Vanilla Shakeology is now available


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In 2009 Shakeology, known as the Healthiest Meal of the Day was launched. It has transformed thousands of peoples lives.

Why? Because of the 70 plus healthy ingredients available.

Originally, there were only a few Shakeology Flavors available. Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry, and Greenberry. But now, thanks to the awesome work of parent company Beachbody, Vanilla Shakeology is now available as a flavor.

Make sure you get it today!


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Vanilla Shakeology is now available

  1. 1. Vanilla ShakeologyPosted by Bob Sharpe in Shakeology | 0 commentsThanks for visiting! Grab Your FREE Team Beachbody accounttoday to get personalized support, access, and motivation to stay on track withyour fitness and health goals from Coach Bob Sharpe (P90X, P90X2, INSANITY,Asylum Grad). Sign-Up Now for your free account today.It was just a few years ago (2010) whereCarl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbodyannounced that Vanilla Shakeology isexciting but not yet available. The reasonbehind this decision was that vanilla is afree fitness courseWorkouts » Motivation Eating Right » My Journey Join our Team Success Stories Free CoachingHome All About Bob » Work with Bob Supplements » Challenge Groups Contact
  2. 2. flavor that would be associated with artificialsugars and ingredients. We are talkingGMOs, bad ingredients, and everything inbetween. Shakeology is pure, which is why(until now) the Shakeology Flavors wereonly Chocolate, Greenberry, and TropicalStrawberry.So what is the deal? How was the codecracked when it comes to making VanillaShakeology after many customer demands?Well, keep on reading to check out all of theinteresting details.Vanilla Shakeology is thenew flavor! How did theyDo it!?So when it comes down to Vanilla Shakeology think about it this way. When you fill up your carwith Gas, what is the goal? The goal is to give it the fuel so you can get from point A to point B.Does the gas company care about the “smell” of the gas? Absolutely not. Whether it smellsgood or bad, the goal is to rev up that car! Same deal with Shakeology.Now, by no means am I saying the taste is bad (it’s great in my opinion), but it’s not alwaysabout taste regardless. If you want to fuel your body with the right nutrition to live a long, healthy,and fulfilling life, do it! If you are more worried about the taste buds being pleased rather thanyour body, go to your local fast food joint and get their shakes. The choice is obviously yours.But regardless, THIS is what made the Vanilla Shakeology flavor take forever to come forward!As a Team Beachbody Coach myself, the last thing I want is to recommend a product to youthat is FAKE. The Shakeology nutrition shake is meant to help you get healthier. How? By givingyou the ingredients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to be at it’s best. I don’t want torecommend something that is like a fast food Vanilla Ice Cream shake (fat, sugary, bad haha).The last thing that needs to happen to Shakeology is the ruin of it’s nutritional benefit. After a lotof research and testing with travels down to Madagascar, a new formula of Shakeology isemerging for purchase. Thanks to the farmers in Madagascar, natural vanilla was found.Organic, healthy, and meeting the high standards of Shakeology.who is this guy?Welcome to name is Bob Sharpe, and about 2years ago I said ENOUGH to being out ofshape, fat, and tired! I started this websiteto document my journey while helpingothers achieve their results as well. Readmore about Boblets hangout on facebookrecent postsVanilla ShakeologyHow to Start P90XHow to take P90X MeasurementsINSANITY Challenge PackPaid off Car with Beachbody
  3. 3. So, by taking the natural vanilla from far away, there is some hope in Vanilla Shakeology.Why such the fuss about the Shakeology Flavors like VanillaShakeology?When you look at Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry flavors specifically, there is something youneed to know. There are a LOT of healthy ingredients, superfoods, and vitamins in each servingof Shakeology. The honest truth is that these ingredients taste like YUCK! Serious, serious YUCK!That’s why so many people have a hard time eating certain fruits and vegetables.Did you ever try to eat a superfood before? Some of them taste extremely nasty, even thoughthey are one of the best things for you. This is why the Chocolate flavor (my favorite) has to bestudied and tested so closely. The goal is to provide something that tastes good, doesn’t havethe nasty superfood blend taste, and is ALL natural.Luckily for something like Chocolate, there is natural chocolate cocoa that makes it super easy.Vanilla, even with vanilla extract, can sometimes include artificial sugars and flavoring. Luckily forus, Darin Olein, creator of Shakeology, has found a way to safely and naturally create theVanilla Shakeology flavor.Vanilla Shakeology sounds like it tastes awesome! How canI buy it?You are in luck. For many reasons. Vanilla Shakeology is now completely natural and healthy.Check it out below and get your Vanilla Shakeology and commit to your health and nutrition!=>Click here to get Vanilla Shakeology<=Yours in Success,Bob SharpeAll About
  4. 4. First name Email addressLeave a ReplyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Name *Email *WebsiteFour Ways to DOMINATE Your FitnessFour Ways to DOMINATE Your FitnessSimply enter your information into the form below for FREE accessSimply enter your information into the form below for FREE accessYour Privacy is SAFE - I hate spam with a passion!!Incoming search terms:why no break in pure cardioOther posts that may interest you:1. Shakeology Flavors2. Shakeology Nutrition Label – Offers Healthy IngredientsIn 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight and strugglingwith Acid Ref lux. Af ter getting his lif e in shape, he dedicatedhimself to a healthier lif estyle. Now, af ter losing 70 pounds andbeing in the best shape of his lif e, his goal is to help others do thesame through his Beachbody coaching and assistance here Bob Sharpe on Google + | Leaders Only –
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