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The search(revised)
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The search(revised)

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Search is the database of human intensions....

Search is the database of human intensions.
Consumer intents drive SEARCH.
digital마케팅에 있어서 검색은 중요한 믹스중에 하나입니다.
Searchibility vs Findability.
검색마케팅의 큰 맥락을 이해하는데 도움이 되시길 바랍니다.

More in: Business , Technology , Design
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  • 1. SEARCH
  • 2. The World Has Changed….. Homo Searchians???Everyone search and keep searching……for
  • 3. 100,000,000,000 + Worldwide Searches in 2008 세계인구 70억 인터넷이용자수 14억
  • 4. DATABASE OF HUMAN INTENTIONSGoogle has become the gateway to instant knowledge. Hundreds of millions o f people use it to satisfy their wants, needs, fears, and obsessions, creatin g an enormous artifact”, the “Database of Intentions”
  • 5. “I Climb all this way,and you tell me THAT’S the meaning of life?!”
  • 6. Table of Curriculum and Key Takeout•  Paradigm shift•  Searchability & Findability•  Search Marketing•  Next Trend of Search
  • 7. Paradigm Shift
  • 8. The Old Way: 마케터… 시장조사,마케터소비자
  • 9. The Old Way: 마케터… 시장조사, 타겟 소비계층 선택마케터소비자
  • 10. The Old Way: 마케터… 시장조사, 타겟 소비계층 선택,마케터 소비층의 니즈 인지소비자
  • 11. The Old Way:= 마케터… 시장조사, 타겟 소비계층선택, 마케터 소비층의 니즈 인지, 메시지를 세밀하게 만든다 소비자
  • 12. The Old Way:= 마케터… 시장조사, 타겟 소비계층선택, 마케터 소비층의 니즈 인지, 메시지를 세밀하게 만든다 소비자의 미디어 선호도 인지 소비자
  • 13. The Old Way:= 마케터… 시장조사, 타겟 소비계층선택, 마케터 소비층의 니즈 인지, 메시지를 세밀하게 만든다 소비자의 미디어 선호도 인지 메시지 전달. 소비자
  • 14. The Old Way: 마케터… 시장조사, 타겟 소비계층선택,마케터 소비층의 니즈 인지, 메시지를 세밀하게 만든다 소비자의 미디어 선호도 인지 메시지 전달. 소비자가 필요로할때소비자
  • 15. The Old Way: 마케터… 시장조사, 타겟 소비계층선택,마케터 소비층의 니즈 인지, 메시지를 세밀하게 만든다 소비자의 미디어 선호도 인지 메시지 전달. 소비자가 필요로할때 마케터의 상품이 소비자에게 각인된다.소비자
  • 16. The New Way: 소비자… 필요 상품 표현,마케터 판매자에게 소비자 $ X 판매자 마케터?소비자
  • 17. The New Way: 소비자… 필요상품 표현, 소비자 $마케터 물건을 파는 판매자에게. $ 세일즈 페이지소비자
  • 18. “Lookingforness”
  • 19. Unprecedented drop in acquisition cost 1/50
  • 20. The Old Way The New Way
  • 21. Searchability VS. Findabi lity
  • 22. Searchability Consumer InformationSearch Engine Site Findability Brand
  • 23. 인터넷 검색 10계명1.  특별한 단어를 사용한다2.  평상시 쓰는 말투는 잠시 잊는다3.  비슷한 단어나 관련 분야를 생각한다4.  필요 없는 놈은 버린다5.  철자를 조심한다6.  범위를 좁혀간다7.  단 하나가 나와도 실망하지 않는다8.  분야별로 특화된 웹 사이트를 이용한다9.  막막하면 뉴스 검색부터 시작한다10.  검색 도움말을 ‘꼭’ 읽는다
  • 24. AND GO BACK IN TIME TO 1965
  • 25. Moore’s & Mooers’ Law
  • 26. 직접회로 1인치당 트랜지스터의 수가 매년 두 배로 증가할 것이다.직접회로로 인해 가정용 컴퓨터와 자동항법으로 움직이는 자동차, 그리고 휴대용 커뮤니케이션 장비 같은 놀라운 물건들이 만들어질 것이다. 전자 손목 시계는 현재 디스 플레이 문제의 해결만 남겨놓고 있다. Gordon Moore, 1965, Electronics출처
  • 27. 검색하고 소유하는 편이 차라리 정보가 없었을 때보다 더 고 통스럽거나 귀찮다면, 사람들은 그 정보 검색 시스템을 더 이상 쓰지 않게 될 것이다. 정보를 소유하고 이용하는 것보다, 소유하지도 이용하지도 않는 쪽이 오히려 문제와 고통을 줄이는 경우가 종종 있다. Calvin Mooers
  • 28. Amount Contents Of Data Searchability Time
  • 29. 기술은 빠르게 변하지만 진화는 느리다.
