What You Need To Know Before Gamifying Your Library

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American Library Association 2013 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. June 29, 2013. #ala2013 …

American Library Association 2013 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. June 29, 2013. #ala2013

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  • Rewards provide short-term benefit, but carry a serious long-term risk of diminishing the same behavior that you wanted to promote.

    Before gamifying your library, please read 'Punished by Rewards' by Alfie Kohn or at least this blog post:

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  • We ’ ve been analysing library usage (and non-usage) data for nearly a decade
  • Glad to say this sign has gone!


  • 1. What You Need To KnowBefore Gamifying Your LibraryBohyun Kim, Laurie Golden, Nicole Pagowsky,Carli Spina, Dave Pattern, Kyle Felker, YoungLee, Annie Pho, Breanne Kirsch
  • 2. Gamification in Libraries:OverviewBohyun KimDigital Access LibrarianFlorida International University Medical Library@bohyunkimhttp://bohyunkim.net
  • 3. Gamification in Libraries - Overview• What is gamification?• Why do librarians need to care about it?• Examples outside and inside libraries• Potential pitfalls
  • 4. Connect Your SummerLaurie GoldenDepartment Head Community RelationsCanton Public Library@goldenlaurie or @cantonlibrary
  • 5. LeaderboardPrizesSerendipitous RewardsSharing
  • 6. Anchoring the Badge:Setting Standards for Game-BasedLearning in Library InstructionNicole PagowskyInstructional Services LibrarianUniversity of Arizona Libraries@pumpedlibrarian
  • 7. Gamification of ProfessionalDevelopmentCarli SpinaEmerging Technologies and Research LibrarianHarvard Law School Library@CarliSpina
  • 8. Gamifying the Libraryat theUniversity of Huddersfield, UKDave PatternLibrary Systems ManagerUniversity of Huddersfield, UK@daveyp
  • 9. Gamifying the Library at theUniversity of Huddersfield, UKDave PatternLibrary Systems ManagerUniversity of Huddersfieldd.c.pattern@hud.ac.uk
  • 10. 14There are known knowns.There are known knowns.These are things weThese are things weknow that we know...know that we know...
  • 11. 15...there is a statistically...there is a statisticallysignificant link betweensignificant link betweenuse of the library anduse of the library andfinal attainmentfinal attainment
  • 12. 16Library Impact Data Project2010/11 + 2011/12 graduatesaverage number of differente-resource platforms accessedin final year of studiesfinal grade 
  • 13. 17Library Impact Data Project2010/11 + 2011/12 graduatesaverage number of hoursspent accessinge-resources in final year of studiesfinal grade 
  • 14. 18Library Impact Data Project2010/11 + 2011/12 graduatesaverage number of itemsborrowed overentire coursefinal grade 
  • 15. 19...and we believe we...and we believe we’’vevefound statistically significantfound statistically significantevidence of a causality!evidence of a causality!
  • 16. 20Non & Low-Usage Project...however, a lot of students...however, a lot of studentseither never use the libraryeither never use the libraryor they underutilize itor they underutilize it
  • 17. 21NO! NO! NO!NO! NO! NO!Xavier University of Louisiana Library, New Orleans, USA
  • 18. 22NO! NO! NO!NO! NO! NO!University of Huddersfield Library, UK
  • 19. 23libraries should be fun!libraries should be fun!Saltire Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland
  • 20. 24libraries should be fun!libraries should be fun!“Making Visible the Invisible”, Seattle Public Library, USA
  • 21. 25libraries should be fun!libraries should be fun!Delft Public Library, Holland
  • 22. 26www.librarygame.co.ukwww.librarygame.co.uk
  • 23. www.librarygame.co.ukwww.librarygame.co.uk
  • 24. 28
  • 25. 29
  • 26. Social Networks
  • 27. 31
  • 28. 32
  • 29. 33
  • 30. 34
  • 31. • Over 2,000 players• Over 150,000 library events tracked• When surveyed, 60% said they felt it hadincreased their usage of the library and85% felt gamification was an appropriatetool within the context of educationHas it been successful?
  • 32. 36
  • 33. That’s all...Thank you for listening!• http://library.hud.ac.uk/lidp• http://library.hud.ac.uk/lemontree• email: d.c.pattern@hud.ac.uk37
  • 34. Quests in Library GamesKyle FelkerDigital Initiatives LibrarianGrand Valley State University@gwydion9
  • 35. Chocolate Cake for Breakfast:A New Recipe for Legal ResourceOrientationsYoung LeeReference & Electronic Resources LibrarianUniversity of La Verne Law Library@leebrarian
  • 36. The Other Side ofGamification:Funding and Other Tech ConsiderationsAnnie PhoResident LibrarianUniversity of Illinois at Chicago@catladylib
  • 37. Breanne Kirsch, Public Services LibrarianUniversity of South Carolina Upstate@breezyalli
  • 38. About the Interest Group• Mission: To discuss and promote gamemaking within the LITA community.– Established in 2012.• Current Chair: Breanne Kirsch• Current Vice-Chair: Cody Hanson
  • 39. Group’s Web Presence• Wiki– http://gamemakinginterestgroup.wikispaces.com/• ALA Connect Page– http://connect.ala.org/node/167042• LITA’s IG Page– http://www.ala.org/lita/about/igs/game/lit-iggame
  • 40. Game Making Information• Incorporating games into instruction.• Game making best practices.• Library game examples.• Suggested readings.
  • 41. Meeting at ALA Annual• Sunday, June 30- 8:30am-10:00am– McCormick Place Convention Center N133– See http://ala13.ala.org/node/11062 fordetails.
  • 42. Games in Libraries Book• Games in Libraries: Essays on Using Playto Connect and Instruct– Edited by Breanne Kirsch– Published by McFarland– Publication date December 7, 2013.
  • 43. Gamification MOOC• Kevin Werbach, University of Pennsylvania– Free course through Coursera.• https://www.coursera.org/course/gamification– About the course: “This course examines themechanisms of gamification and provides anunderstanding of its effective use.”
  • 44. GameRT Programs• Saturday, June 29– 1:00pm - 3:00pm- Now Showing @ ALA: ReturningFire: Interventions in Video Game Culture- S503a– 3:00pm - 4:00pm- Creating Game-BasedMakerspaces (GameRT Forum)- S106a• Monday, July 1– 1:00pm - 2:30pm - With Great Power Comes GreatResponsibility-IRRT Chairs Program- S404a
  • 45. Contact Information• Breanne Kirsch-– bkirsch@uscupstate.edu– 864-503-5613– @breezyalli• Questions???
  • 46. Resources LibGuidehttp://guides.library.harvard.edu/gamification