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Before we examine ‘alkaline water’ health                                                                   Interestingly,...
Oxidation Reduction Potential                        Not only is ORP a very poor measure of             If we don’t eat en...
Alkaline Water Health Scam?                             This theory seems very well developed               Alkaline Water...
Alkaline Water & Energy Health                    The Hidden Health Dangers
It is now widely accepted that our body       ...
o 1: J Toxicol Sci. 1998 Dec;23(5):411-7.
   Histopathological influence of alkaline ionized water on myocardial muscle of...
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Alkaline Water Report Rev1.0 Web


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Alkaline Water Report Rev1.0 Web

  1. 1. Wellness healthier water naturally ® Alkaline Water – Science Fact or Science Fiction? Is there real science behind alkaline water health claims or is it a clever attempt to mislead unwary consumers ? Dear reader, Water Ions pH & Temperature Many consumers who are unaware how Water and all aqueous solutions contain H+ Using pH to determine whether a solution water affects health ask us if the water and OH- ions (electrically-charged atoms or is alkaline or acid is inadequate. Why? from a Wellness Filter is ‘alkaline’. molecules). Water acquires these ions from The concentration of H+ ions in pure Why are so many people interested in calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates as it water at 25°C will yield a pH of 7.0. Simply a basic measurement that bears little comes into contact with rocks and sediment lowering the temperature by just 5°C will relationship to water quality or health? during its journey through nature. lower the concentration of H+ ions and It is because of a concerted campaign run Even the purest rainwater contains hydrogen raise the pH reading. by vendors of ‘alkaline water ionizers’ to and bicarbonate ions formed as water picks However, this higher pH does not convince the public that so-called ‘alkaline up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. mean the water is now alkaline, as the water’ is the new miracle cure. If the quantity of H+ exceeds that of the OH- ion concentrations will also rise by We use the term ‘so-called’ because, as we OH- the water is said to be acidic. If there approximately the same amount. shall see, the term ‘alkaline water’ is both are more OH- ions than H+ the water will If pH is affected by even a small change in meaningless and misleading. give off an alkaline pH reading. temperature how accurate a measure is it? It is claimed that alkaline water will; However, this is not what is meant by alkaline pH & Pure water • Turn back the ‘acid’ tide or ‘alkaline ionized water’. The same problem of • Alkalise and detoxify cells pH & Ionic Balance pH value Example using pH to measure • Remove acid from drinking water pH = 0 Battery Acid Chemists express acidity or pH = 1 Sulfuric Acid alkalinity/acidity applies pH = 2 alkalinity on the pH scale, Lemon Juice to pure water. It is also claimed it can alleviate or cure; pH = 3 Orange Juice which runs from about 0 to 14. • Gout & arthritis Demineralised water pH = 4 Acidic solutions have pH values (created using distillation • Gastric problems of <7.0 and alkaline >7.0. pH = 5 Clean Rain or reverse osmosis) • Blood pressurerelated conditions. pH = 6 Healthy Lake Each unit on the pH scale produces a pH of around pH = 7 Pure Water among other health represents a ten-fold change in pH = 8 5.5. Does this reading the ratio of OH- an H+ ions. pH = 9 make the water acidic? We heard one company claiming alkaline pH = 10 pH = 11 water can even help prevent the onset of For example; If pH = 8 there pH = 12 Ammonia Not at all. Avian Bird Flu! are 10 X as many OH- ions pH = 13 Bleach Water needs minerals to maintain balance than H+ ions. pH = 14 and if it has none it will take Carbon Dioxide Big Claims Need Scientific Evidence Acidic or alkaline water always contains an (CO2) from the air. The CO2 then reacts to Is there any medical data to support equal number of positive and negative charges. form Carbonic Acid - H2CO3. This is the these bold health claims? Since pH 8 alkaline water contains an excess reason why rainwater reads pH 5.5 or 6.0. What is the truth behind the hype and does of OH- ions, it must also contain some Again, the water is not really acidic in the the science actually ‘hold water’? other kind of positive ions in addition to H+ true sense of the word. The pH meter is This report will put the spotlight on what in order to equalize the opposite charge. simply reading carbonic acid and carbon has become an emotional ‘article of faith’ The extra positive ion is almost always dioxide and these pH readings can be easily for those people ready to believe anything a metal ion such as sodium, calcium or moved towards neutral by simply bubbling promising relief from suffering. It also magnesium, meaning water outside of pH 7.0 oxygen through the water for a few minutes. provides sound data for the ever gullible is never “pure” in the chemical sense. pH & Minerals eager to join the next ‘new’ health fad. Now, let’s take a closer look at the factors Water found in nature with dissolved More importantly, we are going to reveal that can alter water pH. minerals typically gives pH readings above the results of critical medical research that 7.0. This ‘alkaline’ pH reading is due entirely IN THIS REPORT... alkaline water vendors are desperately to the presence of dissolved minerals such Water Ionizers Explained – Page 3 trying to ignore. as calcium and magnesium. They are natural Alkaline Water Alkalises? – Page 4 We hope this information will prompt you Health Claims EXPOSED – Page 5 acid buffers and their presence increases pH to think twice before subjecting your body Alkaline Clinical Danger – Page 6 readings accordingly. to the new ‘alkaline water’ scam. Tap Water is Alkaline? – Page 8 Wellness - Special Report – Water pH & Alkalinity