  • 30. UsabilityUser Experience UXD andFindability
  • 31. How will they find you ?
  • 32. Findability Findabilitya.  위치가 밝혀질 수 있거나 찾아가는 것이 가능한 속성b.  특정 물건이 발견되거나 위치가 파악될 수 있는 정도c.  어떤 시스템이나 환경이 네비게이션과 검색을 지원하는 정도피터모빌, CEO of Semantic Studios
  • 33. Search Marketing
  • 34. Search marketing SEM Search Engines Marketing Comprises Of….. SEA Search Engines Advertising SEO Search Engines Optimization Search engine optimization aims to Paying the search engines company for guaranteed high ranking or ad displayed improve rankings for relevantaside the results ( commonly known as pay keywords in search results. per click advertising ). PPC/CPC/SEM/Paid Search
  • 35. SEO VS SEM(PPC)
  • 36. SEO VS SEM(PPC) SEO SEM/PPCPros •  Free (not including resources) •  Excellent at creating awareness quickly •  Searchers click on organic sear •  Campaigns can be budgeted to fit a busi ch results more often than paid ness’s needs PPC links •  Changeable •  More Credible (Editorial) •  Short Term •  Better Quality response •  Tactical •  Longer lasting •  StrategicCons •  Time consuming(3/6 months) •  Can be pricey ($25-$100,000 a month) •  Takes longer to see results •  Must be managed constantly (daily/wee kly) •  ROI can be difficult to manage •  Clickfraud
  • 37. Benefits of SEM(PPC/SEA)•  Control4 When you launch4 Bid price and how much you spend4 Keyword for which your ad appears4 Message the user sees4 Immediate results•  Low Risk4 “Pay-per-click” pricing model: you pay only when a user clicks and NOT per impression•  High Impact4 High volume and relative lower cost compared with SEO
  • 38. Type of SEANetwork Product•  Overture (CPC)•  Google (CPC)Site Product•  브랜드검색•  Naver Click-Choice (CPC)•  Daum Clix (CPC)•  CPMETC•  Realclick•  Linkprice
  • 39. 4.39% 4.25% 23.67% 1.4 Overture CPC Google CPC Rea Daum CPMYahoo CPM Empas CPM 검색결과 상위 노출 Daum CPC 매체 매체
  • 40. SEA(SEM, Paid Search)
  • 41. SEA Management ProcessStep 1: Define your targets•  Learning more about your target audience : what are their digital habits ?•  Which pages are targeted (based on marketing objectives) : “e-call” pages•  Which goals should be achieved with the website (newsletter subscriptions, buying a product, printing documentation, etc… ) 1 Target Definition
  • 42. SEA Management ProcessStep 2: Pre-campaign preparation•  If necessary, set-up of a webanalytics program•  Prepare a list of relevant keywords : IMPORTANCE OF THE LONG TAIL !•  Prepare the landing pages : match the ads / keywords as much as possible.•  This includes –  Optimization of existing content –  Writing additional content when necessary 1 2 Target Campaign Definition Preparation
  • 43. SEA Management ProcessStep 3: Approval and launch of the campaign•  When the proposed keywords receive approval, campaigns are launched and watched very closely the first few days to manage keyword pricing and execute initial optimization•  Unwanted websites from the content network are filtered out 1 2 3 Target Campaign Approval & Definition Preparation Launch
  • 44. SEA Management ProcessStep 4: Maintenance and reporting•  Campaigns should be monitored on a daily basis. This includes: –  4 Ongoing bid management –  4 Competitor analysis•  On a monthly basis you should assess : –  4 Quality visitor evolution statistics –  4 Implementation of new opportunities 1 2 3 4 Target Campaign Approval & Maintenance Definition Preparation Launch & Report
  • 45. SEA Management ProcessStep 5: Conversion optimizationAttracting more quality visitors to your websiteis the first step of a successful PPC Campaign.Once a visitor reaches your website, wewant to make sure that these visitors aredoing exactly what we want them to do… therebymaximizing the ROI of your campaign 5 Conversion Optimization
  • 46. SEA Management ProcessStep 6: Advanced Analytics:•  Tracking the visitor trough out the website to optimize the conversion funnel•  A/B Testing on landing pages
  • 47. SEOin Natural Search, organic Search
  • 48. Only Care about listing top 15
  • 49. Search Engine Result: Organic Listing Natural, unpaid or algorithmic Listing/result
  • 50. SEO LayersCredibility 향상Contents 최적화Accessibility 개선
  • 51. SEO basic Layer – Accessibility 개선What we can see• Text• Images What search engines see:• Video • No scripts (text)• Layout • No content of imagesETC • No content of videos • No Flash … • Only structured content SEO basic Layer에서 중요한 것은 웹사이트의 모든 타입의 컨텐츠들을 검색엔진이 읽을 수 있게 만드는 것.
  • 52. The Content optimization layer희망하는 검색키워드를 검색했을 시에 상위에 노출시키기 위해서는,그 키워드들이 가능한 가장 적합하게 사용되게 만들어야 함.Important Factors•  키워드들을 타이틀, 설명문구, header 요소들 등에 사용.•  방문자들에게 웹사이트를 통해서 유용한 internal 링크들을 제공.•  필요하다면 별도의 컨텐츠 페이지를 구성.•  키워드의 Relevancy를 높이기 위해서는 추가적인 문구 사용.
  • 53. Good; backlink viaimage to the event Better: backlink viapage (not bcc home anchor text –your toppage !) keyword Best: backlinks via multiple keywords as anchor text
  • 54. The Improving Credibility Layer LINK BATINGLink bait is any content or feature within a website that s omehow baits viewers to place links to it from other we bsites
  • 55. Problem is 통합검색 Naver / Daum etc..
  • 56. SMO / NRSocial Media Optimization / Netizen Relationship
  • 57. Search Trend
  • 58. Web 2.0 Era – Social Web 웹 2.0시대로 새롭게 조명 받는 뉴미디어 확산 참여개방 공유 Social Media Optimization Netizen Relationship
  • 59. SMO/NRSocial Media Optimization은 UCC기반 Web 2.0시대의 Posit ive 브랜딩 방법을 사용, 웹 상의 브랜드 및 기업 이미지를 저해하는 요소로 인한 Negative PR/Branding을 최소화 하는 것. 또한, Web 2.0의 통합 검색에 대한 온라인 브랜드, 제품 마케팅 및 PR전략으로 사용 된다.
  • 60. 1. Reputation Management 부정 컨텐츠 Push-Down / Positive 컨텐츠 Push up
  • 61. 2. 쌍방향 Comm.통한 관계성 유지 쌍방향 Comm.을 통한 관계 유지 충성고객을 통한 입 소문, 명성 강화
  • 62. SMO Process – 양질의 Killer Contents 작성
  • 63. SMO Process – 주요 포털의 SMO
  • 64. SMO Process – 지속적인 Social Networking
  • 65. SMO Process – Viral Marketing
  • 66. SMO와 NR의 차이점은?
  • 67. SMO NR Killer Contents상위등록 포털사이트 등록 Social Networking Viral Marketing 이벤트SEO 블로그검색 마케팅 지식인 마케팅
  • 68. SMO / NR KPI 비교SMO :1) 타겟팅한 키워드로 검색 결과 시 블로그 색션에 상위 노출2) 사이트 유입 키워드 ratio (타겟팅한 키워드 미리 선정)3) RSS등록(구독률 %)NR1) 지식인 : 일정량의 등록건수 생존 %(생존하면 자연스레 상위노출효과를 누릴 수 있음을 전제로 생각함)2) 일반 커뮤니티 사이트 : 게시판 등록건수 %(다른 글이 올라오면 내려가니깐)
  • 69. SMO KPI 예 검색엔진 10위 내 등록 율 30위 내 등록 율 Google 80% 80% Yahoo 70% 80% MSN 60% 90% AOL 60% 100% ASK 100% 100% Altavista 60% 80% Lycos 70% 100% Netscape 60% 100% Alltheweb 70% 100% iWon 100% 100% 평균 등록 율 73% 93%Summaryl  10 위 내 등록 율 지난 달 비교 7% 상승 : 66%  73%l  30 위 내 등록 율 지난 달 비교 15% 상승 : 78%  93%
  • 70. Wrap up Paradigm Shift SEM Lookingforness기술의 진화 / 정보의 폭발 SEA SEO (무어 & 무어스의 이론) Searchability의 한계 Web 2.0 Social Web SMOUsability, UXD, Findability NR
  • 71. AndWHAT is NEXT SEAR CH??
