Pitch to River Horse Brewery


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PDF pitch to a local brewery to see if I could get them interested in using QR codes

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Pitch to River Horse Brewery

  1. 1. Bob Marciniakbobdsi@hotmail.com
  2. 2.  Increase Marketing Activity through Low Cost New QR Code Technology Increase Brand and Buzz Awareness thru neat/new/hot technology Create Video presence on FB, YouTube and Website A scanned code sends a user’s browser to a place on the web
  3. 3.  QR Codes are Read by Smart Phones and direct the phone/customer to many places:  YouTube Videos  RH FaceBook Page  RH Website  Can initiate a call/email/or other contact info to RH. Live Code you can scan Generating QR Codes is FREE and can be printed on labelsSearch QR Codes on YouTube for video overviews of how they arebeing used.
  4. 4.  Adding QR Code labels to 6 packs to provide brief overview of the products that can be viewed in Liquor Stores by potential customers Printing QR codes on napkins that RH can Leave behind/provide to the Restaurants and Bars that RH does special events at Add labels to the window to the tasting area for viewing/interacting with when the shop is closed Provide code placards for beerfests and such (i.e. the Springsteen Event) Other ideas available
  5. 5. Shoot 1 set ofVideos that can Create short (20-30 sec mini-commercials) I’m not thinking fancybe distributed on Videos on: or expensive here,different basic videos of Chris or - Individual Beers others talking aboutplatforms - River Horse (including Corporate OverView, the beer – like they Tasting Room, ShadFest, OctoberFest) describe it every - Optional – Video Tour of facility in short weekend in the tasting segments room – maybe shot in the brewery, near vats, pallets, etc.Once uploaded, you can generate QR codes,that when printed will take the user to thatVideo or Webpage.
  6. 6. 6 Packs will have a QR Barcode label added to them. These can be read with Smart Phones and jumps the viewer to the mini commercial about that beer.Additionally – QR Codescould lead to Reviews ofthe Beer (Video, Graphicor Text) Example 1 – Coding on products
  7. 7. Since RH does a lot of Events, bar napkins might be a cheap, easy way to leave behind advertisingVariations could just be 1 or 2 codesor a full sheet of several. Savvypatrons with nothing to do have anopportunity to engage the code Example 2 – Coding on napkins
  8. 8.  Any advertisements could have a QR Code pointing back to a specific landing page/video QR Placards made up for brewfest events Codes posted underneath existing beer labels and hung around the tasting room If videos are shot of the various parts of the brewery in operation they could likewise be accessible from the websites or tasting room or attached to the window there are other ideas…
  9. 9.  RH could be one of the First on the Beer block to use QR codes to get video descriptions to the consumer. Lot of Gen Xers use Smart Phone capabilities – No telling where the buzz might lead among that group. Would suggest taking out a smaller ad in one of the beer mags with RH Name and QR Code – while at the same time approaching the mag seeing if we can get an article on Roll out of QR codes to educate the consumer about RH Beers – They are always looking for something to write about. I’d like to discuss further with RH Bob Marciniak bobihag@gmail.com
  10. 10. From: http://static.aws3.mobioid.com/files/pdf/The-Naked-Facts-2H2010.2.pdf User Demographics = will expose Chris to more chicks Source: http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2011/8/14_Million_Amer icans_Scanned_QR_or_Bar_Codes_on_their_Mobile_Phones_in_June_2011