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Distribution best practices
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Distribution best practices


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Distribution best practicesBojan Zivanovic (bojanz)13.04.2013
  • 2. Bojan Živanović (bojanz)- Developer from SerbiaProjects: Drupal Commerce, Views,Views Bulk Operations, Inline Entity Form, etc.Lead developer of Commerce Kickstart v2.
  • 3. Commerce Guys is the COMPANYBased inParis, FranceAnn Arbor, MichiganLondon, UK
  • 4. Meanwhile, in 2006...
  • 5. Commerce Kickstart v2• Mobile-ready responsive design• Enhanced product marketing (image zooms, fancy attributes, slideshows)• Faceted product search• Streamlined administration• Built-in payment gateways, analytics
  • 6. Panopoly• Mobile-ready responsive design• Panels powered• In-Place Page Building• Faceted search• Streamlined administration• Apps powered
  • 7. Drupal Commons• Mobile-ready responsive design• Community building tools• Blogs, discussions, documents, wikis, events• Activity streams• Faceted search• Streamlined administration
  • 8. Expectations from a distribution Responsive frontend theme Improved admin experience Facetted search Batteries included Demo content
  • 9. Basic concepts and problems
  • 10. Distribution building blocks1) Install profile2) Drush make3) Features4) Demo content
  • 11. Installation profile- The heart of a Drupal installation- Enables the basic (or not so basic) set of modules, sets the default theme- Can add any number of pages and tasks to the installer, and alter its appeariance- Can implement hooks
  • 12. Drush Make
  • 13. Features – the promise
  • 14. Features – the promise
  • 15. Features – reality Cant depend one on another. Not uninstallable. Not interoperable (across distributions) Not optimized for “default configuration”. What to do about default content?
  • 16. Default configuration Installed initially, restorable. Modifiable by the user (everything can be deleted, export not marked as “overridden”) Possible solution:
  • 17. Default content Easy to create / import, easy to remove. deprecated in favor of “”UID Features” DIY? Migrate
  • 18. Community problems Dealing with (nearly) abandoned projects. Dealing with patches Dealing with old releases
  • 19. Handling updates Distributions need to be updated as a whole Hide update status for included projects The need for more frequent releases Security updates need to be fast ( < 48h).
  • 20. Support and maintenance - Get off your island. - Separate bug reports from the support requests - Send the support requests to StackExchange - Send any relevant bug reports to contribs - How can we keep this sustainable?
  • 21. Sustainability- Distributions are expensive- Currently mostly a lead generation tool.- Low usage: Drupal core installs: 869 852 Commerce Kickstart installs: 7 041 Next 10 distributions combined: 4300 Distributions make up 1.2% of all Drupal installs- App stores?
  • 22. Sustainability
  • 23. Sustainability
  • 24. Diving in
  • 25. Customizing the install process Theme it! Hide redundant pages Custom pages for additional configuration Additional tasks for creating demo content, enabling additional modules. Post-installation help
  • 26. Customizing the install process
  • 27. Customizing the install process
  • 28. Customizing the install process
  • 29. Customizing the install process
  • 30. Customizing the install process
  • 31. Fixing the admin UX Dont be afraid to create a custom theme Or use ours: Shiny Views & VBO for all listings (admin_views) Date Chosen / Select2 Module Filter Backport, Special Menu Admin
  • 32. Facetted search
  • 33. Responsive design Being responsive is no longer optional. Start with a base theme: - Omega (Commerce Kickstart, Recruiter) - Adaptivetheme (Commons) - Zen - Admin pages are not responsive
  • 34. Panels Are you using it today? Different layouts for different pages Responsive layouts In-place page building Layouts for forms too (node add / edit) Used by most distributions (Panopoly, Commons, Recruiter, Nodestream..)
  • 35. Other Emails and activity streams - Message & Message Notify Breadcrumbs: - Crumbs - Path Breadcrumbs Social links and logins: - Service Links, Sharethis - OAuth Connector
  • 36. Now go and build something
  • 37. Questions & Answers
  • 38. Thank you!