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10 Slide Lean Startup MVP Deck Example


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Lean Startup 10 slide deck with Paypal and example on how to do yours.

Lean Startup 10 slide deck with Paypal and example on how to do yours.

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  • - don’t make it look like you are describing a solution looking for a problem
    Answer to the little man, “so what”
    Is the audience “buying in”?
  • - Audience must understand what is the value you are providing (i.e time saving, correct a wrongdoing, save something good from vanishing)
    - Do not get into technical details of how cool the N tier application is and how it runs on distributed datacenters across the world
  • An untested business model is likely to fail.
    Use analogs & antilogs in similar industries
    Advertising is NOT a sustainable business model unless you have Google or Facebook’s traffic and can negotiate direct ad deals with media agencies
  • - Diagrams are best use of this slide.
  • - You need to have an effective go to market strategy
  • Transcript

    • 1.  Your company name  1 line “mantra” how you change the world  Website  Presenter name and date
    • 2. Problem ToDo: Describe the pain you are addressing Pain Examples: Booking a hotel takes forever with an agent and I’m not sure I get best deal ( Individuals & Small stores cannot accept credit cards as they don’t qualify for merchant accounts (
    • 3. Solution Todo: Explain how you solve the pain and how world becomes a better place. Examples: Create a website that aggregates all hotel fares and enables search and compare plus real-time online booking ( Create a website that allows online credit cards to be accepted by individuals and small businesses without a merchant account (paypal)
    • 4. Business Model Todo: How would you make money? What are the channels and gross margins? Examples: We will charge the hotels a 15% reservation fee. Service will be free to consumers ( Will approach big hotel chains and propose to sell their slow moving inventory
    • 5. Secret sauce Todo: Describe the underlying magic, technology that makes this happen  Examples: Act as middleman between merchants and banks/credit card companies and serve the “long tail” of individuals & small businesses (paypal) Provide extra security layer by storing card numbers on our servers, merchants never see them Use our proprietary encryption technology to make it all secure (we also have a patent pending)
    • 6. Marketing & Sales Todo: Explain how are you going to reach your customer on a shoestring budget Examples: Make it easy for sellers to embed our PayNow button in auction listings. Go after most active sellers and solicit them directly to use us. Incentivize first time users by offering one time credit of $5 upon first transaction Create buddy referral program and enable users to earn cash credit for each referral
    • 7. Competition Todo: Provide a complete view of market players. Why are you better? Examples: Billpoint, BidPay, Moneybookers, yahoo PayDirect, Citybank’s C2it (for paypal) Our advantages: Individuals & Small businesses can accept payments with no merchant account Buyers’ credit card numbers will not be passed to merchants
    • 8. The Team Todo: Who will help you succeed? Key members, advisors. List missing talent here. Examples: Tom Smith, co-founder, CEO. Brings 15 years of target market expertise, created several sales channels Rob Doe, co-founder, CTO. 20 years integrating online travel sites, running datacenters and managing offshore teams
    • 9. Financial Projections  Todo: 5 year (wishful) projections. Number of customers, conversion rate, sales volume  Examples:  Our target auction channel has over 100,000 transactions per day  We expect an initial 0.1% conversion rate, or 100 transactions per day in the first 3 months.  Average transaction value is $25. We make 3% per transaction or $0.75. That leads us to gross sales of $750 per day. (Insert 5 year table here)
    • 10. Current Status  Todo: What have you accomplished so far?  Outline market testing results, hard numbers  Target Customer feedback  Traction outlook  What assumptions have you validated  What leaps of faith you have to make  (update this each week, last week it will show traction status)
    • 11.  If you have questions or need help, or you want to pitch me (I’m an accredited investor, you can pitch me directly), contact me: Bogdan Cirlig     PS: this slide is not part of your deck :D