Hipaa compliant radiology transcription for hospitals and clinics


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Radiology transcription offered by reliable companies is HIPAA-compliant and secure, apart from being efficient and cost-effective. Radiology transcription brings about great cost savings for healthcare practices while helping streamline their functioning and improving treatment to patients.

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Hipaa compliant radiology transcription for hospitals and clinics

  1. 1. MTS Transcription Services Call: (800) 670 2809A reliable medical transcription company is one that offers HIPAA compliantradiology transcription for hospitals and clinics. HIPAA (Health InsurancePortability and Accountability Act) is an important set of regulations laid downto ensure that health care providers keep patients’ personal information safeduring treatment and creation of medical records. Medical transcriptionservices must therefore adhere to these norms.Secure transcription for radiology is importantRadiology transcription issomething all healthcare practicesneed to carry out. It helps savecosts and streamlines thefunctioning of the practice. WithHIPAA compliant medicaltranscription services, healthcarepractices need not worry aboutlegal compliance. Medical imagingscans are important tests that areusually precursors to further tests. The reports of these tests must be processedfast for effective treatment.For this, the oral observations of the radiologist need to be transcribed for recordkeeping of diagnosis. This documents the steps the hospital or healthcarepractice has to take for further treatment of the patient. Records are alsoimportant if at all any malpractice charge is made against the health carepractice in the future. Radiology Transcription Services
  2. 2. MTS Transcription Services Call: (800) 670 2809Transcription consumes time and energyRadiology transcription, and indeed any kind of medical transcription, is timeconsuming and demands the skill and experience of a specialized and trainedworkforce. Health care practices could hand over transcription to their existingstaff, but it things more stressful within a busy practice which couldcompromise on accuracy. More practically, a busy healthcare center will havemany cases to attend to, and transcribing test reports could hamper theirefficiency in providing their patients with proper care.Security features of medical transcriptionRadiology transcription outsourcing offered by a reliable medical transcriptioncompany can really prove useful in helping hospitals and healthcare practicessave resources and improve productivity. The radiology transcription companymaintains strict confidentiality and employs innovative security measures suchas encryption technology to ensure safe transfer of the data. They maintain totalHIPAA compliance so that there is no compromise when it comes to securityissues.Other security steps taken by a reliable medical transcription company include: • Antivirus and firewalls regularly updated on all computers • Password-protected computer systems • Secure FTP and email accounts for safe file transfer • Technical evaluations conducted regularly to evaluate whether systems meet all security requirements • A minimum security level of 128-bit encryption maintained for all files • Back-ups of data created on a regular basis • Security checks conducted on anyone or anything leaving or entering the company Radiology Transcription Services
  3. 3. MTS Transcription Services Call: (800) 670 2809 • No home-based transcription services • File storage lockers protected by passwords • Transcribers, editors, technical staff and whole workforce trained on HIPAA normsThese and many other smart moves to ensure security allow a medicaltranscription company to offer HIPAA compliant radiology transcription forhospitals and clinics. MTS Transcription Services 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 Phone: (800) 670 2809Article Source: http://healthmad.com/health/hipaa-compliant-radiology-transcription-for-hospitals-and-clinics/ Radiology Transcription Services