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  • 1. BOD Groupcorporate presentation 2013
  • 2. BOD Group fact sheet• The first optical disc manufacturer in Baltic States and one of thefirst manufacturers in Eastern Europe.• Reliable and stable family business maintained by 3 familymembers.• Partners - SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, BAYER, NETSTAL, VIASOLIS,SOLSOL, Visoriai informational, technology park, etc.• Established in 1998, today BOD Group includes:FlexibletimingAttentionto detailsQualityCostEffectivenessClientSatisfactionSupport Personalservice
  • 3. Over 150million LTL investment into new projects next yearExports 85% of total production to over 30 countries - Baltic States,Scandinavia, Western Europe and other countries.Stable medium sized company group with 140 employees.~11% annual growth of total revenues.Manufacturing location in 2 countries, sales departments in 3 countries.15-20 % of revenues reinvested into R&D projects in 2013 http://balticsolar.ltOptical Discs Audiovisual contentdistributionSolar PV cells/modules (newgeneration, glass-glass)
  • 4. BOD Group milestones200220052006200720092011• UAB Garsu Studijaestablished in Vilnius• Compact Discreplication servicesUAB Baltic Solar Solutions andUAB Baltic Solar EnergyCD/DVD production plant AS BalticDisc and Business Centreestablished in Tallinn• Standards at Baltic Disc:LST EN ISO 9001:2008LST EN ISO 14001:2004• DVD lines SINGULUS MOLDPRO and CD/DVD glass-mastering complexBlu-ray disc productionline in Vilnius19982012• Standards at BOD Group:LST EN ISO 9001:2008LST EN ISO 14001:2004• Acquisition of DVD lineSINGULUS• UAB Prioro Irasu Grupeestablished in Vilnius• New production plant inVilniusNew building - High techR&D Business Centre inVilnius
  • 5. Export marketsCountries we exported in2012:BelarusBelgiumCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceHollandHungaryIrelandIslandItalyLatviaLebanonMaltaNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaRussiaSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandUnitedKindom
  • 6. BOD Group is the largest manufacturer of industrially pre-recorded CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs in the Baltic States andone of the most modern groups in Central and Eastern Europe.Capacity:• Plants in Lithuania (UAB BRD) and Estonia (Baltic Disc AS)• Production lines: 2 СD lines, 3 DVD lines, 1 Blu-ray line, Glassmastering complex.• Overall capacity – around 70 million discs per yearWho we are? / what we do?Optical disc manufacturing
  • 7. Packed media market development• Packed media still generates 77% of total global homeentertainment spending• Global pre-recorded BD production increased by 20%during 2011 to reach 708 million discs (2012e +28%)• 3D Blu-ray will help to maintain BD’s premium positionand price• CD and DVD continuous to maintain the sales volumesSources: Futuresource consulting 01-2012; IHS Inc. 2011BOD Group in the context• Optimal capacity to serve the market and to be flexible• Stability and professionalism retain the customers
  • 8. Prior Entertainment is one of the largest companies publishing and distributing audiovisual content in Balticregion.• Official representative of Universal Pictures in the Baltic States• Over 1000 distribution points in Baltic States, online trading• Long-term relationships with local retailers/wholesalers• Professionals’ team and know-howDistribution partners: Maxima, Rimi, Iki, Prisma, Rautakirja, Lasering, Kaubamaja, Statoil, Lukoil, Vaga, Baltoslankos, Elektromarkt, Topo centras,, etc.Who we are? / what we do?Audiovisual content distribution0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%Lithuania Latvia EstoniaBlu-ray market shareDVD market shareCD market shareThe market share by Prior Entertainment inBaltics’ physical media retail market, 2012
  • 9. BSS and BSE are the leaders of innovative photovoltaic research and solutions, and photovoltaic product manufacturing in theBaltic States.Products/Services since 2013 IQ• Solar cells manufacturing – polycrystalline cells• Solar modules manufacturing – polycrystalline modules (glass-glass)• BIPV (Building integrated) modules and system solutions• One-stop-shop service, after sales serviceInnovative production – glass-glass PV modules will be used for architectural BIPV systems where modulescan be used instead of other construction/building materials.Who we are? / what we do?Solar PV energyGlass-glass (BIPV) module Standard PV module
  • 10. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • 11. BOD Group production chain and capacities• PV cells production line of 80 MW• PV modules production line of 60 MW• Export will be more than 95% of the production• Professional specialists with education in solar field industry• Production plant in Vilnius (Lithuania) in co-operation with Singulus technologies AG
  • 12. • Cost reduction of installations will drive the market.• Prices went down in the last 3 years ~ 30% forcrystalline and ~ 26% for thin-film solar modules.• Grid parity is reached in certain countries.• Average growth rate in 2012-2015 is around 22%.Solar PV market developmentSource: Bank Sarasin, 2011; EPIA 2012.
