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Play, Learn, Tinker, Teach, Create, Make, Share

Elastic Learning Network is a next generation learning network in Melbourne.

Assisted by a Community Engagement Manager, a community of designers, educators, youth workers, mentors, parents and subject matter experts collaborate within this network. They partner with libraries, museums, galleries, youth services, schools, universities and community organisations. These organisations and individuals seek to explore new and improved ways to work together, share resources and design integrated learning experiences in and around Melbourne.

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Elastic Learning Network - Let's Get Started - Melbourne

  1. 1. Play, Learn, Tinker, Teach, Create, Make, Share“The school is not and cannot be the exclusive provider in a community’seducational system. . . .There is not one agency, but an ecology of institutions educating-school,home, places of worship, television, press, museums, libraries, businesses,factories, and more.” -- John Goodlad,1984
  2. 2. PurposeThe purpose of a learning network is to helpyouth identify and integrate learning acrossthese different formal and informal, virtual andphysical sites.The goal being to create an ecology that helpsyouth forge competency-oriented pathwaysfrom their own interest-driven practices. New Youth Learning Network- 2009
  3. 3. VisionElastic Learning Network (ELN) is looked upon as a worldclass inclusive learning network and Melbourne as a cityknown for inspiring, fresh approaches to 21st Centurylearning.Learning is flexible, experimentation is expected, failure isaccepted, young and old are strongly connected andintergenerational learning is a common experience.Cultural institutions, traditional education and youth serviceproviders work together across Melbourne to ensure alllearners have opportunities to explore and pursue theirinterests, and invent their own pathways.
  4. 4. MissionWe will offer the best "high-tech" and "high-touch" experiences in playing, tinkering,creating, building, for both learners andteachers in Melbourne.ELN ecosystem will forge lasting relationshipsand collaborations within Melbournes cultural,youth, community and education institutions.We will tap into local wisdom, knowledge, andtalent of individuals who want to share.
  5. 5. MissionWe will work to increase young people’s digitalliteracy and encourage them to be informedconsumers and creators of digital media.We will blend all this intentional learning withcore curriculum and life skills to drive awesomelearning outcomes.
  6. 6. MissionWe will focus on 21st Century skills and thelearning opportunities will be shaped aroundthese citizen identities;Citizen Scientist, Citizen Journalist, CitizenDesignerThe citizen identity approach models authenticskill-oriented, project-based, real-world rolesand authentic experiences. New Youth Learning Network- 2009
  7. 7. What I can offer your organisationThe Community Engagement Manager works to nourish,guide, and connect a community of designers, educators,youth workers, mentors, parents and subject matter expertswho collaborate within the Elastic Learning Network (ELN).A proficient connector of people to people, and people totools, I recognise and inspire opportunities within ELN.A potential collaborator, strategist and technical advisor tohelp you work on innovative projects that use 21st centurymodes of learning. When combined with the great knowledgeand resources of the institutions you lead will generateawesome connections and learning outcomes for all involved.
  8. 8. My value propositionI have a 43 year history of self directed learning. I embodythe 21st Century learner. I am living on the leading edge oftechnology and education innovation which means Iminformed, agile, and respond well to change.I have experienced the the 39th floor of the corporateworld, I have run my own web/mobile developmentbusiness, and have worked as a youth worker for 6 years incommunity organisations. I look for and nurture talentwherever I go.Im a critical thinker who can filter information and aquireresources quickly to find what I need to learn and create.
  9. 9. How you can helpSupport and fundingProvide me with a letter of support which highlights theeducation values and strengths of your organisation, andhow these fit with the aims and networks of the ELN. Thiswill help me with funding bodies and corporates.In kindGet involved right now and collaborate on a project. Donatelearning spaces, purchase software subscriptions andmobile devices, provide staff to assist in designing learningexperiences and games. Volunteer to be on the board ofadvisors.
  10. 10. Operating optionsOption 1No formal collaboration.Option 2A new organisation (legal entity) formed with a comittee,board of advisors, administration and open to membership.Option 3A structured formal partnership, with a lead organisationauspicing and managing the administration, expenditureand applications for future funding on behalf of the network.
  11. 11. 3 year plan Stage 1 - 2 months Stage 2 - 1 year Stage 3 - 3 years Build and deploy 1 social Make the network formal. Statewide reach. Replicated game. model, small grants 1 full time staff and budget progran, Identi-Tee for project development. Internationally recognised ● Discover your identity A local foucs expanding to as a leader. through a location Victoria wide. based game. 3 staff, 20+ programs and ● Tell your story with 6 ongoing programs & projects impacting rich media (virtual projects 1,000,000 children Australia artifact) wide. Attach your story to a GPS location in the CBD (Museum?) ● Create an original Tee Shirt with QR code.
  12. 12. Next stepSocial Storytelling Game - Identi-TeeAim:This digital storytelling locative game is designed to foster collaboration, buildempathy, enhance communication skills, inspire the designer in all of us andconnect participants with many cultures, subcultures and communities.Method:Participants work in pairs and transverse the city as the discover their heritage, theirculture, thier connection to subcultures and brands. They work together to uncovertheir own unique identi-tee and use media (text, photo, audio, video) to share theirpersonal story/identity. They do this by attaching media (virtual artifact) to locationsin the CBD using location based mobile mapping (GPS) technology.Outcome:They then create their own design on a Tee shirt including a QR code that linksback to their digital story artifact in the CBD. This then becomes their Identi-Tee.
  13. 13. ELN has Augmented Reality channels
  14. 14. Recognition for skills & achievements
  15. 15. Lets BeginBrendan OKeefe(03) 9018 7340brendan@elasticlearningnetwork.orgelasticlearningnetwork.orgbrendanokeefe.comImages: Flickr. Creative Commons license. Valhalla Studios Bifrost, aperturismo