  2. 2. pH - A Chemists View “The World Health Organisation has formed A chemist will always measure pH by referring PH SUMMARY the International Symposium on Health Aspects of Calcium and Magnesium in to the alkalinity of water, expressed as Water pH is easily changed Drinking Water. The symposium of about “Alkalinity as CaCO3” – meaning total mineral Water pH is affected by temperature 200 medical researchers are evaluating content as if calcium was the only source. studies suggesting possible links between pH is not a true measure of alkalinity Trying to measure water alkalinity without insufficient magnesium consumption and a factoring in pH, temperature and total mineral pH has no bearing on water health greater human susceptibility to heart attack, content is like reading the headline of a hypertension and even type 2 diabetes since newspaper without reading the text. You will Now we understand pH and buffering a little many people in regions with mineral-rich probably miss the point of the story. better let’s take a look at the health effects of or hard drinking water seem to have a lower demineralised water. incidence of heart attack or high blood Here is the key to understanding water pH. pressure....” Water Technology News - April 2006 Buffering - Key to Alkalinity How Your Body Reacts to We have warned consumers for many years that Demineralised/Distilled Water drinking rainwater is not healthy due to its Buffering is the key to understanding whether a solution is either a strong or weak alkali. Once upon a time leading health experts demineralised nature. Collecting rainwater off recommended water distillation as the only way the roof interrupts the natural water cycle. Definition: Alkalinity is the measure of a to obtain healthy water. Distillers create steam In nature rain falls to the ground and collects solutions acid neutralising ability. which recondenses as pure water leaving >99% minerals on its journey down to the water table. of the contaminants behind. A truly alkaline solution, such as sodium When water is ready it bubbles back up through hypochlorite (NaOCl - bleach) at pH 11 will This includes lots of healthy minerals like calcium natural fissures in the earth and reappears as and magnesium that are normally naturally present. spring water, collecting minerals on its way up. neutralise hydrochloric acid (H2S04) at pH 2 Apart from rainwater, demineralised water is found in roughly equal proportions. i.e.; This is what the Wellness Filter is designed to nowhere in nature. emulate - Natures own hydrological cycle. One litre of bleach will neutralise As one health expert puts it; Obviously, if you want really healthy water one litre of hydrochloric acid. This “One of (by far) the most brilliant men that is safe for long-term consumption then is because each solution has highly of the recent era, Dr. Hans Nieper (M.D. demineralised water is not the way to go at all. alkaline and highly acidic properties. and Ph.D.) was against the long-term So what about Reverse Osmosis? ingestion of distilled water due to the fact that there were no minerals on board to give KEY WATER FACTS it a ‘charge’ as opposed to being pure H2O Reverse Osmosis Water In nature water is never just H2O (which doesn’t occur in nature) . There does People sometimes tell you with pride that they exist research (from more than one source) bought a Reverse Osmosis filter. Naturally they Water can act as an acid or alkali are pleased because the salesperson told them it suggesting that even the intake of minerals Water tends toward pH balance from food doesn’t make up for high-volume produced the healthiest water possible. Water contains ions and self-ionises intake of totally mineral-free water.” Sadly, this is not quite true. Dr Allan Spreen (MD) Reverse Osmosis is expensive to buy and Health Sciences Institute - USA - www.hsiralert.com expensive to run. These systems cost anywhere The equal dilution required is because each from $1,500-$2,500 and for every litre of solution is scientifically known as being ‘strongly drinking water produced almost three litres is DEMINERALISED WATER sent down the drain! buffered’ and resists changes in its acidity/ alkalinity. This is the true scientific definition of The World Health Organisation being alkaline or base/acid. (WHO)and numerous studies have shown that water devoid of minerals Water is Weakly Buffered leads to other health problems On the other hand, regardless of pH, water is unable to affect the alkalinty or acidity Basically, the longer one drinks distilled of ‘strongly buffered’ solutions without water, the more likely the development disproportionate dilution. For example; of mineral deficiencies. Dr. Zoltan Rona is widely recognized as an expert It takes approximately twenty litres of on water and health. Here is what he had to say; alkaline water at pH 9 to begin neutralising just one litre of hydrochloric acid at pH 2. “I have done well over 3000 mineral evaluations using a combination of blood, This is because water is ‘weakly buffered’, urine and hair tests in my practice. and cannot affect significant changes in strongly Almost without exception, people who buffered acid or alkali solutions without massive consume distilled water exclusively, eventually R/O water is essentially too pure. Just like dilution. This is important. develop multiple mineral deficiencies. The distilled water R/O produces water devoid of ideal water for the human body should be minerals and it is not really as healthy as people Because water is weakly buffered it is slightly alkaline and this requires the presence of have been led to believe. immediately neutralised by the gastric juices of minerals like calcium and magnesium.” the stomach, regardless of its pH. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc BOTTOM LINE Recently the World Health Organisation has Water requires minerals to maintain The pH of your drinking water has nothing to do with making you ‘alkaline’. formed an investigative committee to look at the stability and pH balance. However, need for calcium and magnesium to be present in minerals in water are no substitute for drinking water. Here is an abridged quote; minerals found in food. Call Wellness on 1300 30 30 29 (local call) or visit www.wellnesswater.com.au
