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My story maker
My story maker
My story maker
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My story maker
My story maker
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My story maker


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. My Story Maker Web 2.0 Tool Cindy Boger Kim Brooks Megan Markland
  • 2. What is My Story Maker ?
    • My Story Maker is an online investigative literacy tool. This tool enables users to control storylines through selection of available characters, settings, objects, and plots. Text is automatically added as items are selected and dropped onto the scene. The result is an online storybook to print or share with others.
  • 3. How does My Story Maker work?
    • My Story Maker begins with identification of the author, you! Just key in your name, select ok, and turn the page. Yes, your book has pages!
    • Set the goal of your story. Select your main character from one of the over 20 possibilities. What is your main character’s goal? Choose one of the 7 possibilities. Next choose another character. Select ok and view your title page. Do you like your title? No. Go back and make changes. After all, this is your story.
    • Write your story by selecting one of the 10+ settings. Add scenery objects or items by dragging them onto the scene. Adjust your character’s feelings, actions, and interactions. Text is automatically written as objects are added and actions are adjusted. Don’t like the text? Delete it and key in text that is more your style. Like what is written, but want more excitement? Add supporting details. Remember, this is your story!
    • Once the story is complete select the preview option. Now you are the editor. Make adjustments if needed and click the end tab. Your story is complete! You may print it out or share with others. Don’t forget to save the “magic” number so that you can print it again later. You’re a published author now!
  • 4. My Story Maker how to video.
    • http:// =Qmr9TWawbeQ
  • 5. Why use My Story Maker ?
    • There are numerous reasons why you should use My Story Maker .
    • A primary reason is that this tool enables children to be author’s
    • regardless of whether or not they can spell. A few additional
    • reasons are that it helps children learn:
    • to identify sight words.
    • how to develop storylines.
    • word association.
    • spoken word has a corresponding written word.
    • writing independence.
    • reading skills.
    • how to add details to stories.
    • and overall literacy skills.
  • 6. What are the benefits of My Story Maker ?
    • My Story Maker enables every child to be an author.
    • This tool is a great resource for ELL children. It enables them to “write” stories and see the corresponding written English word.
    • It offers differentiated literacy instruction.
    • Use of this tool reinforces reading and writing skills.
    • My Story Maker enables children to practice and apply literacy skills.
    • Offers an additional way to share children’s written work with their parents.
    • Is an engaging tool for all learners. Who ever knew learning could be so much fun!