore the teachers are sincerely approachable. They always give their very best to teach the student to be more responsible and successful in life. On a cloudy afternoon of 25th of October, 2012, I interviewed one of the genuinely gorgeous deans here in Christ the King College. She is the newly designate dean of Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She is Mrs. Cheeney Marnelle Libago Sasa, a newly wedded teacher to a fine looking man that undoubtedly worthy of her. She graduated her secondary education in the school year 2009-2010. Her college years have never been easy yet with a positive outlook in life and a grandeur character living in her, she earned her degree. “Being a working student, I38  The King’s Scroll
  • have no time to have fun and socialize with my made me a strong person and also becausefriends” she said. of her efforts, I’m now in this spot, given an opportunity to be the dean of this department I ask Ma’am Cheeney why she choose that will not be paid by any amount and she alsothis certain profession (being a social worker). makes me realize that everything happens for aShe exquisitely answered me with this: “I reason” she affirmed.choose this profession because I guess I havea heart to help people, and maybe this is what A Typical WomanGod planned for me to become; to understandthe life of other people and help them in their I was entertained by Mrs. Sasa’s child-struggling situation. My motivation in life is my like favorites: ice cream and chocolates. Shefamily because they made me who I am and to enunciates that she likes light colors and howserve other people because by serving them I much she admires open-minded individuals.also serve God.” She dislikes Durian and those people that have negative views on life.Bracing the Challenge Adviser and Molder “I felt really nervous during my first daybeing the dean of the program since it’s my first Each of us possesses differenttime of being such and I’m still young to handle personalities and characters even culture andthis very big responsibility and I am dubious if I grown-up environment. Thus, a teacher shouldwill be a good and effective teacher towards my carry a persona that has a superb patiencestudent” she stated. and understanding. Teachers differ also on techniques and strategies on presenting lessons “The life being a teacher is never been to their student. “I let my students reflect andeasy; stressful, many works to be accomplish. I ponder on certain matter and allow them toaim to become a good role model and I intend express their thoughts, insights and views in theto give my best in portraying my responsibility class” she my students” she uttered. I definitely agreeon her statement because teachers are not just Eventually I profoundly ask her on whatsomeone who teaches you things related on advices can she give to her students in order toyour field but sometimes they seemed to act like be a social worker in the future. “Life comes witha parent that has to do something essential for trials and challenges, we just to have to believetheir families. in God and in our self to be able to overcome those things and focus yourself on your dream,The Paragon Educator to become a successful social worker in the future.” It is encouraging if you havesomeone who stand as an exemplar for every As I step out from the room, bringing thestep that you take. Models that have surpassed story of a fine woman, I comprehended everyall the quandary and trials yet still remain firm fragment details of her life and how she managesand optimistic. to handle new tasks and undertakings she have right now. Teachers really without a doubt Mrs. Sasa, was inspired by the former exerted their sheer effort to mold students, todean of social work department, Mrs. Nel K. guide them on the right path that they shouldLabrador who happened to be her mentor during take, furthermore our institution undeniablyMrs. Sasa’s early years in CKC. “Mrs. Labrador serves us adept instructors that helps straighten those curves that inauspicious grows within us. The King’s Scroll  39
