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Weather part 4done

  1. 1. 變幻的天氣 - 天氣與我The changing weather-weather and daily life
  2. 2. • Part 1
  3. 3. 天氣會有怎樣的變化? (book P.16) How does weather change?今天的天氣怎樣?把適當的詞語圈起來。How is the weather today? Circle the correct answers. 今天的天氣 今天是 3 月 26 日 Today’s weather Date: 26th March, 2012 天色 晴天 / 陰天 / 雨天 Sunny / Cloudy /Rainy 氣溫 炎熱 / 和暖 / 寒冷 Temperature Hot / Warm /Cool/ Cold 風力 無風 / 微風 / 強風 Strength of wind No wind/ Breeze /Strong wind 降雨 無雨 / 微雨 / 大雨 Rainfall No rain/ Drizzle / Heavy rain 濕度 乾燥 / 潮濕 Humidity Dry/Humid/Average
  4. 4.• 天氣因素 Weather elements: 溫度、濕度、風 ( 向與速度 ) 、能見度、雨量 temperature 、 humidity 、 wind(direction and speed) 、 visibility 、 rainfall
  5. 5. • 1. 有什麼的天氣因素 ?What elements of weather were reported?溫度、濕度、風、能見度、雨量Temperature 、 humidity 、 wind 、 visibility 、 rainfall• 2. 天氣狀況如何 ?How is the weather?清涼、潮濕及有霧。Cool, humid and misty.
  6. 6. Which picture shows that rain is coming? How do the clouds look?1 23 4
  7. 7. Why there is rainfall? 為什麼會下雨 ?
  8. 8. 發問 : 你們知道下雨的原因嗎 ?Do you know the reason of rainfall?我們可以看一看有關的實驗片段 (0:30-1:28)We can see the video that is about the rainfall.• ail.php?rid=2007155220
  9. 9. Water evaporates and turns intowater vapour because of heat.
  10. 10. Water vapour goes up to higher altitudeof sky
  11. 11. Water vapour turns into waterdroplets when cooled to form clouds.
  12. 12. When more water droplets gather,the cloud becomes thicker.
  13. 13. Water droplets become heavier. They fall as rain.
  14. 14. Note (book p.17)• 雲由大小不同的水點組成,當雲中的水點 愈來愈大和愈來愈重時,便會降到地面, 形成 雨 。• Cloud is made up of water droplets. When water droplets gather and become heavier, they fall as ___rain_____.
  15. 15. 水的三態 Three states of water 液態 - 水Liquid state-water 氣態 - 水蒸氣 gaseous state – water vapour 固態 - 冰 solid state - ice
  16. 16. 比較煙和水蒸氣 smoke VS water vapour煙 水分smoke Water燃燒物件產生煙Fires thingsproduce smoke水蒸氣 水分Water vapour water100℃ 的熱水Hot water at100℃
  17. 17. • Part 2
  18. 18. • 在這天氣下,你會去公園嗎 ? 你要帶些什 麼去公園 ?• Will you go to park? What should you wear and bring under this weather condition when you go to park?
  19. 19. 1. 你會去公園嗎 ?Will you go to the park?你要帶些什麼去公園 ?2. What should you wear and bring under this weather condition when you go to the park?
  20. 20. 晴天:遊人愛到戶外玩耍Sunny: people play in park
  21. 21. • 1. 你會去公園嗎 ? Will you go to the park? 你要帶些什麼去公園 ? 2. What should you wear and bring under this weather condition• when you go to the park?
  22. 22. • 雨天:人們都不到公園來。• Rainy: nobody goes to the park
  23. 23. 1. 你會去公園嗎 ? Will you go to the park?你要帶些什麼去公園 ?2. What should you wear and bring under thisweather condition when you go to the park? 28°C
  24. 24. 炎熱的天氣:遊人撐著傘子防曬。Hot: people carry umbrella or wearcaps.
  25. 25. 1. 你會去公園嗎 ?Will you go to the park?你要帶些什麼去公園 ?2. What should you wear and bring under this weather condition when you go to the park? •10°C
  26. 26. • 寒冷和大風的天氣:遊人穿上厚衣服。• Cold and windy: people wear thick clothes.
  27. 27. • Weather affects our activities and clothing.• 天氣會影響我們的活動及衣著。
  28. 28. 那一個小孩穿了不合適的衣物?Who is wearing improper clothing?
