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ScPo - SoMe - introduction

  1. 1. Social Media: Behind the Scenes module A-01 Social Media Behind the Scenes - introduction
  2. 2. Who What Why How When ?
  3. 3. Who?
  4. 4. Fabrice Epelboin Entrepreneur Journalist Hacktivist GenX
  5. 5. What
  6. 6. Social Media?
  7. 7. John Doe Communication Marketing Wizard XXth century monkey The internets OMFG Dude, WTF? eMarketing Let’s make money out of this thing guys! eRevolution Wait, this is getting too far we’re kinda loosing control here
  8. 8. ? Social Media off top ic
  9. 9. e e e Marketing Branding Reputation
  10. 10. Marketing Branding Reputation e e e
  11. 11. eBULLSHIT
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA
  13. 13. ALIENS
  14. 14. Social Media Journalist Media
  15. 15. Media Technology
  16. 16. Social Technologies
  17. 17. Course objectives
  18. 18. Why?
  19. 19. Allegory of the Cave Plato - 427BC-347BC
  20. 20. A group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall.
  21. 21. They watch shadows projected on the wall, the shadows are as close as the prisoners get to viewing reality.
  22. 22. You are here Media & Marketers Course aims You in 4 months
  23. 23. How?
  24. 24. this course eMarketing
  25. 25. When?
  26. 26. 1. Social Technologies: The Big Bang Theory A little social technology epistemology, from Samuel Morse to Mark Zuckerberg 2. (Social) Networking Topology Mixing sociology and computer networking can give birth to some weird stuff, here's why. 3. Code is law. Deal with it. Anonymous, 4chan, the Netocrats, LOLcats, and a whole new meaning for identity in the web 2.0 ages.
  27. 27. 4. Ethics and technology From Shoah to SOPA, find out how deep misunderstanding and misuse of social technologies has lead to various disasters 5. Property is Theft! Capitalism is shaking: digital property is at stake and serious alternatives are showing a growing traction. 6. Transparency Crisis Management A theoretical framework to help understand today's governance ‘confidence crisis’
  28. 28. 7. PRISM is just the tip of the iceberg NSA is without a doubt the organization gathering the biggest amount of social data on the planet. 8. Manufacturing Consent 2.0 Modern propaganda, a.k.a. "public relationship", has its modern counterpart on social networks. 9. Transparency and datalove how social technologies are changing political governance and the nature of citizenry.
  29. 29. 10. ƒ(information)=power Infowar, a sociological and technological equation 11. You say you want a Revolution? Telecomix, Anonymous & Wikileaks' implication in the Arab Spring
  30. 30. Work
  31. 31. Case study presentation (individual work - 60% of the final grade) Expose a PsyOp/Astroturfing campaign involving your home country and provide some evidence showing it is, in fact, an astroturfing operation. Provide some context, describe how this operation was conducted and who was involved. You should provide links and documentation proving your assertions. Your case study should consist in a shot Powerpoint presentation and a text aimed at an international audience. (prior approval of case by teacher required, you should either choose a PsyOp not documented in this course or provide some information that hasen’t been given in this course)
  32. 32. Create a meme (individual work - 30% of the final grade) Choose a national news from your home country and create a meme to illustrate your reaction to this information, post it on Facebook/Twitter and follow its viral spreading. You must also provide a small recap of the news intended for an international audience (10-20 lines), some local context (10-20 lines), and a small recap of your viral «marketin» strategy. Due date: week 10
  33. 33. Live Tweeting (team work - 20% of the final grade) Live Tweet this course using a dedicated Twitter account: - login: ScPoSoMe password: scposomescposome If you already have a Twitter account (and you should have) use an app like Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts
  34. 34. Homework & reading list
  35. 35. because you can’t... yet. Wait. What?
  36. 36.
  37. 37. check the course’s Facebook group
  38. 38. Q&A
  39. 39. Thanks