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Pay By Performance
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Pay By Performance


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Pay by Performance means that You Only pay for the Leads and Appointments that are qualified.

Pay by Performance means that You Only pay for the Leads and Appointments that are qualified.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Tele
    Every Company Needs More Sales Opportunities
  • 2. What Tele-Pros Can Offer
    • Pay by Performance Leads or Set Appointments (You only pay for
    what you receive)
    • Our Low risk and inexpensive business development program is
    ideal for companies looking to acquire new clients Rapidly.
    • Sales Leads start as low as $25.00each and
    Set Appointments start as low as $95.00 each
    • Our Money Back Guarantee is Second to None in the Industry
    What separates Tele-Pros from the rest of the competition is our ability to Deliver results for our Clients with our Money Back Guarantee.
    It is our “Best Practice” to exceed our Client’s expectations on an ongoing basis so there is never a need to look for another company that will satisfy their Marketing Requirements.
  • 3. We Are B2B Specialists
    What We Do
    We Can Also Do
    Lead Generation
    Appointment Setting
    Database Updating
    Custom Surveys
    Event Registration
    New Product Launch
    Trade Show Registrations
    Retail Order Processing
    Light Selling
    E-mail Campaigns
    Franchises & Dealers
    Focus Groups
    We Believe In Delivering The Best Business To Business Sales Opportunities
  • 4. What Companies Want
    Companies want to uncover opportunities
    that will generate new business on a continual basis. Every business realizes that the cost of having Sales People generate their own leads is expensive, time consuming and counter productive. Everyone knows that most Sales People do not like Cold Calling; This ultimately results in loss of morale and decrease in overall sales and productivity for your company
    Sales People Need to be Closing Sales
    Businesses require a solution that will provide them with a continual Pipeline of Qualified Sales Leads or Appointments for their Sales People to work on and to close.
    Remember: Your Clients are your
    Competitors Best Prospects!!
    • More Closed Sales Every Month
    • 5. Reduced Cost of Sale
    • 6. Better Profitability
    • 7. Better Control Over Sales Reps
  • 8. What Companies Need
    • More Sales Leads
    • 9. More Appointments Set
    • 10. Better Understanding of their Market
    • 11. Increase in Market Share
    Companies need to be able to rely on the fact that they are going to reach their monthly sales targets and feel confident that they can keep up with the competitive times that we are in.
    Businesses today want to have the cutting edge over their competition. Without the proper tools, Sales People have a much harder time making those sales happen.
    With a steady flow of Qualified Leads or Appointments, Sales People will be able to deliver their targeted Sales Volume on time and possibly exceed their company set quotas.
    Remember: If You are not Talking to The
    Prospect, Then Your
    Competitors Probably are!!
  • 12. The Tele-Pros Method
    Client Fills Out The Client Requirement Form and returns it to Tele-Pros
    Tele-Pros Acquires the Calling List from an Approved List Broker
    Tele-Pros Calls the List and Gets the e-mail addresses for the Correct Decision Maker with Title
    Together with the Client, Tele-Pros designs a message that is sent to the Prospect by e-mail.
    5. Tele-Pros Sends the e-mail message to the Prospects
    Tele-Pros responds by telephone to all Prospects that call us directly, e-mail back or view the e-mail more then once
    Tele-Pros will either qualify the lead or set the appointment, depending on the clients requirements
    Contact information is then sent to the client for follow up
    9. All Prospect information is then updated in our Proprietary Web-Based CRM Solution which the client has access to 24x7
    All Leads and Appointments are Guaranteed based on the Client Requirement Form or
    You Do Not Pay
  • 13. The Tele-Pros Life Cycle
  • 14. Acquiring the List
    In the Client Requirement Form we request that you select your list criteria from the following fields
    Geographic Location
    (State/Province, City, Counties, Zip/Postal Code, Country or even within a radius)
    Preferred Contact Titles
    SIC Code or Industry Type
    Number of Employees
    Annual Revenue
    A List of 1000 Records is then ordered from an Approved List Broker
    based on the Clients criteria above
    The list is then reviewed to remove any duplicates, current clients and any
    unqualified names that do not match the criteria (additional names are ordered
    to make up to 1000 if necessary at no charge)
    List is then uploaded to our Web-Based CRM to begin calling
    We Guarantee that 1000 records will be Called and Qualified
  • 15. Making the Initial Calls
    Everyone knows that cold calling can be the most tedious and mundane
    job of all and in most cases yields little to poor results
    Most Cold Calling Results
    65% Voicemail
    20% Not In Service or Wrong Numbers
    10% Not Interested
    5% Qualified with or without a Decision Maker
    Tele-Pros will contact every name on the list in order to get the correct
    Decision Makers name, Title and e-mail address
    Tele-Pros will produce between 300 to 700 Contacts with e-mail addresses
    per 1000 records called (The amount is depending on the Project)
    Tele-Pros will Yield 200Times Better Results than Conventional Telemarketing
  • 16. Sending The Right Message
    With the Client’s assistance, Tele-Pros will create a very Powerful
    e-mail Message that will be direct and get right to the point.
