Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed- The Dark Knight (2008)<br /> <br />Film TechniquesExamples of typical film t...
Dark Knight
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Dark Knight


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Dark Knight

  1. 1. Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed- The Dark Knight (2008)<br /> <br />Film TechniquesExamples of typical film techniques used and why– Illustrate your findings with references to actual onscreen moments. Titling – colour, font style, over image or black, timing, credits presentation etc Production team shown in beginning- “Warner bros.”- Color of logo different from usual- uses colors black and blue, soon followed by “Legendary Pictures” in the same colors with an eerie, tense music playing in the background getting progressively louder. Then the DC comic’s motif is used to show the inspiration of the film along with brief picture of the villain of the film (The Joker). The image after is one of the Bat shown in the previous batman film, although this time it is seen to be completely enveloped in black/blue flames showing that Batman will have to face harder trials this time and maybe his image will be burnt as a consequence. The colors used in the titles are dark and cold and along with the tense music foreshadow bad things for the hero of the story (Flaming bat)- these titles are quickly followed by a quick scene (no titles played over scene/images)Camera Movement (panning, tracking, crane shot and crabbing etc)Zooming in to objects of interest is done twice throughout the opening- once with the bank and then with the mask the joker is wearing. A Crane shot is used when bank robbers are using the grappling hook soon followed by tracking shot while other bank robbers are in a moving car, which is being followed by the camera. While the robbers enter the bank, a pan shot is used from left to right to show them leaving their vehicle to entering the bank.Framing of Shot (CU, MLS, ELS etc)Extreme long shot used to set scene in beginning of film- shows a lot of buildings, while slowly zooming in on the one of interest. Close up of banker to show his reaction to situation. Medium shot used with banker to show his environment and how he managed to avoid detection from robbers. Close up of grenade in hands of one of the hostages to show an object of importance that the audience must see.Camera Angles (high and low angles etcLow level of height used when grenade is being given to hostage- showing the Joker to be higher and in a more favorable position.Selection of mise-en-scène including colour, figure, props, lighting, objects, location and setting;The location is set inside a bank; props used are guns, masks and black bags to carry money in. The colors are bright as it is set in the day with the contrasts of what people’s costumes are as most of the people in the opening are in black suits. No lighting is used except from the natural light of daylight. Figure is used as the crowd of people left inside the bank as hostages.Editing directions(Match cuts, jump cut, reverse shots etc)Jump cut used a lot to show what’s happening at the same time but with different members of bank robbers, such as the time the grappling hook is used by a set of bank robbers and it jumps to the Joker holding his mask getting into a car with another set of robbers, this soon jumps again back to robbers using the grappling hook. A series of matched cuts is used as soon as the robbers leave the car to enter the bank as they run through the doors, start shooting and then begin to unload their bags.Sound techniques(diegetic, non diegetic, silence, dialogue While the tense music in the beginning of the titles builds up, it soon turns to silence when we see the image of the bat in flames. Selective sound is used the moment the Joker enters the car as the pace of the music changes which creates a change in the atmosphere.Actor’s positioning and movementAll characters seem to move as a unit- all organized, all have an individual plan to accomplish. All characters tend to be positioned in the middle of the frame.<br />942975502285<br />