Frequently asked questions on outsourcing legal transcription


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It is always important to ask questions and get things clear before signing up for a service, particularly when it deals with critical information as is the case with outsourcing legal transcription.

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Frequently asked questions on outsourcing legal transcription

  1. 1. MOS Legal Transcription Service Call: (800) 670 2809 Frequently Asked Questions on Outsourcing Legal TranscriptionThe most frequently asked questions on outsourcing legal transcription dealwith the costs, security of the files and accuracy of the transcription.AccuracyOnly accurate data transcriptioncan help since the files legalprofessionals deal with carryimportant details such as thetestimony of clients and witnesses,court verdicts, and vitalcommunications. These coulddetermine the outcome of the case and success for the legal professional.ConfidentialityConfidentiality is an even more important condition to be met whenoutsourcing legal transcription. The information in these legal files is highlysensitive, and can be easily misused. The legal transcription company mustbe able to ensure that the information is unable to be used by any of its staffmembers and does not fall into the wrong hands.Cost-effectivenessFinally, legal transcription outsourcing should be cost-effective. Lawfirms and legal professionals typically outsource transcription to save on Legal Transcription Outsourcing
  2. 2. MOS Legal Transcription Service Call: (800) 670 2809resources and manpower which would be needed if they were to transcribethe data themselves. So the overall costs of outsourcing should be muchlesser than what it would take to handle them in-house.Ensuring Client SatisfactionA reliable legal transcription company can ensure these criteria are met.Clients should get the assurance from the transcription company before theybegin outsourcing legal transcription. The best way is to glean through thecompany’s website and check out the security features it has incorporated.Any serious transcription company would clearly mention its securityfeatures. Sophisticated encryption technology and electronic signatures aresome of the other high-tech security features employed. Furthermore, no fileis handed entirely to a single transcriber. This ensures no one can capitalizeon the information.Expertise at a Higher LevelAs for accuracy, the legal transcription company employs trainedtranscribers and editors who understand each and every line of the file. Theyare trained in the language and the field of law as well as in quicklytranscribing the data. They go through periodic performance appraisals.Apart from these there are editors and proofreaders. These are highlyexperienced professionals who are experts in the various fields of law andcarry out the quality checks. There are usually three levels of quality checkscarried out, and each factually inappropriate or grammatically incorrect Legal Transcription Outsourcing
  3. 3. MOS Legal Transcription Service Call: (800) 670 2809sentence or word is detected. These quality checks contribute to the 99%accuracy of the transcription.How the Rates Are FixedThe rates for legal transcription services are based on the turnaround time,the complexity or technicality of the data and the quality of the audio file,which clients can digitally dictate through the digital recorder provided bythe transcription company or by telephone through its toll-free number.Dictation through the digital recorder ensures greater quality. Files not indigital quality are converted to attain the desired quality before they aretranscribed. This increases the price of the transcription as do customizedturnaround times (anything earlier than the time set for a file of a particularsize by default).Outsource for Success and Resource SavingsLegal transcription services are generally cost-effective and flexible tomeet the needs of client companies. With these frequently asked questionson outsourcing legal transcription answered, you can look forward toefficient transcription and thereby improved performance. 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 Phone: (800) 670 2809 URL: Legal Transcription Outsourcing