  3. 3. Before we examine ‘alkaline water’ health Interestingly, the articles we can find date only claims in detail we will first look at the ionizing SCIENCE FICTION from the late 1990’s and we can find no data machines used to create the water. Alkaline water ionizers are medically for the periods between 1954 to 1990. This is certified and approved curious given the significant health claims made Alkaline Water Ionizers Explained for these electrical machines. Alkaline ionizers use a relatively simple process SCIENCE FACT known as electrolysis, discovered in 1832, Ionizers are not medically certified and to produce a chemically altered solution. were only approved for safety in 1954 Electrolysis breaks water down using electricity and a pair of oppositely-charged platinum In 1992, after numerous consumer complaints, electrodes. the marketing claims for water ionizers were officially investigated by the Japanese Ministry of Merchandise and Trade. Here is what they found; ‘The benefi cial effects claimed by the indications [ionizer health claims] covered a wide range of subject matters. However, some of these statements could very likely violate current pharmaceutical laws.’ Japanese Ministry of Merchandise Trade Report on Consumer Complaints - 1992 This saw the high water mark for Japanese sales Whilst there is some research showing ‘alkaline of water ionizers. From a high of over twenty water’ has some health-enhancing effects the As water is passed over the electrodes a direct companies manufacturing ionizers, today there studies cited are highly selective and fail to electrical current reacts with the dissolved are less than a handful of Korean and Chinese, follow through over even six months let alone minerals to create an essentially synthetic companies that continue to manufacture them. the usual 1, 2, 3 and 5 year periods required to ionically altered solution that has been draw meaningful clinical conclusions. incorrectly labelled ‘alkaline water’. Ionizers Medically Certified? Whilst there was no clinical data on efficacy As a result, these studies do not show some of Despite claims to the contrary ‘alkaline ionized or long-term health effects, ionized water was the more alarming signs regarding long-term water’ is not a new ‘miracle product’ and has given a Device Safety Approval in 1954 by health effects. been well understood for over 100 years. the Japanese Ministry of Health (JMOH). Positive ions that find themselves close to the UNVERIFIED CLAIM Contrary to claims that ‘alkaline water’ has been negative electrode acquire negatively charged ‘medically’ approved, the Safety Approval is not Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant electrons (hydroxyl ions). This raises water a substitute for medical approval. pH but, as we shall see, it does not SCIENCE FACT make the water ‘alkaline’. Critically, since the 1954 Japanese Device Safety This claim may be correct but there is no Approval has never been officially reviewed valid scientific or medical verification Negative ions at the positive electrode give up and no medical trials conforming to Western electrons and lower the pH. The low pH water, clinical standards have ever been conducted into almost 50% of the solution, is usually discarded alkaline water ionizers. Claim #1 down the drain as waste water. ‘Alkaline Water’ - Science Facts ‘Alkaline Water’ is an Antioxidant This means that water ionizers waste Among the most primary benefit claimed is that almost as much water as reverse osmosis. Ionizer vendors mistakenly call the water ‘alkaline water’ of an antioxidant. This is due to the presence Ionizer History or ‘alkaline ionized water’ in ‘alkaline water’ of negative hydrogen ions. due the high pH values These ions are produced as a by-product of The idea of drinking high pH water was never (>8.5) produced at the electrolysis. The antioxidant claim derives from seriously contemplated until the late 1940’s negative electrode. two sources; when, due to severe post-war drug shortages, Japanese scientists began looking for non-drug All vendors claim beneficial One is an obscure 1997 ‘in-vitro’ (i.e.; conducted solutions to gastric hyper-acidity. health effects and attribute only in a test tube) study performed at the these results, rather vaguely, Institute of Cellular Regulation Technology, Graduate to the ‘alkalinity’ of the water. School of Genetic Resources Technology in Tokyo. RAIN WATER & IONIZERS As we shall see the term ‘alkaline water’ This study looked at the ability of alkaline water Water ionizers require dissolved is deliberately misleading as it implies; to scavenge free radicals in a controlled test minerals to produce alkaline water. tube environment. It is the only study cited that Rain water has no dissolved minerals. a) the water is ‘alkaline’ and, comes close to verifying the antioxidant claims Water ionizers cannot create ‘alkaline b) health effects are due to this alkalinity. made for alkaline water. water’ unless minerals are added. The other source has to do with a measurement Health Claims that can actually be as meaningless as pH - ORP. In these early days researchers believed that Of the handful of articles that have appeared ionized water with a pH >9.0 could offer relief in scientific journals about so-called alkaline SCIENCE FICTION to sufferers. As we shall see, this belief was water, more appropriately it is refered to as Alkaline water ionizers remove later proven to be misplaced. ‘Electrolyzed Reduced Water’, or ERW. unwanted acids from water. General consumer awareness of water ionizers For our purposes we will retain the term did not occur until the 1980’s when a mini- ‘alkaline water’ despite it being scientifically SCIENCE FACT marketing boom was fueled by direct sales incorrect. There are no acids of any significance companies making rather bold medical claims. to be removed in the first place! Wellness - Special Report – Water pH & Alkalinity / page 3