    No long and drawn out boring information - No Logos, or unnecessary images
    that will get caught in the spam filters.
    Just a short message that in 3-4 sentences will describe your company
    and the reason for the Prospect to consider doing business with you
    We will add any promotions that you have to offer and also a link to your
    All e-mails are sent to the person that the e-mail is intended for and personalized
    Dear John or Dear Shirley…That way there is less chance of being caught
    In spam filters as well
    All e-mail messages are Can-Spam Compliant
  • 17. Handling & Tracking Response
    All e-mails are sent directly from our Proprietary Web-Based CRM system so that you can see at any time how many e-mails have been sent and what the responses have been
    People will respond one of 3 ways
    By e-mail Response
    Some companies will respond to the e-mail asking for more information or requesting a
    meeting to discuss (In this case one of our Sales Professionals will contact them back by phone to
    gather any additional information required before sending the lead or appointment to the client)
    By Telephone
    Some Prospects will just pick up the phone and call requesting more information. (In this
    case one of our Sales People will answer the call and provide a pleasant and professional voice that will
    assist with any questions and gather any additional information required before moving the Prospect on
    to the Client)
    By Viewing the e-mail More than once
    Our software will track how many times a person views your e-mail. Ones that open
    it more then once and show that they have some level of interest. (In this case, those
    ones Tele-Pros will contact back to determine their interest and either gather the lead information or set
    the Appointment before sending the lead or appointment to the client)
    Using the Tele-Pros method will Yield a Continual Pipeline of New Potential Customers
  • 18. The Follow Up and Delivery
    Our Staff of trained Sales Professionals will contact each and every Contact
    that shows a positive response and will determine the following
    The Correct Decision Maker Name and Title
    Correct Contact Information
    3-4 Key Questions (Asked and Answered)
    Interest Level Determined
    Follow up Instructions from the Prospect (Phone or Face to Face)
    Detailed Description of what took place on the call
    The information is then updated to our Web-Based CRM solution for your review
    in “Real Time”
    An e-mail is then sent to notifying You with the details of the lead or appointment
    that has been set along with a link to the CRM
    Tele-Pros will continue to follow up with all Prospects by Phone
  • 19. Continual Follow Up
    As long as your contract is current, Tele-Pros will continually follow up
    with your Prospects by e-mailing them each and every month
    Tele-Pros will change the e-mail message every month by adding
    new Promotions that you have available and informing your list on all
    upcoming Events, Trade Shows, Webinars, etc., on a continual basis
    It is imperative that we keep in contact with your prospect list on a
    monthly basis. This keeps your company name in from of your prospect
    all the time
    New lists of 1000 records can be added at any time
    Tele-Pros will send a New E-mail Message Every Month at No Charge
  • 20. Advantage & Benefits
    Tele-Pros Offers the Most Unique and Cost Effective Program
    In the Industry
    No Wasted Calling Hours or Wasted Hourly Rates
    Pay By Performance (You only Pay for What You get)
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    “Real Time” Delivery
    Free Monthly e-mailing to Original List
    24x7 CRM Access and Reporting
    Professional Sales People doing the Follow up Calls
    Domestic Callers Only (English is the First Spoken Language)
    All Correspondence Approved by Client
    All Leads and Appointments are Exclusive to You
    You Pay for the New Prospect After You Accept the New Prospect
  • 21. Tele-Pros Statistics
    • Out of 1000 records called Tele-Pros will gather an average of 300 – 700
    e-mail addresses with the correct Decision Maker and Title
    • Out of an average of 500 e-mail addresses sent
    5 – 7 New Prospects will respond by Telephone Immediately
    10 – 15 New Prospects will e-mail back with a request
    20 - 25 New Prospects will view the e-mail message more
    then once and will be followed up by A Tele-Pros
    Sales Professional
    • Clients consistently receive outstanding results from this method of Prospect
    Generation. Many of our Clients have achieved 8% - 12% returns or even more.
