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The 12 truths of modern public relations
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The 12 truths of modern public relations



Corporate communications in the age of social technology

Corporate communications in the age of social technology



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    The 12 truths of modern public relations The 12 truths of modern public relations Presentation Transcript

    • Corporate communicationsin the age of social technology
      The 12 Truths of Modern PR
      Seoul, Korea 2011.10.11
    • 1.
      People consume content selfishly
      ‘making the other person feel important’ has always been part of persuasion
      listening to the sound of one’s voice
      clicking ‘like’ generates ‘likes’
      narcissism and know-it-all-ism
      sharing ‘what makes you look good’
    • We keep losing control
      of our time
      of our privacy
      of our own reputation
      of the conversation topic
      of the corporate communications narrative
    • 3.
      Communication is becoming ‘female’
      communication is more and more about listening and not just talking
      vertical hierarchy being eclipsed by peer-to-peer horizontal
      a shift in the quantity & tonality of content
      more and more corporate communicators are women
    • 4.
      Sorry is no longer enough
      the global rise of apology communications
      most companies will have a crisis in the next year, but most are not prepared
      lawyers are losing more client debates
      holding statements look weak and defensive; ‘hiding behind a shield’
      apologies must be sincere and genuine
    • Digital is becoming tired
      there’s a backlash to digital jargon
      ‘Face’ is more important than Facebook
      inaccessibility a barrier to adoption
      the gurus say: most people ‘don’t get it’
      but there’s only so much to ‘get’
      social brand > social business > blabla
      diminishing returns are setting in
    • Attention spans keep collapsing
      the myth of multitasking debunked
      constant restless scrolling and clicking
      the speed of change is accelerating
      ‘what’s trending’ is often utter drivel
      raw emotion – especially anger – is trumping thinking and reflection
      there’s no time to tell stories anymore
    • Digital storytelling is key
      the simplification of complexity
      the rapid rise of infographics
      where data meets design is the sweet spot
      ‘brain drain’ from journalism to PR when ‘every company can be a media company’
      Guardian announcement today: The Guardian displays newslist to public online
    • PR & customer service are merging
      blurring of and confusion between traditional boundaries between disciplines
      real-time rapid response plus savvy content curation is easy but vexing
      the rise of dedicated digital teams
      expanding the power of corporate communications and the CCO
    • It’s all about the content
      content must tell a compelling digital story
      PR is becoming about programming content for communities
      there’s too much noise, not enough signal
      there’s a ‘TED’ constituency out there
      content must be repurposeable across platforms, which change relentlessly
    • 10.
      People crave deepermeaning
      • many feel unsatisfied from their digital interactions, like eating chips
      • where the online meets the offline is key
      • offline = the reality of everyday life
      • digital is ‘cool’ but it is also cold (transaction-like); analogue is warmer and face-to-face (relationship-like)
    • Complexity is making PR harder
      the hundreds of people in a PR professional’s life have become millions
      the sheer size of communities is a communications management challenge
      communities are ‘social’ but they are highly atomized and ‘individually sensible’
      analytics only answer some questions
    • Asian companies are going digital
      Percentage of companies using a branded social media platform