Better Email Marketing with CRM2Emails and Constant Contact


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A walk through of CRM2Emails, the seamless connector between Constant Contact and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This presentation will cover exactly what CRM2Emails is and what it means to you, as well as instruct you on how to execute a email marketing campaign.

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Better Email Marketing with CRM2Emails and Constant Contact

  1. 1. Presented by InfoGrow Corporation Email Marketing For Dynamics CRM Introduction and Demonstration
  2. 2. Introduction • CRM2Emails is a solution for seamless Email marketing campaign integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Constant Contact.® 1. It allows for an upload of one or multiple marketing list(s) in CRM to link automatically into Constant Contact for email delivery. 2. Once sent, the email messages and statistics from each email campaign are automatically returned and downloaded into CRM. 3. Campaign Analytics are downloaded into CRM for the review results, confirm outcomes, and to make smarter marketing decisions.
  3. 3. Demonstration Agenda • Email marketing campaign overview • Benefits of CRM2Emails • Features of CRM2Emails • Execute a campaign • Chart Views of CRM2Emails • How to get started
  4. 4. CRM2Emails Benefits • Share campaign results within CRM to the appropriate users • Every email message and delivery status is automatically linked to the recipient’s record in CRM • Track every click-through action taken by each recipient • Display a CRM dashboard of recent email broadcast statistics • Integrate email broadcasts into CRM Marketing Campaigns • Eliminate Excel Spreadsheet distribution files • Use past behavior to better target leads, contacts, or accounts CRM2Emails offers organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM the opportunity to have seamless bulk Email Marketing capabilities.
  5. 5. CRM2Emails Benefits  Test and improve broadcast performance  Email broadcast results are immediately available for authorized CRM users  Test list-segmentation impact for refined campaigns  Pinpoint targeting of the right message to the right recipient at the right time  Powerful reporting to show how campaigns are performing
  6. 6. CRM2Emails Features  Move current Leads, Contacts, and Accounts from CRM Marketing Lists into Constant Contact in near real-time data synchronization for each scheduled email broadcast  Coordinate follow-up conversation by sales team with recipients that open, opt-out, or bounce  Define field mappings between CRM Lead, Contacts, or Accounts with Constant Contact  15 user-defined fields between CRM and Constant Contact
  7. 7. CRM2Emails Features  Schedule Campaigns from within CRM  Dialogue-driven CRM2Emails campaign creation for consistent user experience and outcome  View email broadcast history for Leads, Contacts, or Accounts directly within CRM  Tailor emails to reflect business branding
  8. 8. Step 1 – Create your email message in Constant Contact, Same as Always
  9. 9. Step 2 – From your CRM2Emails Campaigns area, click Get Email Campaign This will initiate a CRM dialogue to properly create the CRM2Emails Email Campaign record. A. Select the Constant Contact Email. A. This will add a draft email message to the list of CRM2 Emails campaigns.
  10. 10. Step 3 – Open/Edit the CRM2Emails Email Campaign that was just created and add your CRM Marketing List(s).
  11. 11. Step 4 – Select Schedule Email Campaign button and set the day and drop time of message.
  12. 12. Email Opens by Recipient Type
  13. 13. Email Opens by Campaign Type
  14. 14. Email Sends, Bounces, and Opens Trends by Campaign Type
  15. 15. Email Sends, Bounces, and Opens Trends by Sender
  16. 16. Easy To Get Started CRM System and Administration Highlights  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or 2013  Dynamics CRM 2011 Online or On-Premise • InfoGrow installs the CRM- tested solution • Not necessary for the User to make any changes to CRM. • Important: the auto- customizations will not change or alter configuration settings already in place on the CRM Server.
  17. 17. CRM2Emails Terms and Pricing  Server-based pricing and licensing  Annual software assurance that includes unlimited email support  Payment Method  By Credit Card  Setup time: 1 hour  Training Time: 1 hour  Additional Training Available upon Request  $68.50/month/server Contact InfoGrow for Details: 800-897-9807
  18. 18. Thank You! Call 800-897-9807 for seamless bulk email marketing capabilities Presented by InfoGrow Corporation Accelerating Growth Through Better Sales & Marketing Decisions