  4. 4. Oxidation Reduction Potential Not only is ORP a very poor measure of If we don’t eat enough (ORP) as a measure of Cellular antioxidant potential, as the example of cleansing, alkaline Antioxidant Activity Vitamin C shows, it is also an inaccurate forming foods such as measure of real antioxidant activity. fresh fruits, vegetables, ORP is a commonly used measure in legumes and drink plenty chemistry to denote the oxidising or ORP & Relative Hydrogen (RH) of water to flush out reducing power of a liquid. It is measured A more accurate measure of antioxidant toxins we can create an in millivolts on a scale from -1,200 (strongly potential is the ‘Relative Hydrogen’ index. overly acidic cellular environment. reducing) to +1,200 (strongly oxidizing). This index takes into account both ORP and pH and is a more accurate reflection of Ultimately, overacidity is caused by years of IMPORTANT: ORP is not a measure poor nutrition and dehydration. antioxidant potential. of antioxidant strength. ORP The formula for determining Relative The way to help measures antioxidant ‘potential’ not Hydrogen (rH) is; prevent becoming actual biological antioxidant activity. too acidic is to eat A reading below zero indirectly indicates rH = ((ORP + 200) / 30) + (2 * pH) plenty of fresh fruits an increasing concentration of negative and vegetables Below is the same table as before but hydrogen ions and may indicate the potential and drink plenty incorporating rH as well. antioxidant activity of a solution. We say of hydrating water. ‘potential’ because; ORP pH rH This will help flush Vitamin C, E, Beta Carotene or Citric away toxic wastes Tap Water +300 7.4 31.47 Acid can show positive ORP readings before they have a Alkaline Water -150 9.2 19.23 chance to accumulate. well above 0 yet, in certain instances, will donate electrons to free radicals and thus Wellness Water -25 7.4 19.80 Now, here is the trap... act as an antioxidant. As you can see, despite the ORP of Alkaline If water helps flush toxins and prevents acidic For vendors of ionizers to suggest that negative and Wellness water diverging by almost 125 waste build-up then surely drinking ‘alkaline’ ORP readings indicate ‘alkaline waters’ points, the rH readings are very close. This water will help neutralise acids far better. antioxidant activity is false and misleading. indicates Alkaline and Wellness water have Alkaline neutralises Acid. This seems very similar antioxidant potentials. Why? like good advice. It sounds like SCIENCE FICTION Alkaline water ionizers cannot common sense doesn’t it? Negative ORP = Antioxidant activity reduce ORP without creating a As logical as it may seem, the SCIENCE FACT massive imbalance in pH. High pH notion that you can alkalise your Negative ORP readings have no bearing is a basic by-product of electrolysis. body with alkaline water is DEAD on true biological antioxidant activity WRONG. On the other hand, Wellness took a natural We humans always think that more is better approach to reducing ORP by using volcanic and we all love the idea of a quick fix. Tap Water & ORP minerals and far-infrared energies. Strongly negative ORP readings (<150) for What better way to correct years of poor diet, ‘alkaline water’ is cited as scientific validation This enables Wellness to reduce ORP zero exercise and chronic dehydration than by of antioxidant power. As we shall see, there readings without creating the high simply drinking an ‘alkalising’ water. Easy. is little ‘science’ behind these claims. and unhealthy pH levels - often found nowhere in Nature. Below are typical ORP & pH results for SCIENCE FICTION three types of water; This is why Wellness is a far healthier and Alkaline water will ‘alkalise’ your body safer alternative to unbalanced ‘alkaline ORP pH water’. Wellness water has just as powerful SCIENCE FACT Alkaline water is weakly buffered and Tap Water +300 7.4 an antioxidant potential but it does not have immediately neutralised by stomach acids Alkaline Water -150 9.2 the drawbacks associated with high pH. Wellness Water - 25 7.4 ‘Alkaline Water’ Alkalises the Body As we shall see, this claim simply The major claim from ionizer vendors is doesn’t hold water. Why? Tap water always yields a positive ORP that drinking ‘alkaline water’ will help you As we noted earlier, water irregardless of its due to the presence of chlorine, a strong become more alkaline. Is there any truth pH is ‘weakly buffered’. oxidising agent. In general strong oxidising agents should be avoided. to this claim? IT HAS NO ALKALISING EFFECT ON YOUR There is currently a seemingly valid theory that BODY WHATSOEVER! Alkaline water usually yields a negative the consumption of too many processed foods, The idea that ‘alkaline water’ can alkalise ORP due to removal of chlorine and the sugars and starches increases the body’s toxic your body may seem harmless at first look creation of H- ions by electrolysis load and leads to a generally acidic condition. but, as we shall see, Wellness water usually yields a negative drinking water at pH It is a fact that certain diseases seem ORP due to removal of chlorine and the levels not usually to thrive in a body overloaded with creation of H- ions using the natural far- found in Nature can accumulated toxins. These wastes are part infrared & magnetic process of Wellness have devastating of the natural process of living and breathing. consequences. Using only ORP the conclusion could be However, the acid waste accumulation is drawn that ‘alkaline water’ is a stronger certainly accelerated by the consumption of ‘potential’ antioxidant than Wellness Filter too many acid producing foods, such as water. This conclusion is wrong. highly processed fast foods, grains and meat. Call Wellness on 1300 30 30 29 (local call) or visit www.wellnesswater.com.au