    In ALL cases the New Prospects that you receive will have requested to
    speak to you, not been convinced to speak with you
    It is Much Better to Pull Leads then it is to Push them
  • 22. Tele-Pros Packages
    Gold Package Includes (First Time Only)
    Basic Package Plus
    2500 Record Database
    35 Leads or 10 Appointments
    Basic Package Includes
    (One Time Charge)
    • Script Writing
    • 23. All E-mail Templates
    • 24. No Hourly Calling Charges
    • 25. 1000 Record Database
    • 26. CRM Access 24x7
    • 27. Call Agent Training
    • 28. Continual Monthly e-mail Campaign
    • 29. All Lead and Appointment Follow up
    • 30. All Resets and Reschedules
    • 31. Domestic Callers Only
    • 32. Lead e-mail Delivery
    • 33. All Long Distance Charges
    • 34. All Leads & Appointments are Exclusive
    • 35. Complete Reporting Module
    • 36. Tele-Pros Guarantee
    Get Your First 35 Leads for $20.00 per lead
    Silver Package Includes (First Time Only)
    Basic Package Plus
    2000 Record Database
    20 Leads or 6 Appointments
    Get Your First 20 Leads for $20.00 per lead
    Bronze Package Includes (First Time Only)
    Basic Package Plus
    1500 Record Database
    10 Leads or 3 Appointments
    Get Your First 10 Leads for $20.00 per lead
    Reduce the Cost per Lead by Selecting a
    First Time Discount Package
  • 37. Our Guarantee
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    You can cancel at any time after 30 days and get
    a full refund for any unused Leads or Appointments
    Service Guarantee
    If you receive any lead or appointment that does
    not meet the requirements as outlined in the Client
    Requirement Form, we will either replace it or you
    will not be charged for it.
    Money Back Guarantee
    If you have not received your required leads
    or appointments within 90 days, Tele-Pros will
    refund 100% of your Selected Program Cost
    No Questions Asked
    (Your Never at a Loss with Tele-Pros)
  • 38. Some Of Our Clients
    Tele-Pros has Serviced over 300 Clients since our
    Inception in 2005.
    Tele-Pros has many different clients from a variety of
    industries that range from Banking & Finance, Manufacturing,
    Internet & Information Technology, Wholesale & Distribution,
    Insurance, Advertising, Transportation and many others.
    Many of our clients are large corporations with long term
    contracts with us and some are small companies just looking
    to generate some new sales leads for their 1 or 2 Sales People.
  • 39. References
    I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the work and effort you and your team recently put in on the WCA campaign. The quality of leads were excellent….
    When our company needed extra help making phone calls, we struck gold with
    Tele-Pros. You are so much more then a telemarketing company…
    TLC Interactive
    We have been pleased with the service offered by Tele-Pros. Of the thousand calls placed, they produced 150 good leads, which we were able to convert a high percentage into new large accounts….
    Archer Alliance
    I would like to thank Tele-Pros for all the support and effort made by the Tele-Pros team this past year. You have done an outstanding job…
    Clear Cut Solutions
  • 40. How To Get Started
    Please feel free to contact one of our Sales Representatives to request a Customized Quote
    Join one of our Webinars every Tuesday at 11am EST & Thursday at 2pm EST
    Or visit our website at
    Get 5 Additional Leads FREE When You Sign Up in January 2010