  • Special Feature Who are They? Rita Mae P. Zulita They gain satisfaction from how they Student leaders . . . these are the accomplish their responsibilities for it tells people that fill the corners of every school them they have done something essential. organization; people who, while going This overwhelming feeling of gratification they through the winding paths and ups and downs always get after achieving something that of youth, possess the courage to contribute benefits more than themselves but the many, a parcel of their self to bring about change sustains their energy to help them continue in society. Responsibilities are their vices and doing what they love to do. It is the way they passion for altruistic pursuits is the elixir that prioritize things, the way they manage their drives them to relentlessly be on the track of time and the way they handle pressure that serving their colleagues, their teachers and make people so proud of them . . . student the people they are with. leaders. The world continues to search for great What is a student leader? In my book, a leaders who will have the courage to not only student leader is someone who can be trusted direct the course of human civilization but with various tasks and duties. A leader who help in the formation of a community where can be respected, who can impose discipline economic stability, social responsibility and put side by side with care and concern for moral conscientiousness are its backbones. those people who direly need guidance and direction. Someone who aims a better I salute every youngster who takes the chronicle of his or her organization; who can time to care for others as he does for himself. promote change to the community he or she Who thinks of not only helping himself but belongs to and in a way elicit positive attitude of helping to effect revolution, in his small from others rather than fear and resentment. ways, for the benefit of the entire community! Indeed, they are living proof of Dr. Rizal’s affirmation that the “Youth is the hope of our nation”.40  The King’s Scroll
  • Lorefe Boquia President Aimee Arcales Kristal Urot Angelica satiago Lorie Jane Abao Jovani Acera Kevin Bagaipo Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Auditor PIO PIO SenatorsJor-el Justin Jade Winston John Rhy Gladys Daniella KrizelLama Bungalon Dumaluan De la Cruz Molo Maghanoy Rose Gabia jugalbot Representatives Dione John Jechelo Cajes Jess Borga Ralf De la Farah Starr Jevina Fel Angelle Cuerdo Cruz Martinez Abugho Nicdao Jenipher Delsar Abad Ofiaza The King’s Scroll  41
  • Registered Social Workers (June 26 & 27, 2012 ) National Passing Rate: 88.89% Registered Nurses (June 31 & July 1, 2012) National Passing Rate: 75% Certified Public Accountants (October 6-7 & 13-14, 2012) Leocel B. Airam Abraham Junmar U. Ronald D. Aleniabon, CPA A. Chua, CPA Obrador, CPA Salvaña, CPA42  The King’s Scroll
  • The Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) Program announces its 100% passing rate in an assestment test with Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA). COMMERCIAL COOKING NC II 1. Ms. Ira Maris A. Elgincolin(Faculty) HOUSEKEEPING NC II 1. Ms. Jessa Claire B. Gamo 2. Mr. June Winston V. Rapal 3. Ms. Jessa Mae B. Mariano (Faculty) 4. Ms. Cheeney Legaspi Food & Beverage Services NC II The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 1. Ms. Liezel H. Oculamannounces its 100% passing rate in an 2. Ms. Laila Arceli Marie O. Lup-ed assestment test with Technical 3. Mr. Arnold Mueco Education and Skills Development 4. Ms. Reina Sabejon (TESDA). COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NC II 1. Llevado, Jomar 2. Zafra, Aldrin 3. Agunod, Mark Karlo 4. Condeza, Maureen 5. Cuerdo, Ramir 6. Abecia, Marvel 7. Baltomore, Ralph 8. Gigante, John 9. Diego, Art Melody 10. Niña Legaria 11. Geraldine Gallogo 12. Eliza Llegaria 13. Shiela Jarlata 14. Juavie Magallon 15. Daisy Galupo 16. Jemvee Valmores The King’s Scroll  43
  • Crime Laboratory Court Room Investigation Room ScienceLaboratories Library ComputerLaboratories
  • Enroll atHRM Laboratories Nursing Laboratories
