Quality medical record review services to physicians


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Accurate medical record review services are indispensable for physicians. As the task is time-consuming, many doctors depend on outsourcing companies for medical record review support

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Quality medical record review services to physicians

  1. 1. MOS Medical Reviews Call: (800) 670 2809Quality Medical Record Review Services for PhysiciansMaintaining medical records is a tedious and time-consuming task, butcrucial for claim submission and reimbursement. Physicians, independentmedical examiners, and other members of the healthcare fraternity benefitgreatly from the quality medical record review support services thatoutsourcing companies provide. Such support allows them more time tofocus on the important tasks of managing the practice and patient care.Useful Support ServicesAn important step in the supportprocess is the capture ofinformation such as care received,demographic characteristics,treatment, diagnostic procedures,and therapy. Yet another important step is the identification of elements ofthe medical record. The other steps in the medical record review supportprocess are: • Organization a) Medical records are delivered in an electronic format that suits the process flow/internal application b) Physician notes and claimant interviews are transcribed • Case Summary a) A medical summary/narrative is prepared Medical Record Review
  2. 2. MOS Medical Reviews Call: (800) 670 2809 • Case Chronology a) All medical records for the medical case are reviewed, assessed, listed and summarized in a chronological manner b) An in-depth chronology is made of all medical encounters • Medical Case Customized Service a) It is carried out in association with the client and can incorporate transcribing, locating, interpreting, reviewing, and assessing medical record data • Quantification of outcome assessment study and range of motion • Enumeration of all objective tests that have been carried outCollection and Chronological OrderingThe medical record review company would collect and chronologically ordervarious kinds of medical records as part of the review support process: • GENERAL – from specialists and primary care physicians • HOSPITAL MEDICAL RECORDS – rehabilitation record, visiting nursing records, EMS/Ambulance record, psychiatric or social service records, emergency department physician record, short/long term care record, outpatient records, specialty consulting records, occupational/physical therapy records, and more Medical Record Review
  3. 3. MOS Medical Reviews Call: (800) 670 2809 • ASSESSMENT – physical capacity evaluation, range of motion, outcome assessment, muscle testing, and functional capacity evaluation • THERAPY – acupuncture, chiropractor, biometric training session, speech therapy, physical therapy, psychiatric counseling, AquaMed physical therapy • DIAGNOSTIC – QEEG, ultrasound, X-ray, electro-diagnostic testing, MRI, CT, and BAERWell-organized and comprehensive records enable continuity of care andoptimum reimbursement, reduce possibilities of medical errors, protectagainst litigation, and support hospital accreditation.Medical record reviews provide important data such as medication in use,the patient’s deposition testimony, the views of medical professionalsconcerning causation, disability, and appointment; and hospital stay. Theyyield valuable information with respect to various issues like medicalmalpractice, toxic torts, wrongful death, products liability, environmentallaw, criminal, personal injury, and worker’s compensation.Medical peer review support is an important specialized service thatinvolves gathering, organizing, and chronological ordering medical records.It is a very useful when it comes to Group Health Claims, complex caremanagement problems, disability claims, Worker’s Compensation cases,liability claims, and personal injury claims. This kind of support helps those Medical Record Review
  4. 4. MOS Medical Reviews Call: (800) 670 2809involved in the actual peer review process to determine whether or not thephysician being reviewed has delivered his duties in accordance withaccepted standards. If the results incriminate the physician, the penalty couldeven be suspension.Benefits of Medical Record Review Support for PhysiciansThe benefits for physicians include: • Committed workforce • Enhanced quality • Flexible turnaround – sometimes work is completed within as less as 4 hours • HIPAA compliance • Friendly customer support • Flexibility with respect to utilization of client-centric software • Regular quality audits • Affordable competitive pricing • Enables better and easier management of case filesIn addition to quality medical record review support services, other servicesthat physicians can benefit from are: • chart review • chart conversion • chart organization • case history • case chronology Medical Record Review
  5. 5. MOS Medical Reviews Call: (800) 670 2809 • record organization • case summary and • chart audits • help for preparing rebuttalsFind the Right Service ProviderDoing an online search is the best way to find the right provider. Base yourchoice on factors such as the following: • Accuracy • HIPAA compliance • Stringent quality control protocols • Competitive pricing • Customizable turnaround time • Individualized solutions • Reliability and prompt customer serviceContact DetailsMOS Medical Reviews8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone: (800) 670 2809URL: http://www.mosmedicalrecordreview.com/ Medical Record Review