Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed in Se7en (1995)<br /> <br />Film TechniquesExamples of typical film techniqu...
Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques Se7en
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Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques Se7en


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Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques Se7en

  1. 1. Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed in Se7en (1995)<br /> <br />Film TechniquesExamples of typical film techniques used and why– Illustrate your findings with references to actual onscreen moments. Titling – colour, font style, over image or black, timing, credits presentation etc New line cinema- seems sketchy as if lines are rattling light a light bulb flickering. A film by David Fincher- the credits are very fast- played over a series of what appears to be jump cuts-as the cuts are fast, so are the credits – they get easier to see when lighting is used. Brad Pitt is the first actors name given showing him to be a more respected, professional actor.Camera Movement (panning, tracking, crane shot and crabbing etc)Camera seems to be stationary. It seems to be watching as the actor is the only thing to show movement in the opening.Framing of Shot (CU, MLS, ELS etc)Throughout, we only see close up and extreme close ups as if the identity of the man in the beginning is a mystery and he is defined by the things he does/uses. An example of the close up is when we see him cutting his skin off his fingers.Camera Angles (high and low angles etcNo camera angles in particular are used, throughout we can only see his hands making it slightly disturbing as we cannot see his face or know his/her identity.Selection of mise-en-scène including colour, figure, pops, lighting, objects, location and setting;Variety of props used to give us a sense of the only character shown- seen writing in what appears to be a diary, He is also seen to be cutting his own skin off with a metal clip. In addition he is also seen to be sticking photos of people down and erasing them with a black marker. The location is hard to tell, though we can assume it’s his house due to all the resources he has there. The lighting used varies from high key to low key throughout the entire credits making him seem unstable.Editing directions(Match cuts, jump cut, reverse shots etc)A little hard to tell, seems like various jump cuts are being used throughout however they may just in fact be matched cuts - due to low key lighting and the restriction of us knowing nothing or no one in the story yet, it is difficult to say.Sound techniques(diegetic, non diegetic, silence, dialogue Non diegetic music used as a sound bridge throughout all the credits, there is no silence or dialogue used as the titles play through opening.Actor’s positioning and movementTowards the centre of the screen, though in beginning when credits are showing it’s a variety of close ups and extreme close ups so we cannot tell much from the actors movement only that he is posed very close to the frame.<br /> <br /> <br />