  • BUHAY IT Have you ever thought that he Rita Mae Zulita was the one? Hapit na sembreak Stephany Tanio Maam ug Sir daghan requirements Overnight diri, overnight didto You know the one you’re going to spend Kinahanglan maningkamot para sa grado the rest of your life with, the one you’re going to grow old with? Your future is already planned, all things are set, and you’re already Among nawong mura nag kompyuter looking forward to the day when you two will Eyebags nandagko, way uso tulog sa’mo become one. You have already envisioned the Peru sagdi lang sulod japun sa klase family that you will build together and then Bisag kami wa nay mga kaligo suddenly everything was messed up. Buhay IT, di ma IT-aw, ti-awan Nothing hurts more than that. You Maninguha aron makalampos lamang know, when everything is all planned and you Napay mga minors nga striktang uban maestra thought that he was the right one for you and yet he wasn’t. Everything seems to bePeru gidawat namong challenge ning mga butanga so perfect between the two of you, and yet, for an unknown reason something ruined your relationship that you two cannot work it out anymore. Letting go of a long-term relationship is much more like digging your very own grave and burying yourself alive. You spent a long time Sunod semester unsaon naman ni together and then one wrong move, everything Puros major gaatang samong byahe is screwed up. It hurts, yes, a lot actually. Ang uban excited, ang uban naguol But getting through each day will make you Peru never say die, ang motto ni manoy realize how worthy he was for you to wait for. It just so happened that maybe, it’s not the Ang mga graduating wa na sumabot right time for you two. Litsong gi-andam murag di pa mapuslan Mga third-year gasunod kurug ng tuhod But you have to remember, you have to go through a lot of wrong frogs for you to Tabang Lord ug tanang mga Santos find your one and only prince. Mga second year cool lang sa “Muabot rang panahon kami napud diha” First year nag duha-duha pa “Mu-shift nako? O muundang na” 46  The King’s Scroll
  • SORRY PEXT I don’t know how to end this up Rita Mae Zulita Dione John Cuerdo All I can say It was you I always with Is that you were one By the time I was incomplete Of the best thing I You were once my soldier ever had from any battle Di ko maintindihan bakit ganito My defender when I stagger Thanks to you Pagkakaibigang nabuo biglang My dearest ex naglaho Loneliness for me is abrupt You can now go Kinausap lang naman ng buong Because of our relationship And find someone tapat contract else Ngunit ika’y umalis, payo’y di It was you plus me equals forever tinanggap And that forever we will be together Dumaan ang mga araw Nakita kang nag-iisa Reminiscing from the pastKapatawaran, gusto kong ipakita was not easy and justNgunit parang ayaw mo munang Nothing in this world magsalita Can explain how I feel Because the time that we Pilit kong binubuo were together wasn’t so real Itong pagkakaibigang naglaho Some Good Things Never Last Talino’t diskarte hindi tatalab Ibaba ang pride, yan lang ang Bless-Angel.Lou katapat Days passed by and I still lie Manghimasok sa buhay ng iba’y My eyes refused to open, am afraid to cry Alam naming mali The sound of your laughter, sings in my ears The last time I touched you, it feels like yearsNagmahal lang naman kami kaya, How I wish I grew up and changed real fast SORRY So that maybe, the good things we had did last Lahat ng aming sinabi’y para sa To see love shine in your eyes again iyong ikabubuti Would only be a dream, for we’ve reached the end Just like a love song that makes you cry Di man namin mababago ang You still play it over and ask yourself why? nangyari na Are these tears only for the song Kami parin ay nagagalak na Or for the meaning that comes along? nakasama ka The painful truth has slapped my face Dinadasal ko sa nasa Itaas Now I’m all alone, enjoying my empty spaceIkay gabayan sa iyong tinatahas What was once real is now a still shot People, places and life that time forgotTatapusin ko na, binuo kong tula Where did the time gone, why did it fly? Mapagtanto mo sanang di ka I really can’t stop myself. I really do still cry mawawala Every hello is with goodbyeSa puso’t isip ika’y laging naririto Can’t find a tear without a cryHigit pa sa isang kasintahan ang Like the setting sun or sinking ship idinulot mo Darkness fades, each time you quit Once whole then half, and sinking fast Why do some good things never last? The King’s Scroll  47
  • 48  The King’s Scroll
  • In lab kaau ka dha!!! kasagara expression during intramurals The King’s Scroll  49
  • 50  The King’s Scroll
  • The King’s Scroll  51
  • Overview during the Living Rosary Photo Courtesy of Mich Guevarra