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Presentation given during the Industry and Commerce Sector Session on Saturday 14th March at the Joomla! Day UK 2009

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  • My thanks go to Hugh for his presentation on his Company's use of Joomla! in the Industry and Commerce Sectors as a part of the Community and Sectors track at this year's event.
    Andy Wallace
    Event Coordinator
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OneOne Hundred - Using Joomla

  1. 1. OneOne Hundred Ltd The Journey: Excel™ to Joomla!™ Hugh Boyes Director, OneOne Hundred Ltd
  2. 2. Project Success or Failure? One piece of information you need to know about your project or programme .....Will it deliver? ....... At OneOne Hundred we can’t tell you that. We can tell you: • how your project is delivering against the known points of failure • where you should be putting you efforts to gain the maximum effect. Only 30% of projects are considered to be a success ...
  3. 3. Development Timeline Approach™ - 2008 • V0.1 - Excel™ based • V0.5 - PHP based • V0.9 - Joomla! 1.5 Plugin based • V1.0 – Joomla! Components Approach-G™ • Concept to Joomla! Components in 3 months
  4. 4. V0.1 – Excel™ based Approach™ • Questionnaires in Excel™ workbook • Y/N answers scored built-in radar chart
  5. 5. V0.5 – PHP based Approach™ • Questionnaires in Excel™ workbook results in MySQL dB • Display custom PHP-based pages with ChartDirector™ software
  6. 6. V0.9 - Joomla! 1.5 Plugin based • Questionnaires in Joomla! via Extension • Displayed using ChartDirector™ software
  7. 7. V0.9 - Complex Plugin architecture
  8. 8. V1.0 – Component based Approach™
  9. 9. Learning Joomla! 1.5 Websites • • • • Extensions • JoomlaWorks – SIG Pro – Tabs & Slides • RSJoomla – RSForm!Pro Books
  10. 10. Books Used o wt ! Start Development Ne la om Jo e c en r fe Re l fu e Us W N ew eb m to as Going te r Live!
  11. 11. THE TOOLS
  12. 12. Informing Traditional Tools and Methods wi d e ll it liv ‘We have the ‘We have spent this ‘We are on the right day er ? right people’ much over x days’ on the project plan Roles and Responsibilities Methodologies Time and Costs Time and Costs Internal Process Roles and Responsibilities Time ‘It really looks like this’ Achievement Achievement Achievement ‘It looks better/worse You need to do something’ ‘You need to do something about that’ ‘How far are we from Failure?’ Approach™ Tools Lessons Learnt Database of previous project Failures
  13. 13. OneOne Hundred Joomla! Statistics • 2 Proprietary Tools – Approach™ – Approach-G™ • 1 Report Generator Supported by: • 9 Custom Components • 3 Custom Modules • 42 Custom Database Tables • 6 Access Control Levels • 1 Interface to ChartDirector™ • 1 Paypal Integration Script
  14. 14. Joomla! - Third Party Extensions Used J!Dump Remository Google Verify JSecure Missing SectionEx Authentication Metadata JoomlaByEmail Abbreviations J!Analytics XMap
  15. 15. Applying the Tools Informing Decision Making within the project Existing Tools and Methodologies Tools OneOne Hundred @2009 All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. Contact Details OneOne Hundred Ltd 26 York Street London W1 Tel 020 7788 7764 OneOne Hundred Foundation@2009 All Rights Reserved