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Destroy surface and air-borne bacteria, toxins, viruses, etc. with 3rd Gen TiO2 coating
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Destroy surface and air-borne bacteria, toxins, viruses, etc. with 3rd Gen TiO2 coating


Even aggressive pathogens such as SARS and H1N1 can be reliably combated upon contact with the coated surfaces using only ambient light as the catalyst

Even aggressive pathogens such as SARS and H1N1 can be reliably combated upon contact with the coated surfaces using only ambient light as the catalyst

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  • 1. TMM presents the Disinfection- and Aircleaning-Technology of the 21st Century© 2009 NADICO Ltd. Germany – Nanotechnology Coatings for Hospitals
  • 2. The Product – Tio2+® Tio2+® combine the useful features of photocatalysis with those of modern nanotechnology. Our products are completely nonhazardous for humans and animals. With Tio2+® coated surfaces have useful properties. These are: Anti-bacterial Self-cleaning Air purification Deodorizing Sterilizing
  • 3. About Tio2+® Our Tio2+® products are based on nano-scaled Titanium dioxide. The key application of titanium dioxide is the pigment production. With a market share of more than 85% of the white pigments. Titanium dioxide is chemically resistant to atmosphere generic influences as well as oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc. It is neither oxidized nor reduced. Titanium dioxide is pH neutral, extremely heat resistant and does not have a toxic effect!
  • 4. The Power ofLight and Oxygen Products use titanium dioxide in nano-scaled size, so it is photocatalytic active. High reactive oxygen radicals were built on the surface during a radiation with light. For this effect artificial light is also as suitable as sunlight. The activated oxygen is very reactive.It decomposes every organic substance like viruses, bacteria, bad odors and germs that is in touch with the surface in a very short time. The coated surfaces are (re)active, as soon as enough light for photocatalysis is given.
  • 5. The Product – Tio2+® - Deodorizing The coating eliminates airborne pollutants just as effective as viruses, germs and bacteria, as often pathogenic agents are transferred by room air and not only by direct contact. Even dangerous viruses and germs like SARS and H1N1 will be eliminated soon after getting in touch with a coated surface.
  • 6. The Product – Tio2+® - Deodorizing Tio2+® is able to break up organic compounds in the air into harmless substances. Even odors and gases are eliminated. Our product is used to eliminate cigarette smoke or toilet odor. However, interior-allergens which often lead to respiratory diseases can be reduced effectively with our coating. Massive physical complaints, such as the "sick building syndrome", the building-related illness will be treated easily and effective with our Technology
  • 7. The Product – Tio2+® - Desinfection Tio2+® Coatings are ideal for protection against all kinds of bacteria, viruses and germs. The coating eliminates almost all types of viruses and bacteria including SARS, H5N1, etc. effectively. The effectiveness lasts very long. Our product decomposes bacteria and viruses in both the cell body and the endotoxin and eliminates even new variants of the bacteria reliably. As the photocatalyst decomposes the bacteria and viruses completely, it doesn’t lose its effectiveness due to accumulated bacteria on the surface.
  • 8. The Product - - Desinfection Our Products are used today in hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and in health sectors for catering and food production around the world. Furthermore, our products are also protecting our health in highly frequented locations such as hotels and public transportation systems. The graphic shows the almost complete degradation (99.9%) of the bacteria after a one hour reaction time.
  • 9. The Product - - Deodorizing / Desinfection HEPA ES Filter Ozon UV Air-Ionizer TitanProtect® Fungi ++ + ++ ++ + +++ Germs +++ + ++ ++ + +++ Viruses + + + + + +++ House dust mite +++ ++ + + + + Toxics + + ++ ++ + +++ Odor + + ++ + ++ +++ Smoke ++ ++ ++ + +++ ++ VOC + + ++ ++ + +++ Allergens ++ ++ ++ + +++ +++ Remarks: HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters + normal ES: Elektrostatic ++ good UV: Ultraviolet Light +++ very good VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds
  • 10. Coatings for Hospital facilities We offer in- and outdoor Coatings for lots of different applications for hospital facilities. • Coatings for deodorizing every accommodation (sickrooms, operating rooms, hygienic areas). • Coatings as prevention against virus and germs in guestrooms and areas with high hygiene requirements. • Coatings for self-cleaning facades and outer surfaces.
  • 11. Coatings for Hospital facilitiesIndoor & Outdoor Areas Remarks • Water based solution is non hazardous for humans and animals. • Odorless while and after coating. • Very short application time! About 3 min. per square meter. • Coated areas can immediately be used after treatment. • Colorless with a very thin layer (0.2 micron). • No covering and breath-protection needed during the coating. • Our technology has a 10 year warranty.
  • 12. Coatings for Hospital facilitiesIndoor Areas Purposes: • Effective prevention against viruses and germs • Considerable reduction of the cleaning costs • Photocatalytic aircleaning causes better air quality • Reducing the renovation cost because of selfcleaning solution • Healthy for people who has allergic problems • Green Technology makes a good argument for marketing
  • 13. Coatings for Hospital facilitiesIndoor Areas Benefits: • Antimicrobial function on every coated surface • Deodorizing in all sickrooms and patient areas • Deodorizing in areas with high standards of hygiene
  • 14. Coatings for Hospital facilitiesOutdoor Areas Purposes: • Self-cleaning lacquered facade elements • Self-cleaning glass facades • Self-cleaning stone and concrete facades / outer surfaces • Self-cleaning artificial lakes and fontain basins • UV Protection for lacquered facade elements • Air-cleaning facades for a better environment
  • 15. Coatings for Hospital facilitiesOutdoor Areas Benefits: • Cost-efficiency caused by extended cleaning-intervals • Active algae- and moss prevention causes better optics • Photocatalytic air-cleaning (NOx reduction) causes better air quality • Green environmental technology
  • 16. Coatings for Hospital facilitiesGreen Technology Arguments: Technical equipement like HEPA filters, Electrostatic filters, Ozone and UV involve high energy costs, our Tio2+® technology doesn´t. The waterbased solution is no aggressive chemical and evironmentally friendly. The technology reduces the costs around cleaning and renovation for a long time (Warranty 10 Years). Active protection for humans against disease and allergicies.
  • 17. Coatings for Hospital facilities Certifcate and References: Tio2+® Products are certified by the Leibniz University, Germany the Quality-Labs in Germany and the BIOSERVICE Laboratories, Germany Some current References:  DOHA-Hospital, Qatar  Adventist Medical Center  Kamea Medical Center, Japan  Beijing Medical University
  • 18. Represented by: Technology Marketing ManagementPhone: +44 (0)208 144 9597Email: