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Digital art c_gr3

  1. 1. What is a Digipak? A Digipak is a method of compacting a disk or DVD packaging which is required to be used by major record companies, and because there is no other common name for Digipak-style packaging made by other companies, the term Digipak or Digi-Pak is generally used.
  2. 2. Mr Hudson Font- Again uses color white to signify his brand of music will be something different to the typical genre he belongs to. The name of the artist as well as his albums is written in block capitals showing that he is quite confident and his music quite distinguished allowing him to access a potentially larger fan base. Color- Uses the color of white as his album cover background to promote the idea that his style of music will be new and something not heard before. This allows the artist to attract a wider audience who want to experience a different type of music. Effects- his use of SFX to create a doppelganger of himself is something that will mainly attract a younger audience who are all into new technologies and will be able to appreciate what he has done. Costume- Dressed very sharply to show his is respectable, acts a role model to the younger generations, encouraging them and other potential youth models to buy his music.
  3. 3. RihannaColor- Uses the Black & White transition which makes her music seem classic as well as casting herself as an individual artist to be unique to others, which enables her to reach a larger demographic as well as eliminating her linear competition as an artist. Costume- The main features tend to be focused in her hands as we see that she is wearing quite a few unusual accessories. This combined with the lipstick, eyeliner and arguably rebellious hairstyle might show that she is trying to reach out to a niche audience who may like or replicate her style or swagger. Font- The font here is seen to be very uninhibited and almost with a hint of rage which may be in an indicator of what type of music she plans to project in her album. In addition she only uses the first letter of her name showing she regards herself quite highly, expecting her fans to recognize her image instantly without having to see her name. Effects- Aside from using the transition of Black and White to make her image unique, and appealing to fans her lack of any special effects gives her glow of originality. Positioning- A close up of the artist, gives more insight to what she is about, her attitudes, beliefs ect And how these can be related to her fan base and heir similar attitudes/preferences.