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Gunter library experience

  1. 1. Hurricane Katrina Gunter Library’s Experience Joyce M. Shaw, MLIS, MA Head Librarian & Associate Professor Gunter Library Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Library—Gulf University of Southern Mississippi Ocean Springs, MS Hurricane Katrina—5 Years Later University of Texas at Austin August 31, 2010
  2. 2. 30 August 2005 107 Pine Drive (my home)
  3. 3. My Grandparent’s Home in West Gulfport Built in 1902 G lf t B ilt i Photo taken 6 March 2006
  4. 4. Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Pre-Katrina Aerial View Post-Katrina Aerial View
  5. 5. The Road to the Laboratory y Getting to the campus meant climbing over the debris from destroyed homes.
  6. 6. Sign at the entry of campus
  7. 7. South Side of the Campus Pre Katrina Pre-Katrina
  8. 8. South Side of Campus Post Katrina Post-Katrina
  9. 9. The walk up the hill toward the library was grim.
  10. 10. Attree li b smashed the glass in a front door. The limb h d th l i f td Th hurricane winds blew the pictures out of the frames. Water entered through several doors.
  11. 11. 30 in. (72.1 cm) of storm surge flooded the hallways of the Caylor Building leading to the Library.
  12. 12. Gunter Library - 8 September 2006 Our hurricane procedure did not include preparing for a 24 f t (7 3 meters) storm surge. i f foot (7.3 t ) t The building is 21 ft (6.4 m) above sea level.
  13. 13. Computers are bagged in plastic and moved away from a wall of windows facing north as part of the hurricane procedures.
  14. 14. Debris, water height lines, and books in the marsh muck were found throughout the library. library
  15. 15. Marsh muck is slippery and sticky.
  16. 16. Books were either thrown off the shelves into the muck or compacted through expansion
  17. 17. Books molded in the hot humid hot, environment.
  18. 18. Water caused all metal cabinets to rust.
  19. 19. Mold and muck filled all library spaces. We found a marsh snake & a turtle. W f d h k t tl
  20. 20. Where do you start?
  21. 21. Standing in the muck, library staff conferred about our recovery plans.
  22. 22. Books had been wet for 13 days by the time a recovery company arrived. ti i d
  23. 23. The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries had a contract with Blackmon Mooring Steamatic. They arrived Saturday, 10 M i St ti Th i d S t d September at 6:30 pm.
  24. 24. Using salvaged furniture, BMS Contractors helped set up a te po a y library reference e ped temporary b a y e e e ce desk in the building’s portico.
  25. 25. We were not alone in trying to salvage what we could. l h ld
  26. 26. Employees and students worked 12+ hours a day every day for over a month. h d d f th
  27. 27. Cross the hall from the library, the computer l b had 20 in. (51 cm.) of storm t lab h d i ) f t surge.
  28. 28. Library furnishings and equipment joined auditorium seating outside the building in the debris piles.
  29. 29. Within days the entire coast looked as if someone had set fire to everything (September 2005)
  30. 30. Using what we could find, clean, and save, we were bac in ou space by late Octobe , but e e back our ate October, with contractors working around us.
  31. 31. New Circulation Desk 2008
  32. 32. Back in service Post Katrina service—Post
  33. 33. Gunter Library Staff • Marjie Williams, library technical assistant, compiled all the lists of ll th li t f materials lost to the storm surge. Williams says she will never stay for a hurricane again having survived Hurricanes Camille (1969) and Katrina (2005)
  34. 34. Gunter Library staff • Cathy Schloss, y , interlibrary loan assistant, lost her home in Escatawpa, MS, Escatawpa MS (nearly 70 miles/112.6 km.) east of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall. S f She and her husband lived for two years in an RV y while rebuilding. They returned home in August 2007 2007.
  35. 35. People who helped • Heather Ferguson, a g , graduate student studying benthic ecology, ecology shoveled muck, put plastic on shelves, & wiped mildew off books and ff bound journals. After g graduating in 2006, she g , and her husband joined the Peace Corp and served in Romania Romania.
  36. 36. People who helped • Howard Newby, a long-time geology technician was assigned to help the library. Mr. Newby ti d N b retired from the lab in 2006 and works as a greeter at a local Wal-Mart Wal Mart.
  37. 37. People who helped • Brian Joachim, Botany green house assistant, helped salvage furniture and was our supplies “runner.” li “ ” Brian is “keeping it green green” with our GCRL landscaping crew.
  38. 38. People who helped • Adrienne Russell Flowers, a PhD student in Marine Microbiology, offered conservation tips, shoveled muck, and documented the dd t d th damage. She is continuing her dissertation research.
  39. 39. People who helped • Betty Shaw, a Katrina Relief Worker from the South MS Regional Development Commission, worked C i i k d part-time from April 2006-May 2007 in the library. Her office lib H ffi furniture business received 5 ft (1.5 m) of storm surge She is surge. now works for Mississippi Trained and Ready. Ready
  40. 40. We were blessed in our recovery efforts b several major donors ff by l j d Rotary International Zones 29 & 30 Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
  41. 41. Rotary Zones 29 & 30 y
  42. 42. National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern Atlantic Region Katrina Relief Award 2005-06
  43. 43. National Network of Libraries of Medicine M di i SE/A Grant G • Two IBM® Desktop Computers • Canon Scanner • Five (5) Microbiology Reference Books
  44. 44. SOLINET Academic Library Hurricane Recovery Project funded by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Collection losses at Gunter Library • Parts or all of 138 serial titles (A-C) • M More than 1,200 b k h 1 200 books • Nearly 3,000 reprints, reports, grey literature • Archival copies of GCRL publications p p
  45. 45. In April 2007 we traveled to Sutton Books in Williamsburg, KY Williamsburg KY, to purchase replacement books as part of the SOLINET Academic Library Hurricane Recovery Project
  46. 46. The recovery at home continued, too.
  47. 47. The backyard shed did not survive. The pool was fill d with debris and harbor water. filled ith d b i dh b t
  48. 48. The tree was removed and a blue roof installed.
  49. 49. We acquired a new family member, Katrina, who arrived at our door a day after the storm. h i d t d d ft th t
  50. 50. There is more to recovery than bleach, buckets, bleach buckets and rags! • NNLM SE/A Emergency Planning Taskforce • IAMSLIC Disaster Taskforce • COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM TRAINING (CERT) • FEMA INSTITUTE INDEPENDENT STUDY PROGRAM Introduction to the Command System (ICS) Introduction to ICS for Higher Education • MEMA • Disaster 101 • RED CROSS Understanding the Mission Disaster Assessment • SOLINET Risk Management Seminar Hurricane Preparedness Workshop Gulf Coast Academic Library Recovery Project: The Business Side of Recover
  51. 51. Sources for Courses • CERT TRAINING • FEMA Institute Independent Study Program • LYRASIS (formerly SOLINET) • RED CROSS
  52. 52. Questions!