Budget Consultation Meetings, March 2008

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This powerpoint presentation was delivered at three public meetings during the month of March 2008. This working document is part of School District #46 (Sunshine Coast) consultation process for the …

This powerpoint presentation was delivered at three public meetings during the month of March 2008. This working document is part of School District #46 (Sunshine Coast) consultation process for the development of the 2008-09 Budget.

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  • 1. School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) 2008/2009 Budget Consultations March, 2008
  • 2. “ Working Together … Creating Our Future”
  • 3. Overview
    • 2007/08 Educational Highlights
    • Budget Timelines
    • Enrolment Information
    • District Revenues & Expenditures
    • 2008/09 Funding Challenges
    • 2008/09 Proposed Educational Initiatives
  • 4. 2007/08 Educational Highlights
    • District staff and other educational partners continued to initiate and implement new programs this year:
    • Two Strongstart Centres opened at Gibsons and Sechelt Elementary Schools
    • Fast ForWord Program initiated (Language and reading skill building using technology)
    • Full time Autism Teaching position created, including a separate website with comprehensive information available on autism
    • Dolly Parton Imagination Library program for preschoolers
    • Culinary Arts Level I Apprenticeship Program
    • Residential Construction Framing Apprenticeship Program, Level I, initiated in spring 2007, and continues into spring 2008
    • Distance Learning course numbers grew fourfold
    • Full time numeracy teacher starts March/08 to support implementation of new math curriculum
    • Learning Community Team projects in every school
  • 5. Early Learning Programs
  • 6. Early Learning Programs Community based event. Provide learning “tools” and information about child’s development. Children birth-5 years and their parents Early Years Fair School based event. Provide Ministry of Education book. Provide learning “tools” and information about child’s development. Parents of children 3 years Ready Set Learn Three 90 minutes sessions yearly. Provide learning “tools” and information about child’s development. Parents of children birth-5 years SPARK! Provide children’s book. Teach “How to Read to a Newborn” Invite to Early Learning programs. Parents Prenatal Class Description Level Program
  • 7.  
  • 8. Early Learning Programs Provide a children’s book to each child once a month. Children birth to 5 years Dolly Parton Imagination Library Weekly program, March-June. Provide activities, information, guided support specific to school entry. Children age 4 and their parents. kinderSPARK! Daily program, September-June. Provide snacks,activities, information, guided support. Children birth-5 years and their parents. StrongStart Description Level Program
  • 9.  
  • 10. Literacy Programs Builds language and reading skills through a web-based computer program focusing on auditory processing. Students K-12 Fast ForWord Monthly program for children age 5 (kindergarten) and their parents. Kindergarten Parents as Literacy Supporters Students are taught to teach each other to read. Available for older students. Available for Numeracy. Currently for Kindergarten and grade 1 students Peer Assisted Learning Description Level Program
  • 11. Sunshine Coast Alternative School An expanding student centered program, meeting the needs of individual students, allowing them to reconnect to school, and complete grade 12
  • 12.  
  • 13. Budget Timelines
    • October/2007: Principals prepare three year enrolment projections
    • November/2007:Board level discussions regarding the budget process.
    • February/2008: Management and Administrator team meetings
    • February 2008: Principals revise three year enrolment projections
    • March 6/2008: Finance Committee reviews budget process
    • March 10,11, Budget consultation meetings at Madeira Park 12/ 2008: Elementary, Chatelech Secondary, and Gibsons Elementary
  • 14. Budget Timelines - continued
    • March 14/2008: Ministry of Education announces 2008/09 Preliminary Budget funding
    • March 25/2008: Management analysis of public budget (week of) discussion input, review of actual Ministry funding received
    • March 28/2008: First draft of school budgets to Principals
    • April 8/2008: Budget consultation report presented at April Board meeting
    • April 15/2008: Staffing plans for 2008/09 to Personnel Department
    • May 13/2008: Preliminary Budget Bylaw approval