  5. 5. Alkaline Water Health Scam? This theory seems very well developed Alkaline Water - Truth Revealed Health Professionals Speak Out and may sound plausible to some, but it is If you are like me, you want to believe that The renowned complementary health specialist absolutely untrue. I get a lot of questions what you are told by companies that try to and author Dr. Andrew Weil is one of the about alkalinity and acidity and whether sell you health products is the absolute truth. United States most respected health specialists. eating alkaline foods (or acidic ones) He is the Founder of the Integrative Medicine influences the body’s pH in a healthful Program at the University of Arizona and direction. There is no scientific research best-selling author. Dr. Weil’s books include supporting this line of thinking.... the national bestsellers Spontaneous Healing, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Eating Well for Optimum Health, and The Healthy Kitchen. A consumer asked Dr. Weil about alkaline water; Q. Manufacturers of water ionizers state their products produce alkaline water, Water & electricity which allows your body to better absorb simply don’t mix minerals and antioxidants. Are these Unfortunately, the fact is there is no health claims real? credible scientific or medical evidence to Do you recommend ionizers? support the claims made for alkaline water. It sounds to me as if your friend was sold a Dr. Weil’s considered response; bill of goods by an uninformed health food In fact it is quite the opposite. A. “Home water ionizers, which I’ve seen store clerk. Chalk this one up as a scam, If you talk to most health experts one of offered for sale on the Internet, are just and tell your friend to save her money.” the things they recommend in order to help the latest twist in the ongoing effort to Dr. Andrew Weil ‘alkalise’ is to either eat a lemon, which is promote the notion that alkaline water is Source: http://www.drweil.com 04/09/2002 highly acidic, or add its juice to water. Why? somehow protective of your health. The Powerful words from a world leader in Because it is widely known that lemon juice underlying idea is that you can prevent alternative medicine! Even ‘alkaline water’ at (i.e.; Ascorbic Acid) does the opposite of what disease by balancing your body’s pH. pH 10-11 is so weakly buffered that it is unable you would think - it alkalises inside the body. ...None of these claims are true. to shift the acid-alkaline balance of the body. If we were to blindly follow the marketing Furthermore, your body needs absolutely no hype for ‘alkaline’ water then an acidic help in adjusting its pH. Normally, the pH of SCIENCE FICTION substance like lemon juice would make your blood and most body fluids is near 7, which Alkaline water theory is scientifically well body more acidic - not less! is close to neutral. This is under very tight proven and medically verified How would you feel about alkaline biological control because all of the chemical or electrically ionized water now? reactions that maintain life depend on it. SCIENCE FACT This heory has never been proven and no However, while you may think alkaline water “THE HEALTH CLAIMS MADE medical proof has ever been offered is relatively harmless what you are about to FOR WATER IONIZERS AND FOR ALKALINE WATER ARE BOGUS. discover will open your eyes... SAVE YOUR MONEY!” However, this is not the first time alkaline REVEALED - ALKALINE water claims have been found wanting. When one of the United States most respected INFORMATION YOU health professionals says the health claims 1992 - Japanese Government Warnings AREN’T SUPPOSED TO for ‘alkaline water’ are ‘bogus’ surely it Due to consumer complaints, the Japanese is time to take notice? Ministry of Trade commissioned an investigation KNOW ABOUT But Dr. Weil didn’t stop there; into alkaline water claims. Here’s what they found; We all know the dangers of living under Q. I have a friend who was told at the local electrical power lines. Higher incidences of ‘The tests revealed that even alkaline water health food store that she needed to drink Leukemia and other forms of rare cancers. with a pH over 10.0 has very little acid alkaline water for her chronic fatigue/ neutralising property... in some tested And let’s not forget the dangers posed by Epstein Barr virus. What do you know cases, the acid water had a similar acid mobile phones and the transmission towers. about this? Is it of any benefit? control property to that of alkaline water.’ The point we are trying to make here A. Rumours are circulating on the Internet ‘Slightly alkaline ionized water cannot be is that many of these technologies and elsewhere that drinking alkaline water expected to control the acidity of gastric were once considered safe or posed is beneficial to health and can miraculously fluid, milk and mineral water is more what they call ‘minimal risk’. cure everything from obesity and high blood effective. It [the Japanese Ministry of The same principle applies to electrical pressure to breast cancer. Alkaline water Health] also insists that the efficacy [of water ionizers. purportedly ‘neutralizes’ the ‘acidic wastes’ Water Ionizers] has to be re-evaluated in the body. These ‘wastes’ are said to include so as to not bring about unreasonable 50 Year Old Safety Approvals malignant cells and acid ‘accumulations.’ consumer expectations.’ Remember, the ‘Safety Approvals’ for ionizers Japanese Ministry of Merchandise Trade were originally issued way back in 1954. SCIENCE FICTION Report on Consumer Complaints - 1992 These approvals were originally issued Ionized water at pH >8.5 is highly alkaline So, here we have an official report direct from a without any testing to discover what actually SCIENCE FACT Japanese government agency revealing that even happens to living things, or people, after just pH is not an accurate measure of the acidic water produced by water ionizers has 1, 2 or 3 years of drinking ‘alkaline water’. alkalinity/acidity. Water pH depends the same acid neutralising properties as the so- So, it is claimed alkaline water is safe but it called ‘alkaline’ water. on temperature, total dissolved minerals, has never actually been tested to see if this oxygen and its buffering capacity Are you surprised? is actually true. A lot can change in 50 years. Wellness - Special Report – Water pH & Alkalinity / page 5
