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Special  events in my country
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Special events in my country


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A project about the most important events in different European countries

A project about the most important events in different European countries

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Special Events in My Country
    an etwinningproject plan
  • 2. Partners:
    Teachers from Group 23 in e-Twinning Learning Lab – Exploiting Web 2.0:
    GaizutienėLaima (Lithuania)
    ValentinaCuadrado (Spain)
    HjelenBorgny (Norway)
    AnetaSzadziewska ( Poland)
    Mariana Radulescu (Romania) 
  • 3. Details:
    Age of the pupils: 14 to 15
    Used language: English
    Duration: 3months
    School type: elementary
  • 4. Short description:
    This is a project about the most important events in our countries. We will try to prove to our school partners that we belong to Europe with our customs and traditions. By working in this project, we have the opportunity to see the similarities and the differences between our countries, to share our information and to become friends.
  • 5. Goals:
    The main goal of the project is to motivate our pupils learning more, to better understand the importance of studying English as necessary language for communication in European projects, to improve their ICT skills, to show their pride of being the inhabitants of the old continent and the representatives of a new generation, very preoccupied for its future.
  • 6.  ICT tools:
    Movie Maker, Google Docs, You Tube Video hosting and sharing tool, Slide share, Slide Boom, Audacity y Audio/Podcasting tool, Skype, PowerPoint Presentation, Glogster, Blogger gg Blogging tool, Wikispaces, Animoto, TeacherTube Video, Scribd, Word documents, Paint program, Jigsaw planet program, etc. We will use them as a real team in order to achieve a good project and to cooperate perfectly with our partners.
  • 7. Pedagogical basis:
    Project based teaching.
    The goals of the project and the tools used in order to realize it contribute to improve our pupils’ skills, to know more things about Europe and about the life in the European schools. Education through such kind of projects is certainly for the benefit of our pupils, for the increasing of their desire to involve in extra-school activities, to be more stimulated in the learning process.
  • 8. Workingmethods:
    We will work both in groups of pupils and teachers and mixed groups in order to prove we are a team. We will use the methods planned and we evaluate them each month. The hobbies of the children will be essential for the activities in which they will take part. Communication by e-mails and Skype will surely help us.
  • 9. eTwinningprojecttimetable