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  35. 35. Sudden weather change 天氣突變 颱風吹襲 Typhoon the weather condition when there isTyphoon.在颱風吹襲下的環境是怎樣 ?Things were blown away. Some trees were uprooted. People weredifficult to hold the umbrella.颱風吹襲時物件被吹起 , 樹木被吹倒 , 人們拿著風雨傘也吹歪
  36. 36. • Describe the weather condition when there is thunder and lightning.• 閃電打雷時的環境是怎樣 ? The sky is very dark. Suddenly it has lightning and loud sounds of thunder. Few people go to street. 天色黑暗,突然會有閃電和很大的雷聲 , 閃電打雷時街道上 行人較少 , 人們多會留在室內 閃電打雷 Thunder and lightning
  37. 37. 天氣會有怎樣的變化?Different weather你遇過以下的情況嗎?How does the weather affect us? 颱風吹襲 閃電打雷 Typhoon Thunder and lightning這些突變的天氣對我們有甚麼影響?How does the weather affect us?- 颱風吹襲時學生不用上學,惡劣的天氣影響船隻、飛機航行。-students do not need to go to school when there is rainstorm, theschedules or ships and flights are delayed or cancelled when there is atyphoon.
  38. 38. 天氣會有怎樣的變化?你最喜歡哪一種天氣?為甚麼?Which kinds of weather do you like most? Why? 晴天 陰天 雨天 sunny cloudy rainny 炎熱 寒冷和大風 hot Cold and windy 天氣是會變化的,天氣情況會影響人們的生活。Weather often changes. Different weather affects our lives.
  39. 39. 小結 Conclusion天氣是會變化的,天氣情況會影響人們的生活 , 如我們的活動及衣著。Weather often changes. Differentweather affects our lives,such as activities and clothing.
  40. 40. 我們怎樣得到天氣資料?Where can you get weather information?
  41. 41. 我們怎樣得到天氣資料?你曾經使用以下途徑獲取天氣消息嗎?說說從不同途徑可以取得甚麼資料。Where can you get weather information? 報紙 Newspaper 電視 TV 電台 Radio
  42. 42. 我們怎樣得到天氣資料?你曾經使用以下途徑獲取天氣消息嗎?說說從不同途徑可以取得甚麼資料。 天文台的網頁 The internet 提供天氣資料的電話 Inquiry hotlines- 可以取得甚麼資料 What kind of information can you get?溫度、濕度、降雨、風向Temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind direction.
  43. 43. 我們可以通過電視、電台、報紙、網頁和電話錄音知道每天的天氣資料。We can get weather information from TV, Radio, the Internet, ect.
  44. 44. When severe weather comes, theHong Kong Observatory will issuewarning signals. Do you know thewarning signals?當面對天氣惡劣 , 香港天文台會懸掛一些警告信號 , 你們知道多少 ?
  45. 45. 黃色暴雨警告Amber rainstorm signal
  46. 46. • Match the warning signal and its name in group. Please take turn to do the worksheet.• 分組配對警告信號和它們名稱。請你們輪 流地完成工作紙。
  47. 47. • How many types of rainstorm signals are there?• 暴雨警告分為多少級 ?
  48. 48. 暴雨警告信號 rainstorm signalsAmber黃 Black黑 Red 紅
  49. 49. 天氣警告信號告訴我們甚麼資料?What do weather warning signals tell us?暴雨警告信號共分為三級。哪些信號在上課前發出,表示同學不用上學?在 內加。要上學的,在 內加。Under which rainstorm signal(s) should pupils stay at home? Amber黃  Red 紅  Black黑  黃色暴雨警告 紅色暴雨警告 黑色暴雨警告Amber rainstorm signal Red rainstorm signal Black rainstorm signal市民應留意天氣報道, 學校停課。在空曠地方 學校停課。市民應留在戶採取適當的預防措施。 工作人士應暫停戶外作 內 , 並到安全的地方暫避 哪個暴雨訊號所顯示的環境是最惡劣 ?People should pay 業。 。 Which rainstormClasses will beattention to weather signal describes the worst weather Classes will bereports and take suspended. People suspended. peopleproper safety conditions? working outdoors should stay indoors ormeasures. exposed to rain should take shelter in a safe
  50. 50. Tropical cyclone warning signal 颱風警告信號
  51. 51. Tropical cyclone warning signal 颱風警告信號
  52. 52. When? 何時出現 ?• occur during the months of May to November, and are particularly prevalent during September.• 在五月至十一月出現,九月尤為 頻密
  53. 53. Why there are tropical cyclone warning signals? 為什麼要有颱風警告信號 ?發出信號是為了警告市民熱帶氣旋帶來的 風力威脅。signals are to warn the public of the threat of WINDS associated with a tropical cyclone.
  54. 54. 為甚麼颱風警告信號要分成不同的級別?Why are there are different tropical cyclonewarning signals?•表示颱風向和風力的強弱程度。•To show the direction and strengths ofwinds.