  • 13. BOD Group financial factsheet• Turnover of BOD Group companies in 2012 - 16.8 million EUR• Total balance equity of BOD Group companies – 20 million EUR• Total subscribed capital of BOD Group companies – 580 000 EUR10,01 M12,60 M 14,40 M16,77 M21,50 M~70 M EUR010203040506070802008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016MillionEURTotal turnover 2009 - 2012, million EUR
  • 14. 80,31%Opticaldiscs19,69%Contentdistribution0 %SolarproductionSales by product in 20127,21%Optical discs2,18%Contentdistribution90,61%SolarproductionPredicted sales by product in 20162012 - 2013 years• Baltic Solar Solutions (BSS) and Baltic Solar Energy (BSE) start to operate in a new solar technology park in Visoriai, Vilnius.• Prior Entertainment continues to enter cinema market.• BOD Group continues CD/DVD/Blu-ray production and exporting.2014 - 2015 years• Export of BOD Group companies CD, DVD, Blu-ray, solar PV production export will reach ~95%.• The production of solar cells and modules will reach full capacity of ~160 MW per year.• Prior Entertainment enters the online digital content distribution market and extend the business to Western Europe countries.2015 - 2020 years• BOD Group businesses continuously extend the market share in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.Future forecast
  • 15. Development of market segments• Optical Disc segmentDespite the shrinking market of CDs and DVDs, due to our optimal equipmentcapacity and flexibility by adapting to our customers needs, we prevail the stableand even increased market position. Together with a sales share from additionalservices like authoring and premastering we are going to keep our market sharefor the next years.• Audiovisual content distributionThough content distribution is still highly based on packed media (CD/DVD/Blu-raydiscs), new formats and market segments like e-commerce, box office and eventmanagement take place. By using the advantages of compete package of contentrights, and employing a full range of distribution segments, BOD Group managesto offer the cost-efficient content licensing and distribution services. This segmentis further developing in the Baltic States.• Solar segmentAs the solar PV market is continuously developing and maturing, and the market“bubble” exploded, there is a perfect time to enter the market with the latest andmost efficient technologies. BOD Group companies will have a strong competitiveadvantage by using cost effective perfect quality production and one-stop-shopservices. We expect to gain a strong market position by entering BIPV marketsegment.
  • 16. Contact DetailsThanks for being with us. For further correspondence please contact us at:MAIN OFFICES:LITHUANIA:Linkmenu str. 25,Vilnius 08217, LithuaniaTel. +370 5 2638777Fax. +370 5 2638776E-mail: office@bod.ltwww.bod.ltLATVIA:Bauskas str. 58,Riga, LV-1004, LatviaTel. +371 66047170Fax. +371 66047171e-mail: office@bodgroup.lvwww.bodgroup.lvESTONIA:Parnu mnt. 499,Laagri 76401 Harjumaa, EstoniaTel: +372 6510530Fax: +372 6510529e-mail: info@balticdisc.eewww.balticdisc.eeContacts of our companiesUAB “BOD Group” Tel. +370 5 2638777office@bod.ltUAB “BRD” Tel. +370 5 2638777office@bod.ltUAB “Prioro irasu grupe” Tel. +370 5 2638774info@prior.ltUAB “Baltic Solar Solutions” Tel.: +370 5 2357034bss@balticsolar.ltUAB “Baltic Solar Energy” Tel.: +370 5 2357033bse@balticsolar.ltSIA “BOD Group” Tel. +371“Baltic Disc” AS Tel. +372 6510530info@balticdisc.eeReliability – Quality – Affordable pricing – Attention to customer – Flexible servicesBOD Group is always close to the client, flexible and mobile, providing a full range of best quality services for acompetitive price. We are proactive company with a strong future view.