  • 72. Search Trend
  • 73. The Language Problem in Current Search Searcher  Frustra,on   Adver,ser  ROI        
  • 74. Jakobs Law of the Web User Experience“Users spend most of their time on other sites”
  • 75. Vertical Search
  • 76. Vertical Search Engines•  Globalspec (for engineers)•  Searchmedica (for UK doctors)•  Scirus (science)•  Kosmix (health, auto, travel)•  Trulia (real estate)•  Truveo (video)•  Search-autoparts (automotive)
  • 77. Advantages for users•  Quicker to find desired info 53%*•  Focused on business interests & workflow 50%•  Save time 48%•  Top results more relevant 47%* Percentage of users citing as ‘major advantage’
  • 78. Disadvantages for users•  Lack of good vertical search engine in sector 38%*•  Results not comprehensive enough 32%•  No better than popular search engine 27%•  Hard to remember URL 23%* Percentage of users citing as ‘major downside’
  • 79. Netvibes
  • 80. Semantic Search
  • 81. Semantic SearchSemantic Web “The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation.”-- Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler, Ora Lassila, The Sema ntic Web, Scientific American, May 2001
  • 83. Results Screens
  • 84. Results Screens
  • 85. Results Screens - Expanded
  • 86. Results Screens - Expanded
  • 87. Results Screens - Expanded
  • 88. Other Search Trend
  • 89. New Trends: Wikia Search•  What is it? –  Open-source search engine launched in Janua ry, 2008 by the founder of Wikipedia.•  How does it work? –  Users can delete, add, and change the order of its natural search listings based on relevan ce. Like Wikipedia, changes are tracked so th e community can see who does what. •  20,000 community members •  60,000 edits made to search results•  What are the implications? –  Its reliance of user feedback means it will tak e some time to become effective in terms of search depth and relevance. –  Currently still in beta but will eventually sup port advertising.
  • 90. New Trends: Pay-Per-Call•  What is it? –  Advertisers pay for calls rather than clicks from s earch ads. –  Primarily used by local advertisers without Web s ites or companies that close sales over the phone .•  Main provider #1: Google –  What is Google’s business model? •  Users click the phone icon in the ad, enter their ph one number, and advertiser calls back. Call is free for user. –  What’s been the reaction in the marketplace? •  Anecdotally, the adoption rate for Google’s pay-pe r-call service remains slow since its launch in 2005 because: –  Users do not like entering their phone numbers (inco nvenience and fear that number will be sold, misuse d, or given to advertiser, etc). –  Users do not want to wait for their phone to ring.
  • 91. New Trends: Pay-Per-Call•  Main provider #2: Ingenio –  How is Ingenio’s business model? •  User sees a unique 800-number and calls that number. Advertiser only pays if call lasts more then 10 seconds. •  Ingenio, acquired by AT&T in December 2007, distributes ads to AOL, Yello wpages.com, and other search engines. –  What’s been the reaction in the marketplace? •  Ingenio’s model has arguably gained more traction among advertisers and us ers than Google’s. •  Call pricing starts at $2, but due to demand, average price-per-call is aroun d $10 with some categories at $60.
  • 92. New Trends: MSN Search Cashback•  What is it? –  A comparison-shopping search engine launched in May 2008 that pays users cash back who purchase an advertiser ’s product.•  Why does this mean for MSN? –  MSN is attempting to grow market sha re by paying users to search.•  What does this mean for advertisers? –  Advertisers only pay when someone p urchases a product. This CPA (cost-pe r-action) model can drive more ROI fo r some advertisers than Google and Ya hoo’s CPC (cost-per-click) model.
  • 93. Search Trend