    • June 30/2008: Preliminary budget submission to Ministry of Education
  • 15. Enrolment Information
    • District Enrolment, which dictates the level of funding we receive, continues to shrink due to:
    • Demographics : In February 2008, 206 students enrolled in Kindergarten versus 355 students in grade 12
    • Ministry Funding Formula Change : Grade 10,11 & 12 students are now funded by course, not by head count
    • This reduction has been partially offset by an increase in the number of students enrolled in Distance Learning
  • 16. Enrolment History - 18 Years
  • 17. Current District Enrolment by Grade
  • 18. Enrolment - Past, Present & Future
  • 19. 2008/09 Ministry Funding
    • The Ministry of Education will be announcing our 2008/09 funding on March 14, 2008. What we do know prior to this announcement:
    • No increase will be made to the basic funding block.
    • $122 million for the province will be added to offset negotiated wage and benefit costs
    • The only new education money added is for new Strong Start Centres, with funding to continue for those centres already in place
  • 20. District Revenue
    • School District Revenue is largely derived from provincial grants:
    • 2007/08 Total Budget $37.0 million
    • Provincial Grants (93%) $34.3 million
    • Other Revenue ( 7%) 2.7 million
    • (Interest income, Surplus space rental income,
    • International students, carry forward prior year reserves)
    • Note: No local taxation revenue is available to SD46. All school taxes flow to the general revenue of the province to offset the overall cost of public education in B.C.
  • 21. Expenditures
  • 22. Expenditures cont’d
  • 23. Balancing…. the Challenge….
  • 24. Balancing the Financial Challenges:
    • Projected enrolment decline due to
    • fewer students $240,000
    • Projected enrolment reduction due to
    • Ministry formula change 293,000
    • Projected Cost Pressure s 200,000
    • Total Projected Funding Challenge $733,000
  • 25. Funding Challenge: Enrolment Decline
    • 2007/08 Enrolment 3502
    • 2008/09 Estimated Enrolment 3295
    • Projected enrolment decline 207
    • Loss of 207 students is due to:
    • Fewer students entering schools 167
    • Ministry Funding Formula change 40
    • (See next slide for this financial impact)
    • After direct expenditure reductions (for wages, benefits & supplies) the decline due to 167 fewer students results in an estimated net funding shortfall of
    • $240,000
    • (All student numbers are stated as FTE’s)
  • 26. Funding Challenge: Shrinking Provincial Grant due to Formula Change:
    • The impact on our District: (all student numbers are FTE’s)
    • Ministry now funds Grade 10,11 & 12 students by course,
    • not by head count. This reduces FTE student numbers by 90
    • This loss partially offset by an increase in students enrolled
    • in Distance learning courses of 50
    • Net Loss of 40 FTE’s in 2008/09 results in a net shortfall,
    • (after direct expenditure reductions for wages, benefits
    • and supplies) of approximately $60,000
    • Elimination of funding for retirement costs (GAAP) 233,000
    • Total Estimated Provincial Grant reduction: $293,000
  • 27. Funding Challenge: Cost Pressures
    • Increasing costs for supplies and services such as learning resources, computers, software, and utilities could total $100,000.
    • Carbon neutral initiatives introduced in the 08/09 BC budget could add another $100,000 to costs.
    • (EG: Diesel for school buses, gas for district vehicles, natural gas to heat schools)
  • 28. Rising…..to the Challenge…
  • 29. Looking Ahead to 2008/09 Educational Programs
    • New Provincial Curriculum implementation, including the creation of a full time numeracy teacher
    • Possibility of new Strong Start Centers
    • Continuation and possible expansion of Early Learning Programs
    • Distance Education Program will continue to grow and require additional staff
    • Continuation and possible expansion of Apprenticeship Programs
    • Continuation of Fast ForWord program
  • 30. “ Working Together … Creating Our Future”
  • 31. Feedback from 2008/2009 Budget Consultations
    • What programs/services are we providing that you’d like us to continue providing?
    • Are there existing program/services that you’d like to see expanded?
    • Are there new programs that you’d like to see offered?
    • Given that financial pressures are a constant challenge, are there areas/programs/services that could have a reduction in funding with a minimal impact on students? EG: Energy savings, Book Mobile (sharing learning resources)