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Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques  Memento Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques Memento Document Transcript

  • Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed in Memento (2000)<br /> <br />Film TechniquesExamples of typical film techniques used and why– Illustrate your findings with references to actual onscreen moments. Titling – colour, font style, over image or black, timing, credits presentation etc New market, Summit entertainment-where music beginsTeam Todd production, Cast names & director- cast not signified as being as famous as the director. Christopher Nolan- shown to be accomplished director.Memento in full capitals & taking up wide space of the screen, showing that it’s the name of the film as well as having an actual meaning in the film.Camera Movement (panning, tracking, crane shot and crabbing etc)The camera seems to be stationary for most of the opening. Framing of Shot (CU, MLS, ELS etc)Begins with close up of picture-(for a full 30 secs) significant? More close ups during flashback such as the blood on the walls, the bullet etc Camera Angles (high and low angles etcHigh angle is used on main character during flashback showing him to have more power during the time.Selection of mise-en-scène including colour, figure, pops, lighting, objects, location and setting;Picture used in opening of film- shaken and seen again though with different lighting making it harder for us to figure out what it is. Location- run down building- seen to have cracks and plastic drapes. Lighting- low key lighting used-quite shadowy at times. Main actor is seen to be with a camera and gun showing him to be perhaps violent with a possible flare for photography.Editing directions(Match cuts, jump cut, reverse shots etc)Reverse matched cuts in where the sequence of events after looking at the picture seems to be replaying backwards.- such as the picture itselfGoing back through the camera.Sound techniques(diegetic, non diegetic, silence, dialogue Non diegetic sound playing throughout opening creditsSonic exaggeration used for the gunshots.No dialogue is used.Actor’s positioning and movementSeems to be very close to the camera (as most shots are close up) Seems to be in the middle of the frame most of the time.<br />8763002201545<br />