  6. 6. Alkaline Water & Energy Health The Hidden Health Dangers It is now widely accepted that our body of Alkaline Ionized Water harbours a complex energetic system known Before deciding on which water system to invest as Energy Meridians. These regulate the flow in, Wellness or an electrical Ionizer, please of energy in and around the body. take note of these findings. They are very, very important. It is believed that a blockage or imbalance of these meridians can lead to the manifestation Clinical evidence recently of physical disease. Acupuncture is designed to uncovered by Wellness release blockages and rebalance the body. researchers on PUBMED - the USA National Institute of Health & Medical Research “Are you willing to be part of an experiment?” Database has revealed Histopathological influence of alkaline strong evidence showing ionized water on myocardial muscle of that alkaline water actually mother rats3 increased the risk of heart “The myocardial lesion in the mother rats given attack in small mammals! AKW showed cell infiltration, vacuolation These are only the highlights - actual documents and fibrosis in the papillary muscle of the left are included as a separate section in this report. ventricle, as were observed in male rats of 15 weeks old. Myocardial degeneration Influence of alkaline ionized water on may cause a leakage of potassium into the raterythrocytehexokinaseactivityand blood that results in a higher concentration of myocardium1 potassium in the blood in the test group than “Alkaline ionized water (AKW) produced in that of the control group given tap water.” by the electrolysis of tap water (TPW) was 3.J Vet Med Sci. 1998 Dec;23(5):411-7.. Auth. Watanabe T, Shirai given to pregnant rats throughout gestation. W, Pan I, Fukuda Y, Murasugi E, Sato T, Kamata H, Uwatoko K.. .... Hyperkalemia was observed in males That’s right. Laboratory rats that drank ‘alkaline and females given AKW at 15 weeks-old. water’ saw myocardial Especially in males, pathological changes of (heart muscle) lesions, cell necrosis in myocardiac muscle were observed.’1 infiltration, fibrosis and Under the energy theory, everything in our 1. J Toxicol Sci. 1997 May;22(2):141-52 potassium leakage into environment, including what we eat and Auth. Watanabe T, Kishikawa Y, Shirai W the blood! drink, has an effect on our meridian system. Don’t forget, What happens to our body’s energy these results after drinking alkaline ionized water? were recorded after only 15 weeks. Can you imagine how serious Stephen Alexander, the Managing Director these problems could get after six months or of Energy Health, an Australian company six years! that uses a sophisticated computerised Clearly, these results go well beyond simply technique known as Electro-Dermal questioning whether ‘alkaline water’ actually Acupuncture to evaluate the energetic lives up to its health claims. They raise health of the body’s meridians. Here is what serious doubts about it’s very safety. Stephen found after testing ‘alkaline’ water; Do you feel like you have been misled “We specialise in Electro-Dermal by ‘Alkaline Water’ health claims? Screening, measuring the electrical If water ionizers can possibly cause serious, properties of acupuncture points. This even life threatening, health conditions how gives us a model of energy flow through can they be allowed to be sold in Japan? the acupuncture meridian system. Degradation of myocardiac myosin and The Japanese Ministry of Health is aware of creatine kinase in rats given alkaline Our contact with many practitioners these trials. However, it is rumoured that due ionized water2 to the fact their office originally issued the 1954 around the country and their experience confirms our own testing results. “Recently, the authors have shown marked ‘Safety Approvals’ they fear potential lawsuits necrosis and fibrosis of myocardium were from the families of elderly patients who have We have seen electrically ionized died of ‘Myocardial Infarction’ or Hyperkalemia observed in rats given alkaline ionized water ‘alkaline’ water cause severe energetic - Heart Attack - after drinking ‘alkaline water’. (AKW)... The activities of myosin ATPase imbalances in patients. There is and actomyosin ATPase in the AKW group What about Korea? significant doubt of the benefits of some were higher than those in the TPW group, and Two reasons. A) The Korean Government has electrically ionized waters we have tested. a long history of supporting local industry these elevated activities were caused by the On the other hand we have NEVER seen degradation of myosin in the AKW group... It is (most ionizers today are made in Korea) and the water produced by the Wellness Filter concluded that this disorder of coupled reaction their health evaluations did not test for long- cause ANY imbalances in ANY subject” may cause marked myocardiac necrosis and term safety of ‘alkaline water’ and, B) As recent This should serve as a warning to the fibrosis in rats given Alkaline Water.” 2 news of fabricated ‘clinical data’ in Korea shows, majority of consumers. However, if you their clinical standards do not meet World Best 2. J Vet Med Sci. 1998 Feb;60(2):245-50. Practice for clinical trials and burden of proof. don’t believe in acupuncture or think that Auth. Watanabe T, Kishikawa Y. these negative findings are just an isolated What about Australia? While this sounds all scientific the While at least one ‘alkaline water’ scam has incident then stand-by. bottom-line is that ‘alkaline water’ is been stopped by the Therapuetic Goods There is one more thing you must know causing ‘pathological changes’ in heart Administration others have yet to be about alkaline water. Information so cell muscles. Hyper-kalemia is a life- prosecuted. Consumer regulations are there explosive that the marketers are desperate threatening condition that can lead to to protect the public. However, there is a big to keep it from you and the regulators. sudden death from Heart Attack! difference between regulation and enforcement. Call Wellness on 1300 30 30 29 (local call) or visit www.wellnesswater.com.au
