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  1. 1. Easy and quick way to create your personal mobile application
  2. 2. Market capacity Mobile platforms market is growing1 000 000 1 000 000 000 Till 2014Mobile applications Downloads from Mobile applicationscreated AppStore only market is to treble1 000 000 487 700 000 63 200 000New Android devices Smartphones were Tablets were soldare activated daily sold in 2011 in 2011
  3. 3. Mobile device became the main content consumption center50%Facebook users enjoycommunicating via mobileapplication
  4. 4. Users’ pain Too complicated-to-use interface ofTo create mobile applications constructor It takes you from 30 minutes to 5 hours to create mobile application using existing services30-300minutes Special skills in design, web and programming are required to create mobile application All the services are for a fee
  5. 5. Our solution We created an interface that allows anyone create their mobile application in 5 steps and in 5 minutes5 minutes There is no need to be a programmer or a designer to create your mobile application Service is absolutely free-to-use
  6. 6. Competitors FreeComplicated Easy-to-use For a fee
  7. 7. Competitors Title Usability Base price Platforms Native code + Availability without (1-5) fast and responsive publication in user interface 5 $0 + + through 2 Заголовок $399-2999 + Viewer — • Тезис from + 3 + • Тезис 2 $39/month (html 5) • Тезис 1 $49.00/month + — 2 $0-15 — + html 5 3 $29-59 — — (+499) 4 $29-99/month + — + (499-1999) 2 $0-299 + + html 5 only
  8. 8. how does it work? Choose your way to create your mobile application Apps Builder Social network web-site for tablets
  9. 9. Our advantages 5 times faster than our competitors CompetitorsWe created an Instant-Apps technology
  10. 10. Instant-Apps Technology 1 dayWrite code in the Assemble native applications Approximately 1 day is It will take us just oneJava language once and their HTML5 version required to develop a week instead of half aand then convert it automatically completely new year as for ourto native code for 5 module for 5 platforms competitors to port ourplatforms code base to any new mobile platform
  11. 11. Construct your application from modules You choose modules that define the functionality of your application created via • User chooses only those modules he needs and wants • Set of available modules is increasing regularly • An application can be configured according to user’s needs
  12. 12. Types of applications Users can choose one or another Each type has its unique set of modules to create an application Personal GroupOnly one user can administrate it Several users can administrate it
  13. 13. What can a user create? doesn’t stint users’ imagination • Micro social network • Business card • Portfolio • Blog • etc.
  14. 14. Monetization Freemium model Use for free $Premium Partners’functions assessments Advertising
  15. 15. MonetizationSpecial ways of monetization Branded modules Integration of partners’ functional as special modules
  16. 16. Development plansNew platforms New modulesWindows Phone 7 30-40Bada itemsBlackBerryPanasonic New markets The whole world
  17. 17. Investments needed from $500 000* * Convertible notes
  18. 18. TeamFounder DesignerViacheslav Semenchuk Leonid StrukovThe owner of Art-bureau Created design for theCreators that is in TOP-20 Olympic Games in Sochibest Russian studios 2014, Givenchy, Kinder, etc.Developer Web-developerNikolay Zapolnov Ivan MedvedevDeveloped Developed documentYandex.Metrics, billing, IPT exchange system for DHLV
  19. 19. TeamCMO Junior developerYuri Chizh Sergey KostikovHead of the department of Participated inthe largest Russian SMM- development of CRMagency GreenPR softwareJunior developer Junior developerAndrey Gorbulenko Pavel DionisievDeveloped production catalog Developed the towerfor Otler defense game for mobile platforms
  20. 20. Target audience12-17 yearsSchoolchildren who are active social networks usersCan use personal applications made by themselves and their friends andapplications for their class as well18-35 yearsStudents and people who take an active part in social lifeCan create application for their music band, party, university group orwork
  21. 21. Entry points12-17 years oldauditory Social Theme Popular networks resources videoblogs18-35 years oldauditory Niche Applications review Partnership with social networks resources high-schools
  22. 22. Development Already done during 6 months’ periodWeb builder Apps Viewer Instant-Apps Versions for Integration with Integration with Technology iOS, Android, HTML5 Facebook Work on it nowApps Builder Versions for 40 modules for Integration with Integration with Integration with for tablets WP7, BlackBerry applications Vkontakte Orkut
  23. 23. Investments reportTeam AdvertisingOffice MarketingServers Additional expenses Outsource
  24. 24. ContactsViacheslav Semenchuk +7 495 77 8888 4