  55. 55. What do the directions blow the tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8 indicate?8 號風烈風 / 暴風信號下顯示的方位是表示什麼 ?• The direction from which the tropical cyclones are approaching HK• 由信號的所示方向吹襲
  56. 56. 當天文台發出哪些信號時,學校要停課?在 內加。Which signal(s) issued by the Hong Kong Observatory will 8 號以上颱風lead class suspension? 信號。 停課颱風警告信號 意義 classTropical cyclone warning signal Meaning suspension 1 號 /No.1 戒備 / Take safety measures 3 號 /No.3 強風 /Strong wing8 號西北 /No.8NW 西北烈風或暴風 /NW gale or storm 8 號西南 /No.8SW 西南烈風或暴風 /SW gale or storm  8 號東北 /No. 8 NE 東北烈風或暴風 /NE gale or storm  8 號東南 /No. 8 SE 東南烈風或暴風 /SE gale or storm  9 號 / NO.9 烈風或暴風風力增強 /increasing gale or storm  10 號 / No.10 颶風 /Hurricane 
  57. 57. Actions to take: 安全措施  用膠 紙條貼在當風的大玻璃窗上Use tape fixed to largewindow in exposed positionswill reduce damage by brokenglass. Do not stand near Avoid staying in the street. Staywindows. indoors. 避免逗留在街上
  58. 58. 颱風吹襲期間,為甚麼我們要不斷留意颱風消息?Why we always need to pay attention tothe weather information?- 可以根據天氣的變化,採取適當的行動和安全措施。Take appropriate safety measures underdifferent weather condition.
  59. 59. 其他警告信號other warning signals
  60. 60. Very Hot Weather Warning 酷熱天氣警告 * 氣溫已上升至 33℃ *Temperature goes up to 33適當措施 :Actions to be taken:應多喝水、避免長時間在陽光下曝曬避免中暑及曬傷. Drink plenty of water and avoid over exposure undersunlight reduce the chance of sunburn and gettingsunstroke.
  61. 61. 誰採取了適當 措施 ? Who has taken appropriate actions? 酷熱天氣警告 Very hot weather warning Drink plenty of water and using an umbrella Over exposure under sunlight 多喝水和帶傘子 長時間在陽光下曝曬 穿著不合適的衣服和進行不適當穿著合適的衣服和採取適當的措施 的活動,身體容易因不適應天氣。 變化而病倒。proper clothing and take She may get sunstroke because sheappropriate actions does not wear proper clothing under hot weather
  62. 62. Cold Weather Warning 寒冷天氣警告 氣溫已下降至 12℃ Temperature falls to 12℃適當措施 :Actions to be taken:多穿保暖衣服、應避免長時間置身在寒風中Put on warm clothes 、 avoid over exposure to wintrywinds.
  63. 63. 誰採取了適當 措施 ? 寒冷天氣警告信號Who has taken appropriate Cold weatheractions? warning He may get sick because he doesProper clothing: put on not wear enough warmwarm clothes clothes under cold weather.多穿保暖衣服 穿著不足的禦寒衣服,身體容 易病倒。
  64. 64. 火災危險警告 Fire Danger Warning * 天氣乾燥,火警容易發生 *Weather is very dry leading to a higher chance of fire outbreaks適當措施 :Actions to be taken:採取防火措施Pay attention to fire precautions
  65. 65. 雷暴警告 Thunderstorm Warning 在不穩定及潮濕的大氣中,雲層內的水滴及 冰粒在對流活動中產生電荷。適當措施 : water droplets and ice pellets in the cloud will become electrically charged inActions to be taken: convective motion1. 留在室內。 Stay indoors.2. 切勿游泳或進行其他水上運動。Do not swim or play water sports.3. 切勿站立於山頂上或接近導電性高的物體。 Do notstand on hill tops or near any highly conductive objects.4. 樹木容易被閃電擊中,應盡量遠離。Keep away from trees which are likely to be struck bylightning.
  66. 66. 在惡劣的天氣下,我們應該怎樣做?What should we do in severe weather?在惡劣天氣下,下圖的小朋友做得嗎?對的,在 內加;不對的加,並說說為甚麼。Are the children doing right in severe weather? Put a or  in the   打雷時站在樹下,容易 刮大風時留在室內活動 被閃電擊中。  ,較為安全 He may be hit by 下雨時游泳,容易被閃電 It is safe to stay lighting if he stands 擊中。 He may be hit by indoors during a under a tree. lightning if he swims thunderstorm outdoors during a thunderstorm.
  67. 67. 天氣惡劣時, 香港天文台 會根據天氣情況向市民發出 警告信號 ,如 颱風 警告信號、暴雨警告信號等。這時 , 我們應該採取適當的 安全措施 ,防止意外發生 。
  68. 68. • ConclusionWhen severe weather comes,The Hong Kong Observatory______________________ will issueWarning signals. We should safety measurestake________________ to avoid accidents.