  7. 7. o 1: J Toxicol Sci. 1998 Dec;23(5):411-7. Histopathological influence of alkaline ionized water on myocardial muscle of mother rats. Watanabe T, Shirai W, Pan I, Fukuda Y, Murasugi E, Sato T, Kamata H, Uwatoko K. Department of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry, College of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University, Kanagawa, Japan. We have reported that a marked necrosis and subsequent fibrosis of myocardium occurred among male rats 15 weeks old given alkaline ionized water (AKW) during gestation and suckling periods, and after weaning. In this study, it was examined whether similar lesions would occur in mother rats which were given AKW from day zero of gestation to day 20 of lactation. The myocardial lesion in the mother rats given AKW showed cell infiltration, vacuolation and fibrosis in the papillary muscle of the left ventricle, as were observed in male rats of 15 weeks old. Myocardial degeneration may cause a leakage of potassium into the blood that results in a higher concentration of potassium in the blood in the test group than in that of the control group given tap water. PMID: 9922944 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] o 1: J Vet Med Sci. 1998 Feb;60(2):245-50. Degradation of myocardiac myosin and creatine kinase in rats given alkaline ionized water. Watanabe T, Kishikawa Y. Department of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry, College of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University, Kanagawa, Japan. Recently, the authors have shown that marked necrosis and fibrosis of myocardium were observed in rats given alkaline ionized water (AKW). To clarify the cause of myocardial lesions, the activities of myosin ATPase, actomyosin ATPase and creatine kinase (CK) in myocardium of rats given AKW at 15 weeks-old were compared with those in myocardium of rats given tap water (TPW). Furthermore, sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) of myocardiac myosin and isoelectric focusing (IEF) of myocardiac CK were performed which revealed a distinct difference between AKW and TPW groups. The activities of myosin ATPase and actomyosin ATPase in the AKW group were higher than those in the TPW group, and these elevated activities were caused by the degradation of myosin in the AKW group judging from the SDS-PAGE pattern of myosin. On the other hand, the activity of CK in the AKW group was lower than that in the TPW group, and the IEF pattern of CK showed leakage of myocardiac CK. These results indicate that increases in actomyosin ATPase activity and myosin ATPase activity, plus the decrease in CK activity caused the disorder of coupled reaction in male rats given AKW at 15 weeks-old. It is concluded that this disorder of coupled reaction may cause marked myocardiac necrosis and fibrosis in rats given AKW. PMID: 9524951 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] o 1: J Toxicol Sci. 1997 May;22(2):141-52. Influence of alkaline ionized water on rat erythrocyte hexokinase activity and myocardium. Watanabe T, Kishikawa Y, Shirai W. Department of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry, College of Bioresource Science, Nihon University, Kanagawa, Japan. Alkaline ionized water (AKW) produced by the electrolysis of tap water (TPW) was given to pregnant rats throughout gestation. AKW was subsequently given to infants as a test group until 15 weeks old to determine changes in body and organ weights, erythrocyte hexokinase (HK) activity and histological preparations of myocardiac muscle. The results were compared with those for rats given TPW. Body weight of male and female rats given AKWA at 3 to 11 weeks of age after birth significantly increased beyond control group values. Organ weights of offspring at 15 weeks-old showed no statistical difference for either group. HK activity, the rate-determining enzyme in erythrocyte glycolysis, significantly increased in males given AKW at 15 weeks-old. This suggests that AKW intake causes elevation of metabolic activity. Hyperkalemia was observed in males and females given AKW at 15 weeks-old. Especially in males, pathological changes of necrosis in myocardiac muscle were observed. PMID: 9198011 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  8. 8. Alkaline Water & Digestion Clinical evaluation of alkaline ionized Misquoted Clinical Reports water for abdominal complaints: If the fact that ‘alkaline water’ does not Some ionizer vendors are actually quoting Placebo controlled double blind tests3 valid clinical reports on ‘alkaline water’ and alkalise your body and could actually increase the risk of you having a heart attack is not “As to overall improvement rates of abdominal its ability to help prevent heart disease. These enough to make you question the marketing complaints, alkaline ionized water group had studies all deal with natural spring water, which hype then let’s consider the effect it can have 2 cases of outstanding improvement (2.5%), contains lots of dissolved minerals, and how on your digestive system. 26 cases fair improvement (32.1%), 36 cases it was found people drinking this water have of light improvement (44.4%), 13 cases of no lower rates of heart and arterial disease. In order to digest food our stomach acids are strongly buffered and highly acidic at pH 2-4. change (16%) and 4 cases of exacerbation (4.9%), As noted earlier, hard water (containing lots of whereas placebo [tap water] group exhibited 4 minerals) is nearly always alkaline in nature. It We noted before that , is the naturally occurring minerals that provide weakly buffered ‘alkaline (5.2%), 19 (24.7%), 27 (35.1%), 25 (32.5%) and 2 cases (2.6%) for the same category....” the health benefits cited - not the alkalinity of water’ (even at pH 11) the water. is immediately 3. Unpublished - H.Tashiro, T. Hokudo, H. Ono, Y. Fujiyama neutralised by the National Ohkura Hospital, Dept. of Gastroenterology; Institute of Ionizer vendors are trying to associate Clinical Research, Shiga University of Medical Science postive clinical studies of ‘hard water’ with stomach acids. However, it does This is a very curious result. Why did their manufactured ‘alkaline water’. This is a have an effect on our the study show tap water had twice deliberate attempt to ‘pass off’ alkaline ionized digestive system. the number of cases of outstanding water as offering the same health benefits as improvement compared to the ‘alkaline natural spring water. Everytime you drink artificially high pH water’ patients? Worse... This borders on the classic definition ‘ionized’ water your Why did ‘alkaline water’ show twice as of ‘misleading and deceptive conduct’. stomach produces more acid to compensate many cases of exacerbation (the conditon Now we have exposed some of the myths used for the dilution of acid in the stomach. worsened) compared to the tap water to support the marketing of alkaline water we Remember, ‘alkaline water ionizers’ were group? hope you are more informed and will be less originally approved to treat abnormal Again, these reports are not what they appear. easily influenced by the various health claims gastric conditions. What happens when being made. this water is introduced into a normal IF YOU ARE 40 YEARS gut environment on a daily basis? OR OLDER YOU NEED TO READ “What You Need Is BALANCED Theoretically, the constant ingestion of THIS INFORMATION Water NOT Alkaline Water!” ‘alkaline water’ creates a localised gastric event As we age the production of gastric acids slows down. It is estimated that after age 40 there is Ultimately, what your body needs is balance. where the stomach goes into acid production an approximate decrease in the body’s ability Balance in; over-drive. This constant alkaline assault on the system can create an abnormal digestive to produce enzymes by 20-30%. The water you drink condition in a previously healthy gut. “As for the effect of ‘alkalizing your body by The food you eat “As far as the health benefits claimed for drinking alkaline water’ readers of Quark The exercise you take alkaline ionised water are concerned, these should know that since the main organs are Simply eating more alkaline forming fruits and seem to be based on some serious misunder- naturally slightly alkaline and have their vegetables and less acid forming fast foods will standings of chemistry and physiology. own pH adjustment function, your body does do more to alkalise your body than ‘alkaline ... I would go to my local trading standards not become more alkaline by drinking more water’ ever can. officer and complain that I have been misled.” alkaline water.’” Quark Science Magazine – Japan 1995 Dr, David A Bender – Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University College London If, as suspected, ‘alkaline water’ It has also been suggested that ‘alkaline water’ disrupts enzyme production then disrupts vital enzyme production, essential for drinking it once you are past 40 is normal digestion, by interfering with the natural one of the worst things you can do. acidic balance of the stomach. Is it a risk worth taking? We have heard Your Water is Already Alkaline! many reports This may come as a surprise to many. You are from consumers told to drink ‘alkaline water’ to improve your who were unable health. We have already shown this claim to to properly be false, but what about this... digest food after You don’t need alkaline to alkalise your body. drinking high pH The fact is that over 90% of municipal You simply need to drink more water. By being ‘alkaline water’. tap water in Australia is already alkaline! fully hydrated your body will be able to more Even ionizer vendors recommend adjusting pH easily remove more toxins and acid waste. gradually upward so the digestive system has TAP WATER - PH SAMPLES Ideally, the water you drink will also be ‘wetter’, time to adapt to the increased pH of the water Sydney – Average pH of 7.4 to 8.7 or more hydrating, than ordinary water. This being introduced. is where the Wellness Filter comes in, Melbourne – Average pH of 6.8 to 7.6 naturally producing water, without Clearly, alkaline ionized water is not Adelaide – Average pH of 6.9 to 7.9 electricity, that is up to 2.2 times more natural! Brisbane – Average pH of 7.5 to 8.8 hydrating than ordinary water. Inconclusive Clinical Trials The above table is compiled from typical Final Word - Fluoride Of the handful of so-called ‘clincial trials’ conducted on ‘alkaline water’ one is cited as results over a 5 year period from the various We have heard of vendors claiming ionizers proof of its ability to succesfully treat digestive water utilities in each major Australian city. remove fluoride. We note these claims are only conditions. Let’s have a close look at the data. ever made on the phone and are never put in As you can see, this clearly shows that most writing. There is a good reason why. Ionizers do tap water in Australia is already alkaline. Note: Despite claims that this is not remove Fluoride. Only Reverse Osmosis or a peer reviewed trial - no medical How do you feel about paying for some- Distillers can remove Fluoride succesfully. If you journal or clinical reference is cited. thing that already comes out of the tap? hear this claim ask for verification in writing. Wellness makes no health claims express or implied regarding the Wellness Filter or the water it produces. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent the onset of any health related condition. 90-Day Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee - Terms and Conditions apply. Wellness Water Drop Logo and The Wellness Filter are registered trademarks of Wellness Pty Ltd © Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved. Rev: